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10 Useful and Amazing Tips on How to Make Strong Coffee

Do you like a strong coffee? But can’t get that technique right to get that big and bold flavor from your brew?

Despite popular belief, strong coffee should not be burnt or bitter tasting at all. In fact, if you make the coffee properly, it will give you a rich and distinctive flavor that will knock your socks off.

strong coffee

With the right roast, grind, and brewing, you can get a delicious and bold taste without the need to burn it or skimp on caffeine.

There are a few tips that can immediately improve the strength and quality of your coffee.

Tips on How to make a strong coffee

These tips are for anyone, whether you are an expert or an amateur in coffee making. So, if you are looking for tips for your friend or family, this article is for you.

#1 Use strong coffee beans

Robusta beans have a bolder and bitter taste with twice the caffeine of Arabica.

Columbia and Arabica beans are the best ones for this job, but they are expensive than Robusta beans, which are a more bitter tasting coffee than Columbia and Arabica.

Strong Coffee

So, if you want a powerful morning kick, you can use a blend of 15% Robusta with Arabica to get the best of both worlds. But if you prefer a brighter taste, then stick on to full Arabica.

As a generic rule, the stronger the coffee beans, the stronger your coffee will be.

#2 Perfect Roast

When making strong coffee, getting the coffee roast right is of vital importance. The roast that you choose will matter a lot, thus opt for a rich flavored one if you need a strong coffee.

Coffee Strong

Dark roasts like French Roasts produces the strongest cups of coffee.

Keep in mind that a roaster can ruin the flavor of your coffee with a full dark roast.

#3 Use fresh coffee beans

Fresh coffee is the absolute essential for a strong and perfect cup of coffee. So, use fresh whole beans whenever possible. And try to consume all your coffee within a week or two to get a bold experience.

Keep your coffee beans in an airtight container at room temperature, away from light to keep them fresh for longer.

The quality of your coffee beans will show through in your final cup of coffee, and all the flavors will be concentrated since you are going for strength.

For better flavor and strength, start with a decent coffee, and you will enjoy the flavor much more.

#4 Grind fine

If you are using fresh coffee, you can control the grind and its outcome. You can grind it as fine or as coarse as you like. The finer your coffee grind, the more flavor you will get. However, it doesn’t always work like for example with French Press.

Fine Grind Coffee

Grind as much coffee beans as you will use at once so that the rest of your coffee stays fresh tasting. Also, note that coffee loses its flavor after grinding, so wait to grind until the last minute, if possible. Doing so will give you extra flavor with strength.

A burr grinder is best for a perfect and even grinding, and you can choose between electronic and automatic models

#5 Coffee to water ratio

coffee ingredients

Be careful about the coffee to water ratio, regardless of your preferred method. The higher your coffee to water ratio is, the stronger your coffee will be. Using 2 tablespoon of coffee per 6 ounces of water is recommended for a strong cup of coffee.

#6 Raise the Temperature

Brewing the coffee at the right temperature is vital not only the taste of the coffee, but it will also affect the strength.

If your water is hotter than this, then it will burn your coffee. And if your water is too cold, then it will not properly extract the oils, strength, and flavors from the coffee beans.

coffee brewing temperature

The perfect temperature to brew a coffee is between 195ºF and 205ºF. A good alternative is to wait for around 45 sec after it started getting full boiling.

#7 Brewing time

A good cup of coffee needs to be brewed. Coffee has a ‘sweet spot’ where most of its flavor has dissolved in water, but its unpleasant flavors are still locked in the coffee grounds. This can take a bit of experimenting to get it right.

sweet spot

If you are using a French Press, aim for 2-4 minutes of contact, and 5 minutes if you are using a drip or pour over system.

#8 Even extraction

coffee extraction

If you are using a pour over method or coffee maker, ensure that the water wets all ground evenly by falling in an even stream. Try mixing the grounds well so that there are no hard-packed areas to disrupt the water flow.

#9 Brewing method

There are a lot of ways to brew coffee and experimenting with them will help you to find out what works for you. Everyone likes different coffee tastes, so the best way to find your type of coffee is to try again and again!

Some options for strength are:

  • Aeropress – It makes strong coffee, and it’s faster than French Press
  • A Turkish Coffee is the strongest coffee next to espresso. It is prepared with fine coffee grounds being left in the cup.
  • A cold brew also creates a strong coffee without any unpleasant flavor of the over extraction, but this can take 24 hours.

#10 Drink right away

Coffee loses its flavor much faster in higher temperature. So, drink your coffee right after brewing if you want it to be strong instead of flat. But in case, you need to keep your coffee for longer, keep it in an insulated container at 185ºF.

You can also pour some steamed milk in your coffee for adding the creaminess of milk and a nice decoration.

strong hot coffee


Everyone has different tastes in coffee, so you will need to go through some trial and error to get the perfect cup of coffee for you or whomever you are making the coffee for.

Some of these tips mean that you need to keep trying and experimenting with the grinding, to become a perfect master at making strong coffee.

So, hope the above tips are useful to you, and you will get your perfect strength of coffee in no time!

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