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12 Ways to Use Leftover Coffee

When you think of leftover coffee, what is the first thing which pops up in your mind? Many people consider it as a worthless material which should be thrown in the dust bin at the earnest. But what if we tell you that there are a number of delicious ways in which you can use this particular item?

Starting from using it in different kinds of recipes, one can use it as a drink, as an effective tool and also in the kitchen. So let’s look at 12 valuable Ways in which you can use Leftover Coffee.

Ice Cubes

Brewed Coffee

Leftover brewed coffee can be of the great essence for all those people who are avid fans of Iced Coffee. Take out an ice tray and fill it up with the old coffee. Then put it into a deep freezer/refrigerator and let it freeze for a certain duration of time.


If you’re an avid fan of the taste of coffee, you can use it in brownies to give this food item a taste of your choice. For this purpose, replace some of the milk with leftover coffee in the brownie recipe. Eventually, it will produce some of the tastiest mocha brownies which you have ever eaten.


At a time when a large number of people depend on milk when it comes to thin their frosting, one can also use leftover coffee for this particular purpose. Apart from fetching a unique color, this particular recipe will impart a nice-tasting flavor to it as well.


Why use water or milk for thinning your oatmeal when you have a decent batch of leftover coffee waiting in your kitchen? Use leftover coffee for thinning your oatmeal and you will be left with a unique, nice-flavored oatmeal.

Hot Cocoa

Instead of using water or milk for preparing your next cup of cocoa to try out leftover coffee for this purpose. You can replace some or even all the liquid with coffee and you will be left with a mocha delight.

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

If you’re an owner of the ice-cream maker, you can use leftover coffee in this equipment with great effect. Just add some leftover coffee along with other ingredients in this machine and the final product will be a coffee flavored ice cream.

For others who don’t have an ice-cream maker, they can try adding leftover coffee directly to the ice cream purchased from the market. Even though the results will vary from that of an ice cream maker, it will still be a good enough food item to consume without any hesitation.

Beef Marinate

If you love to grill, you can give a new dimension to your favorite hobby with the help of some leftover coffee. In this method, you just need some soy sauce, chili powder and finally, leftover coffee. Mix all three of these items and then use it for marinating the beef.

Grill Cleaning

Yet another viable technique for the fans of barbecuing, leftover coffee works great for cleaning your grill. Due to the acidic nature of coffee, it will have absolutely no hindrance while cutting through the grease on the grills which is developed after consistent usage.

For this method, you have to have a decent batch of leftover coffee as you have to literally soak the grills, in this food item, for an imperious cleaning.

Plants Feed

Coffee Beans

Since coffee is naturally acidic in nature, you can use it as a feed for plants which are acidic by themselves. For example, you can use leftover coffee for feeding tomatoes. However, you should adopt a moderate approach in this method as even the most-acidic plants won’t like an acidic feed every now and then.

Fabric Dye

Thanks to the staining power of coffee, it works really well as a fabric dye. Applying leftover coffee on a white fabric will transform it into a much unique and stylish looking design. Especially for the designers, this is a great way of imparting an antique look to their own fabric.

Paper Dye

Similar to that of a fabric, leftover coffee can also transform your ordinary looking paper into a unique creation. You can use this paper for sending invitations to your guests and they will be surely impressed with this piece of art.

Scratched Furniture

leftover coffee

Do you own such kind of furniture which has developed scratches after years of consistent usage? Before thinking of throwing them away, consider using leftover coffee for dying them in an imperious manner. Basically, it will dye the furniture before providing them with a solid, dark finish. In this way, the scratches will be hidden from the human eye; and you don’t have to spend an additional amount of money on purchasing a new furniture.

You can apply the same mechanism on the wooden floor and the leftover coffee will acquire the same results; as of the furniture.


If you abhor the idea of throwing this precious item in a dust bin, consider any one of the aforesaid options to use it as an effective item. All of them are tried and tested methods which should help you when it comes to using leftover coffee.

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