Ways to Use Coffee

5 Simple Ways to Use Coffee for Impressing your Guests

For impressing your guests, you don’t always need a big bank balance. Even within a limited budget, there are a number of ways to emulate the lifestyle of rich people and one of them includes coffee. From a fancy presentation to using a nice looking crockery, here are some of the most common ways to impress your guests without breaking the bank.

Expand your Taste

Coffee brewed

A standard cup of Joe might be good enough for your early morning routine. It might pull you out of the bed before delivering a much-needed caffeine kick but when it comes to serve a group of people, you have to take one step forward to prepare a sophisticated cup of Joe. Brew stylish Cappuccino, fancy espresso or extravagant Latte so that the guests can feel stylish while drinking this beverage.

Nowadays, a large number of manufacturers have started to develop such sort of machines which can brew all the aforesaid drinks in an instant. Consider purchasing any one of them and refine your lifestyle.

Fancy Foam

Fency Foam

If you’re an avid coffee lover, you might have seen all those fancy foam designs on a number of social media sites. Even your roadside coffee-shop owner might be pulling a few tricks to present coffee as some form of art. You might consider it as an impossible task to perform yourself but the truth is no matter how difficult they look, you can create all of them without even leaving your home.

If you’re a newbie, start with creating the most simplest of designs, such as that of a heart, into the foam of your beverage. All you need is a toothpick which will help you in tracing the design.


If that seems difficult, here is another trick which can be performed by almost everyone. For this method, you just need a coffee liner. Try cutting out a heart or even a smiley face out of it before placing it over the foam. Now grab a cocoa powder and sprinkle some of it over the coffee liner. After a few moments, take out the coffee liner and your design is ready in a matter of few seconds.

Serve this coffee to your guests and they will be left amazed with your personal work of art.

Freshly Ground Coffee

Ground Coffee

When it comes to enhance the taste of your coffee, there isn’t a more vital factor than to use freshly ground beans. Coffee, when ground moments before brewing, manages to produce such a flavor which is never possible with pre-ground coffee. This is due to the reason that when pre-ground coffee might have already lost all of its flavor before reaching your shelf, that isn’t the case with freshly ground beans.

Yes, it does add an extra step in your coffee brewing regime. But thanks to the recent innovations in technology, a decent grinder can do it for you within few seconds. Eventually, your guests will certainly appreciate you for paying such attention to even the minutest of details.

Stylish Presentation

Brewed Coffee

No matter how good a coffee is, it is less likely to impress your guests if the presentation isn’t up to the mark. Want a Demo? Consider serving a flavorful beverage in a cup of paper.

There are many ways to lighten up your crockery which can even turn an ordinary white mug into some sort of expensive tableware. For example, grab a permanent marker before etching a fancy design on the mug’s exterior. Place the mug in an oven, for 30 minutes, in order to make the design permanent and you will have a stylish looking cup without even spending a dime.

Coffee Table Books

Coffee cups

Featuring glossy, stylish covers, the coffee table books will impress your guests the moment they step into your living room. Incorporating all kinds of subjects, varying from the origin of cup of Joe to how it has traveled from the jungles of Ethiopia to the ultra-modern living rooms of Europe, your guests will certainly relish the chance of reading this particular literature when you’re busy preparing a cup of Joe for them in the kitchen.

Nowadays, there is an abundance of literature present in the coffee-marketplace. So if you’re looking for some help for making the most out of this purchase, check out more information about the coffee books.

So next time a visitor arrives at your doorstep, consider any of the aforesaid options and it will certainly leave a long-lasting effect on your guests’ conscience.

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