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7 Places You Should Visit As A Barista!

Baristas often dislike making coffee at home. Whenever they have a day off from their fulltime barista job, they prefer visiting coffee shops for their cup of Joe. The main reason for this is – they get a chance to visit a different café with new coffee offerings and bar layouts. Here they can completely relish their coffee without worrying of the rush hours and quick servings. It’s nothing better than sitting in your favorite café and enjoying a good cup of flavorful coffee! So, if you are a barista, then here are the top 7 places that you should visit in U.S.

1. Monorail Espresso – Seattle:

monorail espresso cafe

If you like drinking espressos then this is the right café to visit! You won’t get drip coffee out here but you will get amazingly smooth espresso coffee. As the name states, the café is modeled after a monorail and is more like a narrow coffee cart. The baristas serve handcrafted delicious coffee that is reasonably priced. You can try out their dirty chai, which is filled with rich flavor and spice. Alternatively, the smooth and strong burnt crème latte should be given a shot! In addition to the city’s finest brew, Monorail Espresso also offers a delicious array of homemade cookies. However, before stepping in to the café ensure that you have enough cash as they only accept cash payments.

2. Lamplighter Roasting Company – Richmond, Virginia:

lamplight roasting company

This is the best place to have rich and flavorful coffee. As the coffee beans are roasted right at the back, you will get amazing coffee fragrance while sipping your cuppa. Moreover, the freshly grounded beans provides amazing flavor to the coffee. While having coffee, you can munch on some yummy chocolate croissants too. There is plenty of seating area and whenever you are here, don’t forget to try their Thai Coffee. You can even order for breakfast or lunch that can be relished with a locally roasted cup of coffee. Also, if you happen to go there on the last Friday of the month then do not forget to join them for some free public tasting and cupping. Free cupping is a great way to relish various varieties of coffee that they serve.

3. Cocoa Cinnamon – Durham, North Carolina:

cocoa cinnamon cafe

At the Cocoa Cinnamon café, you will always find something new to try! They have a rotating menu of coffees, which are brewed by hand. Moreover, they use a multi-roaster model; thus, sourcing a variety of coffees from different roasters. If you enjoy tasting different flavors of coffee made from various roasters, then this is the right café to visit. One of their most popular signature hand brewed coffee is the ‘Strait of Hormuz,’ which is a flavorful cup of coffee with Malabar black pepper and an Asian and African base. Another interesting beverage on their menu is the ‘Temujin,’ which is a white chocolate latte that is topped with ginger. Overall, it’s a great café to visit with family as there are plenty of beverages to try for all age groups. Kids will surely enjoy their glass of hot chocolate out here!

4. Lemonjello’s Coffee – Holland, Michigan:

lemonjello cafe

Whether you want to have drip coffee, espresso, lattes, tea, frozen drinks, energy drinks, or any other beverage, you will get it at Lemonjello! Moreover, their bakery items like muffins, brownies, and cinnamon rolls are a must try! Their staff is super-friendly and there is ample of outdoor seating arrangements. The ambience of the café is warm and nice with music going on and beautiful local art on the walls. However, it’s a no-pet zone so keep that in mind before visiting the café. With so many varieties on their menu, you are sure to get spoilt for choices. And, if you are unable to make up your mind then their amazing baristas will be more than happy to explain their menu and help you to make the right choice.

5. Sunergos Coffee – Louisville, Kentucky:

sunergos coffee

The Sunergos were the winners of the 2014 National Champion and 2013 Regional Champion for America’s Best Espresso Competition. They even stood first for the latte art competition that was held in the year 2012. Do you need any other reason to try out their flavorful coffees? They serve excellent coffee that is filled with innumerable unique flavors like blackberry, hazelnut, raisins, honey, almond, cherries, and more. If you are unable to select one, then the baristas will happily provide advice for coffee that will fit your palette. However, their café is more like a take-away counter as there isn’t much place to sit or stand. However, you can get your delicious cup of coffee in a jiffy and get back to work.

6. Brewed – Fort Worth, Texas:

brewed cafe

As their logo highlights, Brewed is a great place to eat, drink and gather. Earlier, they used to be a coffee shop; but, gradually started serving good food too. They are open early in the morning, so if you want to have a flavorful cup of coffee at 7 am then you can visit them. Brewed serves everything from tea to coffee to beer and kombucha. When you are here, you must try their signature mac and cheese, which is filled inside savory waffles and has fried chicken on top. Don’t forget to place an order for their candy bar latte too.

They keep coming up with new ways to celebrate their success like a Sunday Funday on the patio, Crawfish party, and the Brewed Fest. So, keep an eye on them and you are sure to have fun-time! And, did I tell you that they serve breakfast all-day? So, if you get up at 11 in the morning and want to have yummy breakfast with your favorite cup of coffee then you know where to head!

7. Quay Coffee – Kansas City, Missouri:

quay coffee

The flavor in their coffee is due to the high-quality beans that they buy. At Quay, there is lot of space to sit and have official meetings, study with friends, socialize with others, and have family gatherings while relishing a cup of flavorful coffee. The ambience of the café is excellent and you won’t feel like leaving from their large meeting room with multiple tables. You should try the amazing in-house flavors of coffee out here; like the peppermint flavor, vanilla latte or the honey latte. The baristas are very good in their work and their passion can be seen in the cup of coffee that they serve. Give them a chance and they will whip up your customized order without any hesitation!

So, visit these amazing cafés and you may end up learning some amazing tricks from the professional baristas out there while relishing a flavorful cup of coffee!

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