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How to Buy and Store Coffee Beans

For making a perfect cup of coffee, it is important to purchase high-quality beans before storing them in a proper place. There are 4 elements which are detrimental to the shelf-life of coffee beans. It includes

  • Heat,
  • Moisture,
  • Light and
  • Air

If you want to preserve the freshness as well as the flavor of this purchase, it is imperative to keep the aforesaid elements at bay. However, it’s easier said than done considering the different steps involved in their buying and storage.

So here’s the deal.

If you’re looking for useful tips regarding buying and storage of coffee beans, you’ve just landed at the right place. Incorporating a number of useful tips, the below-mentioned guide is of the great essence for all such coffee-enthusiasts who want to preserve their beans bloom for a consistent duration of time.

How to Buy and Store Coffee Beans

 Tip # 1. Purchase Whole Coffee Beans

There is nothing better than the bean itself when it comes to preserving its quality. Just like a vessel, it keeps all the aromatics, the aromas, and the freshness inside without losing any of it to the outside environment.

Coffee beans start losing their freshness the moment they’re grounded. In this way, more coffee surface will be exposed to air which will gradually take away all its flavors.  When fresh coffee is encumbered with nutrients and antioxidants, that isn’t the case with pre-ground coffee.


For having the real flavor in your cup of coffee, always buy whole coffee beans and grind just before brewing. In this way, you will be able to enjoy a livelier cup of Joe.


Tip #2. Prefer Local Coffee Shops

Whole coffee beans can be stored for months. But once roasted, the coffee oil which is responsible for all the flavor comes down to the surface and start losing its freshness. When such products are imported from overseas, they will lose almost all of their flavor before reaching your kitchen’s shelf. Same is the case with a large number of supermarkets no matter how fancy packaging they use for the coffee beans.

For buying coffee beans, always prefer your local shops. In this way, you can make sure that these are the freshly roasted coffee beans which have undergone this process in the last few days.


Tip #3. Go for the 1-way Valve Coffee Bags

Coffee beans are subjected to high heat before cooling during the process of roasting. This roasting process causes the coffee beans to release a substantial amount of CO2 gas for a consistent duration of time.

Starting from a few days, the carbon dioxide release can continue for several few weeks. During the first few days, beans discharge CO2 at a rapid rate before coming down to a more gradual release with the passage of time.

In order to compensate the release of carbon dioxide, manufacturers’ use 1-way valve coffee bags. These bags are designed in such a way so that they allow the gas to escape, without letting the air as well as moisture to enter inside.


If you’re purchasing a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans, which doesn’t have this 1-way valve, it means that the beans aren’t actually releasing CO2 which poses a big question mark on the freshness of your beans.


Tip#4. Look for the Roast Date

Just like the manufacturing date is important on all the other food items, the roast date is equally imperative when it comes to determining the freshness of your coffee beans. This information is normally overlooked by a wide range of customers but if you want to make sure the quality of this purchase, pay utmost attention to this detail.

The roast date basically informs you about the date on which the coffee beans were roasted. When beans start losing their freshness almost instantly after roasting, customers should go for the coffee beans which have a roast date of no more than the last 2 weeks. During this period, coffee beans manage to preserve their aroma and freshness from evaporating.


Tip #5. Buy in small batches


When you’re purchasing coffee from the nearby market, always make this purchase in small quantity. Customers should never buy coffee beans in such a quantity which they can use after even after 1 to 2 weeks of making this acquisition. Buy fresh coffee beans at regular intervals and it will keep your cup of Joe filled with aroma and freshness.


Tip #6. Use an Air-tight container

As already mentioned, air is one of the worst enemies of the coffee bean. So after purchasing the coffee beans, purchase a separate air-tight container. On reaching home, put the beans in the container and make sure that no amount of air is entering or leaving the container.

If you’ve to deal with a lot of beans, for people who’re working in the coffee-business, they can purchase several air-tight containers for this purpose.


Tip #7. Store in a Cool, Dry location

Yet another harmful element for the shelf-life of coffee beans, light plays an important role in degrading the quality of this product. So while storing coffee beans, look for a cool, dry location. Make sure that the selected location shouldn’t receive a consistent supply of sunlight which can have harmful effects on the quality of this food item.

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