Cappuccino vs Latte – How to make the best at home!

Latte vs cappuccino – How to make the best at home!

Cappuccino and Latte

Introduction – A brief history of Cappuccino and Latte

Most people are enjoying their cup of coffee without ever wondering where it came from. Even people who sometimes do think that it was made over by the counter of their coffee shop.

We won’t bother you with too many details, but there’s an interesting thing about Cappuccinos and Lattes – they’re actually very similar, but they mean the same thing. Cappuccino comes from Italy, and Latte comes from America. Ironic, isn’t it?

Cappuccino got the name by the Capuchin Friar’s tonsured heads that were surrounded by rings of hair (the design of the coffee, and Latte got the name by the place it originated from – It means a mixture of milk and coffee in Italian.

What’s the difference between a cappuccino and a latte?

There are several differences between a Cappuccino and a Latte, and they can easily be seen in the comparison chart below:

  • It has less steamed milk;
  • It’s served either in a glass cup or a saucer;
  • It’s prepared with hot milk, steamed foam, and espresso;
  • It has more steamed milk;
  • It’ should be served in cups that have increased heat retention;
  • It’s made with steamed milk and coffee (sometimes, baristas replace coffee with another base beverage);

Top Cappuccino/Latte maker models

 The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System

keurig rivo


Keurig’s Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System comes supplied with a magnificent and easy to use design. It’s a rather bulky machine, but it won’t take up too much of your storage space. It’s equipped with various modes and settings so that your coffee making can be fun and entertaining.

The features:

Now, most people want their espresso quick – and that’s precisely what Keurig’s Rivo does. It features an automatic on and off setting, the energy saving mode, a convenient design that allows the user to quickly brew their espresso while frothing milk, and 3 frothing modes – you can make Cappuccino, Latte, or Cold Froth. Keurig is also responsible for the invention of k cup cappuccino.

With fifteen bars of consistent pressure you can brew your coffee in under a minute, and you can choose between two espresso sizes – the short (or 1.4 ounces) or Long (otherwise known as “Lungo”, 2.8 ounces).

  • A manifold of settings and modes – Keurig’s Rivo comes supplied with an automatic on and off feature, the energy saving mode, and 3 frothing modes (Latte, Cold Froth, Cappuccino);
  • A convenient design – You can perform two tasks simultaneously – brew espresso and froth your milk;
  • Three Frothing settings – Make cappuccino, latte, or Cold Froth with this magnificent machine;
  • Two espresso options – Choose between the Short Espresso (1.4 ounces) or “The Lungo” (Long espresso, 2.8 ounces);
Potential Flaws:

The only problem is with the frothing – you can only squeeze out limited portions of milk per frothing.

Value for the price:

The Keurig’s Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System comes at a reasonable price. Now, most people won’t even consider paying over a $100 for a coffee machine, but that’s a standard for a quality coffee maker. Great value for the price.

The final verdict:

Here’s the breaker – you won’t like this coffee machine. You will love it. It’s extremely easy to use, the features are simplified and vast, and you can expect nothing but quality. On top of all, it’s a bargain.

Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Cafe Barista Premium Espresso/Cappuccino System

mr coffee ECMP1000


An old-fashioned outlook, simple features, and exceptional performance would best describe Mr. Coffee’s ECMP 1000 Cafe Barista. If you want your espresso fast and brimming with milk, this might be your best bet. It’s ranked as #1 best seller in the semi-automatic espresso machines category.

The features:

Mr. Coffee Cafee Barista features a simple stainless steel design which makes it quite durable, but also rather heavy. It comes supplied with the automatic frother, a removable reservoir, a simplified control panel, the k cup cappuccino holder, and the adjustable tray.

Now, you’re probably wondering – “Am I ever going to use all of these features at home? They seem too professional and best suited for a coffee store”.

That’s true, these features are professional, but don’t let that dissuade you from even considering the Cafe Barista. If  you want premium coffee, this is the best place to start your search.

  • A simplified control panel – single and double shot settings for espresso, latte, and cappuccino;
  • Semi-Automatic Milk Frother – Produces a great yield of milk for creamy cappuccinos, lattes, and coffee;
  • Removable Reservoirs – Milk and Water reservoirs are removable and very easy to clean and refill;
  • The Exquisite Drip Catcher feature – this feature shortens the time needed for the cleaning process;
Potential Flaws:

The measuring cup does not feature the universal size – you should first measure your own cups before trying this machine out.

Value for the price:

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista is not too expensive, and it’s supplied with a set of complementary features that add to its value. Here’s the deal, you could get a cheaper coffee maker, but do you really love your coffee? If so, add a few extra bucks and make it taste like heaven.

The final verdict:

The whole world is edgy when the topic of “Cappuccino vs Latte” pops up. Mr. Coffee gave a solution – why not both? This exquisite machine is capable of making cappuccinos and lattes of phenomenal quality, it’s not overly expensive, and it comes with various complementary features. Definitely worth checking out.

Gourmia GCM5500 – 1 Touch Automatic Espresso Cappuccino & Latte Maker Coffee Machine

gourmia gcm5500


Gourmia’s GCM5500 is, perhaps, the best cappuccino and latte machine that money could possibly afford. The design is beautiful, the performance is phenomenal, and the features it comes supplied with are exquisite.

The features:

The first thing you will see when you take a look at the Gourmia’s GCM5500 Cappuccino and Latte maker is the design – it’s absolutely ravishing. In fact, it might be one of the most beautiful coffee makers on the market. Gourmia’s GCM5500 is also supplied with the one-touch control panel, it’s Nespresso compatible, and it’s very easy to maintain and clean.

  • One-Touch control panel – The balanced presets are very useful when it comes to cappuccino making. You can easily brew the most delicious coffee with a single push of a button;
  • Nespresso compatible – It’s ideal for home usage, but Gourmia’s GCM5500 is also well-suited for professional coffee shops. This coffee maker is compatible with most Nespresso pods;
  • Easy to clean and maintain – The water reservoir & drip tray are removable, so all you need to do is to clean them separately;
  • ETL Listed – This provides a guarantee that all Gourmia’s products have passed various tests of consistency and quality;
Potential Flaws:

The only potential flaw of Gourmia GCM5500 is inferior versatility. Sure enough, you could get a high-quality and delicious Cappuccino or a Latte, but you would hardly get a good coffee or espresso.

Gourmia’s GCM5500 falls into the moderate price point category, but it’s actually quite affordable for a high-quality coffee maker. It’s well-suited for home usage and coffee shops, so the overall value for the price is actually quite big.

The final verdict:

Most coffee machines can brew coffee of a decent quality, that’s quite certain. Now, we’re not interested in decent coffee, are we? If you’re the person who values superior taste and delicious coffee, you might be interested in Gourmia GCM5500 as it’s more than capable of delivering it.

De’Longhi ECP3420 15″ Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

de longhi ecp3420


De’Longhi is a famous coffee machine manufacturer, and ECP3420 hones up to the name. It’s a simple coffee machine with plain features. The focus of this cappuccino and latte machine was fixed on simplicity, and it’s safe to say that everyone could find coffee brewing entertaining and fun if they use this model.

The features:

On first sight, you might think “it’s nothing special, it’s only a handle with a pump”, but you’d be wrong. The design is quite straightforward, that’s for sure – a stainless steel drip catcher, a pump, a k cup cappuccino holder, and a handle, but there’s a lot more to De’Longhi ECP342 than that.

Here’s the breaker, this coffee machine system is comprised of a 15-bar pressure pump, a stainless-steel drip catcher, and the removable water tank. What’s more, De’Longhi implemented the self-priming method of operation in this model so that you don’t have to wait for it to heat up before you use it. A truly phenomenal set of features for such a plain model.

  • Incredibly simplified design – You don’t have to invest a lot of time and effort to figure out how this machine works. Simply use the settings you need and pull the lever, and, voila – you got your coffee;
  • De’Longhi quality – a famous brand’s reputation is a guarantee that this machine is reliable;
  • A set of amazing features – the stainless steel drip catcher and the removable water tank make this machine very valuable and easy to use;
  • Self priming method of operation – This feature reduces the time needed for the machine to start up and get working;
Potential Flaws:

Most coffee, cappuccino, and latte machines come supplied with an increased number of features. This means that the versatility of De’Longhi’s ECP3420 versatility leaves a lot to be desired.

Value for the price:

This coffee machine is not expensive at all. It’s pretty simple to use, it’s very durable, and it has a massive yield of high-quality coffee. What’s more to like? Great value for the price.

The final verdict:

We should be straight with this one, you could find a better coffee machine system. You could even find a cheaper espresso and cappuccino machine, but it’s disputable whether they could match the quality and reliability of De’Longhi ECP3420.

De’Longhi Silver Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System

de longhi lattissima plus


Another  De’Longhi product in our review, the Silver Lattissima is definitely better when compared to ECP3420. The simplified method of operation and straightforward design remain the trademark of De’Longhi’s products, but you could deduce by simply looking at this amazing machine that it holds a secret – it’s more capable than you think, and we’re here to demystify it.

The features:

As we’ve already mentioned, the brand that’s “responsible” for this extraordinary coffee system prefers to make contraptions that are easy to use. The overall design of Silver Lattissima is tiny but durable, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down or taking too much of your storage space.

This coffee maker features a single-touch milk system that allows you to get a decent amount of froth with a single push of a button, the illuminated panel buttons make sure that you can choose the correct setting without making a mistake, and the manifold of settings and modes make it quite versatile.

  • Durable and compact design – De’Longhi Silver Lattissima is built to last, and the compact design makes sure that you have lots of storage space wherever you put it;
  • Single-touch milk system – The removable milk reservoir can easily be cleaned, refilled, and emptied. It also features the clean button that makes the maintenance process simple;
  • Illuminated controls – the control panel settings are clearly visible so that you will be less likely to make a mistake when you choose your settings;
  • A manifold of useful features – the energy saving and adjustable timer add to the overall versatility of De’Longhi Silver Lattissima;
Potential Flaws:

We’ve mentioned that you could customize your coffee brewing experience with Silver Lattissima, but there are limits. What’s more, the pods have a questionable durability and reliability.

Value for the price:

De’Longhi Silver Lattissima costs quite a lot (nearly twice as much as most high-quality coffee makers), but that does not mean it’s not valuable. Here’s the deal – if you want quality, most of the time, you got to pay for it.

De’Longhi put quite a lot of time and effort to improve the design and performance of their usual repertoire of models, so it’s quite obvious that Silver Lattissima costs more. This product has an incredible value for the price because it comes supplied with some of the best features a coffee maker can possess.

The final verdict:

This machine is very great, if you could look past its price. Most people would be dissuaded from this product if they’ve had a certain price in mind, but here’s the breaker – this investment could actually save some of your cash. The cheaper models are often less reliable and are prone to breaking down more often. Silver Lattissima is very reliable, it boasts a phenomenal performance rating, but it is quite expensive.

Latte Machine – Nespresso Compatible Capsules by Mixpresso

mixpresso latte machine


Mixpresso may not be as famous as some of the brands we’ve mentioned, but it can go toe to toe with the best without breaking a sweat. This exquisite Latte Machine is Nespresso compatible, and it comes supplied with a 19-bar pump, the auto shut-off feature, and you can easily brew espresso, latte, and cappuccinos with it.

The features:

Mixpresso’s Latte Machine comes supplied with the 19-bar pump, it’s Nespresso compatible, and it features a design that is decently durable and quite easy to clean. The outward apperance of this coffee maker is ravishing, and it’s pretty simple to use.

  • The 19-Bar Pump – your cappuccinos and lattes will be strong and tasty;
  • Very simple method of operation – there are only a couple of settings which are very simple. The coffee maker also shuts off when it’s done brewing coffee;
  • Compact design – this espresso machine won’t take up much of your storage space;
Potential Flaws:

The overall performance of Mixpresso’s Latte machine is very good, but the versatility leaves a lot to be desired.

Value for the price:

Mixpresso’s Latte machine belongs to the modest price point category, and it earned its place by being moderately expensive. Anyhow, it’s supplied with a few unique features (even though it’s not too versatile) which make it very valuable for the price.

The final verdict:

Sure enough, this coffee maker isn’t too expensive, but here’s the breaker – it’s not too versatile either. Anyhow, this could give you a clear picture that this espresso machine doesn’t have such a great value, but that would be wrong. It’s quite the opposite – it comes supplied with a unique 19-bar pump that allows it to produce coffee with the exquisite flavor.

De’Longhi ECAM22110SB Compact Automatic Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso Machine

de longhi ecam22110sb


We’ve saved the best De’Longhi’s coffee making machine for last on purpose – ECAM22110SB is nothing like anything we’ve mentioned in this article. This coffee maker is, by far, the most powerful espresso machine in De’Longhi’s catalog, and it comes supplied with premium features. The only downfall is that it’s quite expensive, though.

The features:

If you take a look at this machine, you could deduce that it’s quite compact, and if you take a look at its price, you may ask yourself “how come that such a small machine costs this much?”. The answer is simple – it’s because all of the features that lie underneath the surface.

De’Longhi ECAM22110SB is packed with various unique features such as the aroma button, energy-saver switch, cappuccino system™, and more. Its compact design saves your counter space, and it doesn’t cut on durability.

  • Compact Design – This coffee making machine is very compact, but it’s also supplied with all of the features that a premium espresso system needs to have;
  • The built-in water filtration – You can easily use tap water with this feature;
  • Aroma button – your coffee will be saturated progressively until you’ve extracted the full flavor;
  • Energy-saver switch – with this feature you could save up to 77% of energy;
Potential Flaws:

It’s definitely worth the money, but you must be willing to part with a fortune of cash. Extremely expensive, but valuable nonetheless.

Value for the price:

Most people won’t like the idea of having such an expensive coffee maker at home. There are smaller (and cheaper) variants of coffee maker systems that could essentially do the same job, but no model could ever come close when it comes to quality. Exquisite value for the price.

The final verdict:

Now, we can’t just say “it’s perfect”, and be done with it. This coffee brewer is very good, we could say as much – it’s supplied with unique features that grant it the superior performance level, but it’s also extremely expensive.

Cuisinart EM-600 Buona Tazza Superautomatic Single Serve Espresso Caffee Latte Cappuccino and Coffee Machine

cuisinart em 600


Cuisinart is one of the prominent leaders in the coffee maker industry, and it’s rightly so. This model (EM-600) is a “living” proof of their dominance – it’s supplied with LED controls, a Stay-Clean feature, and some of the best settings a coffee machine could possibly have. It’s not expensive, but it’s not cheap either, and it just may be your best bet of getting a high-quality coffee maker for your home.

The features:

Cuisinart EM-600 Buona Tazza comes supplied with eight different LED controls that set the strength of single, double, or manual flavor, a one-touch latter, or cappuccino, and various temperature settings. The stay-clean feature allows for an easy maintenance process, and the 22-ounce container can store up to six cappuccinos.

  • Eight LED controls – you could use this feature to customize the flavor’s strength;
  • Stay-clean feature – The maintenance process made easy;
  • Frothing wand – this feature uses steam to clean the wand after each time it’s used;
  • The Milk container of 22 ounces – This compartment can hold up to six cappuccinos;
Potential Flaws:

Cuisinart EM-600 is larger than most coffee makers and might end up taking too much of your storage or counter space.

Value for the price:

We’ve already mentioned that it’s neither too expensive or too cheap. Anyhow, some of the unique features add to the overall value and make it great for the cash.

The final verdict:

Maybe not the best option for home usage, but Cuisinart EM-600 Buona Tazza Superautomatic is a great machine to have if you can get past the bulky design.

Nescafe Alegria NES34341 510 Countertop Coffee Makers, Cafe Americano Lungo Espresso Cappuccino Latte machine

nescafe alegria nes34341


The last coffee maker in our review is Nescafe Alegria NES34341 510 – an incredibly underrated product. It features a simple, attractive design, easy controls, and It’s available at a modest price.

The features:

It’s moderately versatile as you could make five different coffee types of beverages – Americano, Espresso, Latte, Lungo, and Cappuccino. It’s very compact so that it doesn’t take too much of your counter space, and a modern design.

  • A beautiful and compact design – this coffee maker won’t take up too much of your work space;
  • Moderately versatile – you could brew Americano, Espresso, Latte, Lungo, or Cappuccino with it;
  • Decent durability – it was not exactly built to last, but it could survive a couple of falls;
Potential Flaws:

The water tank can hold a great quantity of water, but it’s not too reliable.

Value for the price:

Concerning the cash, this could be a great investment. It’s a cheap way to make great coffee at home.

The final verdict:

At first sight, you may think that “This is nothing special”. You would be wrong, as Nescafe Alegria NES 34341 510 offers much more than eyes could see – it’s a phenomenal coffee maker that boasts great versatility and compactness.

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