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What’s The Difference between Coffee and Espresso?

If you visit your friend, ask for coffee and are handed with a shot of espresso, you will be pretty disappointed. This is because coffee and espresso are two different things which most of the people don’t know about. Now, if you are one of those people who are still confused about the two, then you must read this out. Here, we are going to make things clear. We will explain how exactly a cup of coffee is different from a shot of espresso.

cup of coffee

Both coffee and espresso can be prepared by using coffee beans. So, you technically, the difference is in the method of preparation, serving and the beans used in the preparation. Following are the basic differences of coffee and espresso:

The similarities between coffee and espresso:

First of all, we are going to shed some light on the similarities of coffee and espresso. You will be aware of most of these similarities. But, the reason why you are unable to differentiate between two is because of their similarities. The basic similarity is the use of same beans in the preparation of both beverages. The only difference is in the preparation method.

The difference in preparation method:

Coffee preparation method:

Here, we will highlight the main difference between these two drinks. If you are planning to prepare coffee, you will have to use medium ground coffee beans in accordance to the amount of coffee you wish to make. Then, you have to place them into a filter paper. Now, you have to pour hot water which is boiled at 200 degrees over the ground coffee beans. Leave the rest to the gravity and enjoy the delicious taste of coffee. The water falling through the coffee beans will absorb the taste of beans with it.

coffee grindercoffee grindercoffee grindercoffee grindercoffee grinder

The coffee prepared by this method can be stored for several hours after it is brewed into the pot. In order to have long lasting taste, all you need to do is to keep it at the right temperature. This drink has a great freshening taste and it can keep your energy at its full for couple of hours. Mostly people in the world are aware of this simple coffee preparation technique.

Espresso preparation method:

Now, we are going to highlight the preparation method of Espresso. There are many ways to enjoy your coffee and espresso is one of the best methods to prepare your coffee. In order to make espresso, you have to grind the coffee beans in a finer form. You have to grind it more than you grind coffee beans for regular coffee. After grinding, you have to put them into a basket and keep the temp down by using 30 – 40 pounds of pressure. You cannot store espresso like the regular coffee.


The espresso is served as a single shot in a small size cup. It will take approximately 15 – 20 seconds to get the best taste of espresso. Remember that if you increase the timings, it will eventually effect the flavor of the espresso. You can differentiate between the flavors of espresso like the heart; this espresso is dark in color. The body part will be light brown from the center meeting the top creamy layer of your shot. The upper layer is a layer of cream in your perfectly prepared espresso.

Serving size and caffeine content:

The main difference you will notice after the preparation of your drink is the serving size. In addition to that, you will also notice a prominent difference between the caffeine content in both beverages. The standard size of a coffee cup now a days is 8 ounces. On the other hand, the standard size of an espresso shot is one ounce.

Now, the 8 ounces of regular coffee contains 80 – 185 mg of caffeine which is different from one shot of espresso. The espresso’s shot contain approximately 40 – 45 mg of caffeine. If we compare the caffeine quantity of these two beverages per ounce, espresso contains more caffeine. If you will take multiple shots of espresso, you will intake more caffeine.

coffee cup

Taste of coffee and espresso:

There are many people who simply don’t care about the preparation method. This is because, it is the taste of the coffee they are concerned about. Everything comes down to the taste you want. Generally, espresso offers a perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness of the coffee. You can say that espresso has a bolder taste as compared to the regular coffee. On the other hand, the regular coffee often lacks full flavors due to longer storage in the coffee pot.

Aroma of coffee and espresso:

The regular coffee has a very strong aroma. It is somehow volatile and smoky. You will also get a feel of herbal, nuts and few other complex notes. Here, we would like to add that whatever coffee you prefer, it should never smell burnt. Espresso has a great aroma. Your espresso will have a light sweet aroma. As it settles down on your tongue, it will make your mind active and energetic.

Types of consumption:

There are many ways by which you can consume your coffee. You can use regular coffee as brewed, instant, decaf brewed, decaf instant, plunger as well as filter. On the other hand, you can prepare espresso in milk and water. Milk espresso could be prepared as macchiato, cappuccino, flat white, cortado, piccolo and latte while water espresso as Americano and long black.

coffee cupcoffee cupcoffee grinder

Health aspects:

When it comes to health, both regular coffee and espresso have similar attributes. Both beverages contain magnesium, calcium as well as potassium. But, if you are serving a typical coffee cup, then you will take high quantity of magnesium as compared to the shot of espresso. The presence of caffeine in these beverages can raise your blood pressure and aggravate anxiety but it is also responsible to control cholesterol level in your body. In addition to that, caffeine can also protect your heart from many serious diseases.cup of coffee

What is espresso tamping and why is it necessary?

Every coffee you drink in the coffee shop gives you an alluring call for the next time. You are not just able to resist the temptation of the essence of that freshly brewed coffee. Whenever you plan to enjoy with your family or friends, you wish to prepare it in your home, but you fail to bring that flavor. Don’t lose your hope you just need to perform some steps carefully to get the desired flavor in your coffee.

espresso tamping

Have you ever seen those people in the coffee shops making an espresso by pressing the coffee with the help of a small stamp like tool? They extract the perfect flavor from the crushed coffee beans, this process is called tamping. It is very easy to perform, but needs a careful hand. The small pressing tool is called hand tamper.

What is espresso tamping?

It starts with the process of making a right coffee ground. The tamper is used to compress the loose coffee grounds and make it into the dense compressed puck. This lets the water come into the contact, evenly, when the brewing process starts.

For any espresso machine, you need to do the tamping, carefully. After all, this process is more of the technique rather than just a normal process.

Generally, the espresso machine works perfectly to extract the flavor from the coffee grounds when the pressurized water comes into the contact of the resistance offered from the compressed puck.

espresso tamping

The ground needs to be perfectly dense so that, there’s no air between the grounds. Otherwise, water will treat it as shortcut and it will flow throughout it, speedily. If there is no air in between the ground and ground is perfectly dense, then water will flow through the whole surface, evenly, resulting into a perfect extraction.

People prefer to use different types of tamper for the tamping process. But it is just a matter of choice because the tamper shape doesn’t make any difference—tamping is more about the technique rather than the tools.

espresso tamping

How to do the espresso tamping?

People start to do the tamping using different techniques. But as they get experienced with the flavor obtained, they get to know the real way of doing it. There are many myths about tamping in a right way. Here are some of the steps which should be kept in mind right from the starting of the process.

espresso tamping

Keep the grip tight

Before starting the process, make sure that your hand position is right. Keep your wrist straight and your elbow bent at an angle of 90 degrees so that you don’t put excessive pressure on your wrist while pressing the tamper.

espresso tamping

Moreover, by doing so you will have a better control of the force to apply and avoid the tamper pressing unevenly. Aligning your arm and wrist in a straight-way will be easy for you to press the ground. Make sure that you don`t put much force with the wrist or elbow. The force should be applied from the shoulder.

Fill the ground adequately

Before filling the ground, measure it correctly. Don`t over fill it, otherwise at the time of espresso shot being pulled, ground will spew out. You can just pour the ground into the portafilter basket over the brim and remove the excess of ground from your finger. This way you will get the right amount of ground leveled into the portafilter.

espresso tamping

Pushing the tamper

You need to place the portafilter on the leveled surface with your less dominant hand and hold the tamper on your other hand. Hold the tamper in such away that your arm is aligned in a straight line. Now, place the tamper firmly into the portafilter and make sure that tamper is perpendicular to the portafilter.

Start to push it down gently, keeping the pressure constant. Don’t be in hurry while performing this process, otherwise, you will need to repeat the whole process again.

espresso tamping

After pressing the tamper, at a point you won’t be able to press it further. It is the point where all the ground has been compressed. Don’t hustle for anymore and drive out the tamper carefully without disturbing the grounds. After finishing the tamping, you will get an even compact surface of the ground with smooth texture and no cracks.

espresso tamping

Swipe the excess ground

Before putting the portafilter into the machine, brush the excess coffee grounds from its rim, that would have come during the tamping. Start brewing the coffee ground according to the instructions from your machine manual. It will take few minutes to give you an awesome cup of freshly prepared espresso.

espresso tamping coffee

Why do we need to do the tamping?

So, why do we really need to do the tamping process? Is it necessary to do it everytime?  Well, you need to know that the tamping process is performed right before the extraction of your espresso. It helps to extract the flavor from the ground, correctly. It makes the air to squeeze out from the ground by pressing it.

The main purpose of the tamping is to obtain the maximum density of the ground. In the tamping process, there is a small space left between the espresso maker’s filter, from where the water is introduced into the portafilter. If the tamping process is not performed, then there won’t be any space for the water to fully saturate the coffee. Moreover, the uneven distribution of coffee ground will result into the unused left-over ground.

coffee tamping

It is all about allowing the water to shoot through the compressed grounds and extract the delicious oil from the coffee. If the ground is loose, there will not be the proper extraction from the coffee and the espresso will be lacking its flavor.

So, from the next time, when you wish to make an espresso at your home, use the guidelines mentioned above to have a good hold of this game and you will be able to make an awesome cup of espresso.

10 Useful and Amazing Tips on How to Make Strong Coffee

Do you like a strong coffee? But can’t get that technique right to get that big and bold flavor from your brew?

Despite popular belief, strong coffee should not be burnt or bitter tasting at all. In fact, if you make the coffee properly, it will give you a rich and distinctive flavor that will knock your socks off.

strong coffee

With the right roast, grind, and brewing, you can get a delicious and bold taste without the need to burn it or skimp on caffeine.

There are a few tips that can immediately improve the strength and quality of your coffee.

Tips on How to make a strong coffee

These tips are for anyone, whether you are an expert or an amateur in coffee making. So, if you are looking for tips for your friend or family, this article is for you.

#1 Use strong coffee beans

Robusta beans have a bolder and bitter taste with twice the caffeine of Arabica.

Columbia and Arabica beans are the best ones for this job, but they are expensive than Robusta beans, which are a more bitter tasting coffee than Columbia and Arabica.

Strong Coffee

So, if you want a powerful morning kick, you can use a blend of 15% Robusta with Arabica to get the best of both worlds. But if you prefer a brighter taste, then stick on to full Arabica.

As a generic rule, the stronger the coffee beans, the stronger your coffee will be.

#2 Perfect Roast

When making strong coffee, getting the coffee roast right is of vital importance. The roast that you choose will matter a lot, thus opt for a rich flavored one if you need a strong coffee.

Coffee Strong

Dark roasts like French Roasts produces the strongest cups of coffee.

Keep in mind that a roaster can ruin the flavor of your coffee with a full dark roast.

#3 Use fresh coffee beans

Fresh coffee is the absolute essential for a strong and perfect cup of coffee. So, use fresh whole beans whenever possible. And try to consume all your coffee within a week or two to get a bold experience.

Keep your coffee beans in an airtight container at room temperature, away from light to keep them fresh for longer.

The quality of your coffee beans will show through in your final cup of coffee, and all the flavors will be concentrated since you are going for strength.

For better flavor and strength, start with a decent coffee, and you will enjoy the flavor much more.

#4 Grind fine

If you are using fresh coffee, you can control the grind and its outcome. You can grind it as fine or as coarse as you like. The finer your coffee grind, the more flavor you will get. However, it doesn’t always work like for example with French Press.

Fine Grind Coffee

Grind as much coffee beans as you will use at once so that the rest of your coffee stays fresh tasting. Also, note that coffee loses its flavor after grinding, so wait to grind until the last minute, if possible. Doing so will give you extra flavor with strength.

A burr grinder is best for a perfect and even grinding, and you can choose between electronic and automatic models

#5 Coffee to water ratio

coffee ingredients

Be careful about the coffee to water ratio, regardless of your preferred method. The higher your coffee to water ratio is, the stronger your coffee will be. Using 2 tablespoon of coffee per 6 ounces of water is recommended for a strong cup of coffee.

#6 Raise the Temperature

Brewing the coffee at the right temperature is vital not only the taste of the coffee, but it will also affect the strength.

If your water is hotter than this, then it will burn your coffee. And if your water is too cold, then it will not properly extract the oils, strength, and flavors from the coffee beans.

coffee brewing temperature

The perfect temperature to brew a coffee is between 195ºF and 205ºF. A good alternative is to wait for around 45 sec after it started getting full boiling.

#7 Brewing time

A good cup of coffee needs to be brewed. Coffee has a ‘sweet spot’ where most of its flavor has dissolved in water, but its unpleasant flavors are still locked in the coffee grounds. This can take a bit of experimenting to get it right.

sweet spot

If you are using a French Press, aim for 2-4 minutes of contact, and 5 minutes if you are using a drip or pour over system.

#8 Even extraction

coffee extraction

If you are using a pour over method or coffee maker, ensure that the water wets all ground evenly by falling in an even stream. Try mixing the grounds well so that there are no hard-packed areas to disrupt the water flow.

#9 Brewing method

There are a lot of ways to brew coffee and experimenting with them will help you to find out what works for you. Everyone likes different coffee tastes, so the best way to find your type of coffee is to try again and again!

Some options for strength are:

  • Aeropress – It makes strong coffee, and it’s faster than French Press
  • A Turkish Coffee is the strongest coffee next to espresso. It is prepared with fine coffee grounds being left in the cup.
  • A cold brew also creates a strong coffee without any unpleasant flavor of the over extraction, but this can take 24 hours.

#10 Drink right away

Coffee loses its flavor much faster in higher temperature. So, drink your coffee right after brewing if you want it to be strong instead of flat. But in case, you need to keep your coffee for longer, keep it in an insulated container at 185ºF.

You can also pour some steamed milk in your coffee for adding the creaminess of milk and a nice decoration.

strong hot coffee


Everyone has different tastes in coffee, so you will need to go through some trial and error to get the perfect cup of coffee for you or whomever you are making the coffee for.

Some of these tips mean that you need to keep trying and experimenting with the grinding, to become a perfect master at making strong coffee.

So, hope the above tips are useful to you, and you will get your perfect strength of coffee in no time!

How To Steam Milk With An Espresso Machine?

How about the last espresso that you had a few days back in your office or college cafeteria or at your friend’s wedding party? Did you enjoy it to the last sip? If you had enjoyed that coffee, so hereby, you should know that the espresso which lets you remain active and energetic at the end of a tiresome day has its own way of preparation, unlike the preparation of tea.


It is prepared by steaming the milk and then, adding it to the different bases of the coffee to bring the desired taste. Steaming the milk is a crucial part and needs some experience and experimenting with your cappuccino machine to get it done perfectly.

The simple magic of an espresso machine

There are many ways to steam the milk. But steaming from the espresso machine is quite easy as compared to other methods. When it comes to the steaming, your all senses are players at that time.

The espresso machine has a steam wand that hangs off the side. Steam is produced when vapors of water and the air is forced from the wand of an espresso machine into the cold milk. But the supply of air and water vapors are not enough for the steaming of milk; the milk also needs to be heated to a required temperature with adequate pressure.


Steaming the milk in the espresso machine will not be easy for a naive, but you only learn when you make mistakes.

Steaming the milk from the espresso machine needs some prerequisites. Above all, you need an espresso machine, cold milk, an experienced hand and a small metal pitcher for steaming the milk, which can be accessed from the local store.

The reason for using a metal pitcher is that they have got the perfect depth to adapt the steam wand from the espresso machine. Moreover, the long handle is easy to hold the pitcher for a long time. Moving the pitcher in different directions is also facilitated through it. When the milk gets too-hot then also the long handle keeps the heat away from the hand. It keeps us safe from unnecessary troubles.


The procedure to get the steaming of milk right

1. Collect the required material

First of all, keep all the needed things at one place, near the machine. It will save your time and you will also be safe.


2. Check the steam pressure

If you are doing it for the first time, make sure that your espresso machine is capable of 1 to 1.5 bars of steam pressure.

3. All set

Take the fresh cold milk and pour it into the metal pitcher. Hold it in your less dominant hand.


Next you need to submerge the wand into the milk pitcher and make sure that all the holes in the wand are completely immersed into the milk otherwise the milk will be steamed partially. Using your other hand, turn on the steam wand on to full blast to start the process.

4. Get set go

When the wand starts its work, take your another hand off the knob of the wand and place it on the milk pitcher to check the temperature of the milk.

Lower the pitcher by placing your both hands on it, eventually you will listen an assertive sound generating from the wand. This sound signifies the introduction of the air into the milk. Move the metal pitcher in a hula-hoop fashion. Move it in such a way that the milk starts to swirl inside it and creates a vortex flow.

stream milk with espresso

5. The master stroke

Hold the pitcher at the same level, where it started to produce the assertive sound. Make sure that pitcher is controlled tightly at this point such that, its temperature matches the temperature of your hand.

Sometimes, bakers call this temperature ‘blood warm’ since, It has got the neutral temperature as your hand. This step is the master stroke in making a perfect steamed milk. Lift the pitcher again slowly to immerse the wand tip completely into it until the assertive sound disappears.

6. Remove the pitcher

After the master stroke, you need to hold the pitcher by keeping the wand immersed fully into the milk. The temperature of the milk starts to rise. Hold the pitcher up to the point where you can`t place another hand on the pitcher surface to feel the temperature.


When the milk pitcher attains the too-hot temperature, switch off the steam wand with your dominant hand. Make sure you don`t pull out the wand immediately from the milk surface. Assure that the wand is completely off and wait for few seconds; otherwise, you may get hot foams spraying out of the wand.

7. Wipe the wand

Now the task that makes the people a sloth to perform. Always wipe the milk from the wand surface as it is the area that is most likely to get infected by the bacteria.


Immerse the wand into the water just like you did it in the milk and pass some steam to clear the milk gunk. Repeat it again to ensure that it gets clean. The hygiene quotient should not be taken for granted.

8. Remove the air bubbles

When the milk has been steamed completely, there is a possibility that it may contain some bubbles on its surface that avoid to get a creamy foam. If you got the bubble in your pitcher then move it upside and downside to decrease the size of the bubbles. Again, move the pitcher in a swirling motion.

steam milk from espresso machine

9. Enjoy your drink

The final product obtained should have the texture just like the texture of the melted ice-cream. This texture folds it in a beautiful art. Pour the delicious steamed milk in the drink and enjoy.

Steamed milk used to make a design in a cappuccino, in New York.


What’s the bottom line?

Streaming the milk isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible. The perfection also needs safety. While using the espresso machine, one should be careful. Steaming the milk not only needs the above procedure, but also a passionate person who wants to gain good experience in it. It isn’t just a typically developed process; it’s also a very fast process.

The performance that you will get from your home espresso maker in steaming the milk is impressive.

Nespresso’s Sustainability Measures in Capsule Market

Nespresso has made its mark in the coffee capsule industry long ago. They have entered every household with their coffee capsule products which are an essential part of every kitchen.

nespresso logo

Nespresso is a part of the Swiss multinational company Nestle and has been a pioneer in the coffee industry by providing training for coffee farmers thereby increasing the yield of high-quality coffee beans. They also make it a point to pay premium prices to their farmers for the produce. Although they have to invest in the farming sector, they reap great benefits by selling these high-quality premium coffee all over the world.

Coffee Capsules

As a part of their sustainability program, the company has drafted a list of 38 points of commitment. It describes in detail the services that they offer and what are the reinforcements that they would like to bring. They created these points with the vision of generating benefits to the coffee farmers, consumers, society and also its shareholders. They have detailed the effects of the coffee capsule on the environment. This program makes it very clear that they are serious about making a meaningful change in the coffee industry.

Nespresso’s machines

nespresso machine

Nespresso introduced their first ‘single-serve’ coffee machine in 1986, and there was no looking back after that. They recently launched another product in 2014 with the name VertuoLine. This machine could make about 250 ml of regular coffee or espresso.


Efforts in South Sudan

The company has been reinforcing their investments in South Sudan which has now become the country which exports coffee all over the world. The population here consists of small families who are eager to work on their own lands, thereby increasing the produce.

Nespresso Sudan Coffee

Nespresso has been providing help and training in these areas with the help of the NGO Technoserve which is mainly working towards the elimination of poverty in this region.


The company along with the help of the NGO has helped to organize three coffee co-operatives in South Sudan. It has also built three wet mills which process the harvested coffee. Due to all these efforts, South Sudan manages to export 10 tons of coffee each year.

The Rainforest Alliance

In 2013, Nespresso launched out a global program for the coffee industry. It is known as ‘AAA Sustainable Quality in collaboration with The Rainforest Alliance.’ The farmers are the major target of this program. The company has enrolled around 63,000 farmers under the program which makes up about 80% of the suppliers of coffee to the company. Under this scheme, the farmers get around 30-40% above the standard price of coffee in the market. This rigorous and comprehensive program ensures that the suppliers get adequately and hence ensures long term benefits.


Every coin has two sides. Waste material is available from the coffee machines. These waste materials is available over the time. Moreover, this waste material gets dump along with the household waste.


The capsule consist of the aluminum metal. Aluminum is a metal which should recycle to make various other substances. However the amount of aluminum which is available each day has not yet been determined. Since it is dumped along with household waste; it is not sure whether this material has been recycled to its full potential.

Recycling programmes


The company has established ‘capsule recycling programs’ in many areas across the globe. Hence establishing that they do understand their duties of sustainability and environmental protection.

There are various programs which include specific collection areas, doorstep collection, collection centers at ‘retail locations’ and even at the ‘Municipality waste disposal’ sites. Once they collect the metal, they company can recycle it.

nespresso capsule market

For these programs to reach their maximum benefit, there has to be a certain amount of community participation on the part of the individual as well as the municipality authorities. And hence it is a long road.

But if every individual puts in a little more effort, the programs will show their benefit on the environment soon. Hence it is essential that consumers are aware of the benefits. They must also be aware of their duties and ensure that recycling process is complete wherever possible.

Used coffee as renewable source of energy

It is very good to know that the company is aware of the potential benefits of the “used coffee” business. The used coffee is an excellent source of biogas. Biogas is biofuel which can use as a source of energy. Apart from the initial investment to set up the plant, this source of energy is available for free since it consists of waste materials. The company has already begun the construction of 3 plants in Switzerland to extract biogas.


It is a novel approach to recycling and generating a renewable source of energy. It has managed to grab attention in the coffee capsule industry by capturing a renewable source of energy; which would have wasted considering the traditional coffee capsule terms of use.

Hence even though the waste aluminum generated may seem like a hazard to the environment, the company has left no stone unturned in turning it into something useful.

What’s the bottom line?

Although the company has been putting in its best efforts to sustain themselves in the coffee market, there are a few other rivals which have biodegradable capsules. Keurig, a rival company, has promised to release a biodegradable capsule by 2020.

nespresso capsule market 1

Nespresso has been keeping the interest of others above theirs and has been working hard to provide maximum benefits to the consumers, farmers and the environment. Their strategies for sustaining in the coffee capsule market seem to be promising, but the implementation of these strategies need to be more comprehensive and rigorous if they want to keep their position strong.

Considering their efforts to transform waste coffee into a renewable source of energy; they might succeed in their endeavor to become the world’s best coffee capsule producer.

Cuban Coffee Maker

What tequila is to alcohol, Cuban is to the world of espresso and coffee. It is not tested or appreciated… it is shot. Bistro Cubano is at any rate twofold the quality of American espresso. It is an everyday wake-up routine for Cubans and Cuban-Americans.
Cuban espresso is served toward the finish of a feast in tiny cups that are littler than demitasse mugs. The way it was done in the good old days to make bistro Cubano is in a pot on the stove, however, actually, Cubans in this nation often make their espresso in Italian coffee producers.

Best Cuban Coffee Maker – Reviews

Aluminum Cuban Style Coffee Maker 1 cup, plus spare gasket and filter set – Model B00D4VR3CU

A short overview:
The stylish Aluminum Cuban Style Coffee Maker and the Cuban coffee press is sold by Cuban Food Market at $9.99. Its material is aluminum.

Details, design, and feature:
Aluminum Cuban Style Coffee Maker is an oven top economy aluminum espresso producer. It has a low cost; however, it makes a breathtaking Cuban or coffee espresso in only minutes.

Mixes a quick however delightful Cuban coffee.

  • Filter set and Gasket
  • Simple to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Security valve
  • Stay cool knob. Kindly perceive that the sizes allude to demitasse cups( 3 ounces), not consistent coffee cups sizes (7 to 8 ounces)

The potential flaws:

  • It is light weight and fragile.

Bene Casa Electric Cuban Coffee Maker – Model B00BWAGOXO

Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder

Check out on Amazon

Bene Casa Electric Cuban Coffee Maker is manufactured by Bene Casa. The weight of the product is 2 pounds. It is present in maret at a low price of $39.99 and is available in 3 beautiful colors – White, Stainless steel and Silver.

Details, design, and feature:
It has 6 cup limit, aluminum kettle, cordless and separable from the base-on/off switch with pointer light and has a cool touch handle. It incorporates free 10 oz pack of Sol de Cuba premium Cuban espresso. Bring your espresso with you in a hurry as no stove top is necessory. It is incredible for home, office, and travel. You may appreciate delightful coffee espresso wherever you are. And keeping in mind that doing as such, appreciate an essence of the Caribbean with your free 10 oz pack of
Cuban coffee with an espresso machine.


  • It has an Aluminum evaporator
  • The maker is Separable from base – cool touch arm
  • It is simple to clean and is Portable
  • It has a capacity of 6 cups

The potential flaws:

  • It can drip water sometimesCoffee Grinder

Bustelo Cuban Style Coffee and 3 Cup Coffee Maker Packager – Model B01DTDVLZ2

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Bustelo Cuban Style Coffee and 3 Cup Coffee Maker Packager is usually available in Latin countries. It is a container  with jug shape and is silver in color.

Details, design, and feature:
Appreciate the best Cuban coffee French press ever with this Coffee and Coffee creator blend. It comprises of one 10 oz pack of one of the best Cuban Coffees in the stores today and a 3 cup limit aluminum development stove top espresso creator.


  • One 10 oz of delightful Bustelo Cuban Coffee, vacuum stuffed.
  • One Aluminum 3 container stove top Cuban espresso creator.
  • Directions on the most proficient method to make the best Cuban Coffee ever.
  • Kindly see that the sizes allude to demitasse mugs ( 2 to 3 ounces), not standard espresso containers sizes (6 to 8 ounces)

Stovetop Espresso Maker – Italian Moka Pot – Cafetera – Cuban Coffee Machine – Medium by MateoJo – Model B014N7UXY8

Coffee Grinder

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MateoJo  is the sole manufacturer of Stovetop Espresso Maker – Italian Moka Pot – Cafetera – Cuban Coffee Machine. It is medium in size, having a weight of 1.1 pounds. It is available at a cheap price of $16.

Details, design, and feature:

Intended for a superior espresso encounter, your 6 container aluminum stove top coffee espresso producer from MateoJo serves you in the conventional with pleasure. In view of a customary outline, it is a period demonstrated inclination for a really incredible espresso – makes 6 doppios.

You get a rich full season espresso that can practically stand-up a spoon, about a syrup. The MateoJo stovetop coffee espresso producer gives that espresso shock that dispatches a morning, recoups an evening, or broadens a night.

The perky bike bean bundling makes an extraordinary introduction for a blessing. It’s amusing to get and easy to use. Definite directions are incorporated into each crate and incredible help from MateoJo is constantly accessible. You get full access to guidelines, tips, formulas, and the sky is the limit from there. However, everybody will feel like an expert barista beginning with the main container.

It is very simple to work, easy to clean.


  • Client for the first time? Don’t worry about it. Simple to take after directions are incorporated into each case in addition to how-to recordings on our site – all that you require. Simply put your water in the base, espresso in the center, and warmth it up. The best bit loads with a profound seasoned mocha blend – only a couple of minutes.
  • Put over-evaluated bistros behind. Make your top picks – any way you like – straight, a spot of lemon, sugar? Fantastic for such a large number of espresso drinks – Americano, lattes, cappuccinos, and then some – an old world Italian top choice. Makes an extraordinary Cuban Coffee.
  • Remember espresso when everything was perfect. You’ll adore your Mateo Jo Stovetop Espresso Maker. Makes six 2-ounce cups (a customary doppio). It’s anything but difficult to utilize – makes your coffee in minutes. Your Cuban coffee percolator.
  • 24 Hour email bolster from a privately-run company that cares. There’s an 800 number as well. Furthermore, bear in mind it’s sponsored by Mateo Jo’s 100% No Questions Asked Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Great present for any espresso partner – Special deal cost.

The potential flaws:

  • Handles can melt if heated from the stovetop.
  • In no way, use soap or put it in the dishwasher.

Espresso Machine with Grinder

A short introduction on Espresso Machines with Grinders

Espresso machines with grinder are a terrific invention, but they usually need a good grinder if you want to get the best from them. Now, here’s the deal – imagine if you had both in one place?

That’s just what the point of Espresso machines with grinders are – they’re convenient because you have everything you need in one place, they take up less space than espresso machines and grinders when separated, but they do cost quite a lot of cash.

Anyhow, these contraptions come from various manufacturers in a wide array of models – there are compact ones, high-end models, big, powerful ones, and more. Here we’re going to speak about some of the best espresso machines with grinders, their benefits, and what they can offer you.

Best Espresso machines with grinders reviews

Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe Espresso Machine, Silver


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A short overview:

Saeco’s Philips Intelia Deluxe machine with grinder is one of those machines that belong to the high-end price point category. It does cost a lot of money, but it’s considered to be one of the best of the best. It’s supplied with a manifold of options and features, and it comes with a durable construction.

Overall, Saeco’s Philips Intelia Deluxe machine with grinder can be used to brew espressos, cappuccinos, and other beverages with ease, and you can choose from 5 settings to modify the temperature, length, and other similar stats.

Detailed description, features, and design:

If you’re prepared to pay top dollar, Saeco’s Philips Intelia Deluxe machine with the grinder will be there to fulfill your every coffee need. It’s one of those machines that will decorate your home (or coffee shop) for years to come, as it features robust ceramic grinders and a durable construction.

Considering the design, the outward appearance of Saeco’s Philips Intelia Deluxe machine with the grinder is absolutely beautiful. It combines the traditional with urban, resulting in a ravishing outlook. Speaking about performance, this espresso machine with grinder comes with 5 settings that are used to adjust the temperature, length, and more. It’s also outfitted with a manifold of options for espresso and cappuccino brews.


  • Choose from 5 different options – modify and adjust the length, temperature and more;
  • A durable construction – this coffee machine with grinder is supplied with a pair of robust ceramic grinders;
  • Extremely durable – Saeco’s Philips Intelia Deluxe machine with grinder combines the traditional with urban, resulting in a ravishing outward appearance;

Potential Flaws:

  • The only downfall of this espresso machine with grinder is that it costs a fortune. It belongs to the “high-end” price point category;

Value for the price:

Don’t let the price dissuade you – this is a high-end product that is more than valuable for the cash. It’s extremely durable, it looks ravishing, and, when it comes to performance, it won’t fail you, ever. Saeco’s Philips Intelia Deluxe machine with grinder features a superb value for the cash.

Capresso EC100 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

capresso grinder

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A short overview:

Capresso’s EC100 espresso machine with a grinder is a simple espresso machine that features a convenient grinder. It’s very affordable, and it features a durable construction, as well as one of the latest ThermoBlock heating elements. The huge water tank will make your servings easier, as you will have to refill it less frequently. Essentially, this coffee machine is supplied with basic features, it’s easy to use, and it’s practically a bargain.

Detailed description, features, and design:

Capresso’s EC100 espresso machine with grinder features a bargain price, and it’s considered to be one of the cheapest espresso brewers with grinders. It belongs to the “cheap” price point category, but trust me, it’s definitely worth the cash.

One of the best features it comes supplied with is the removable water reservoir. It can hold up to 46 ounces of water, and it definitely comes in handy when it comes to refills. The Stainless steel Thermo block heating element is pretty fast, as this machine features low priming times.

The indicator lights, on & off, and coffee & steam features make this machine very easy to use, but there’s a downfall – Capresso’s EC100 espresso machine with grinder looks ordinary, to say the least. It’s not beautiful, per se, but it’s quite convenient and cheap.


  • Very cheap – Capresso’s EC100 espresso machine with grinder belongs to the “cheap” price point category, and it’s one of the most cost-effective espresso makers with grinder;
  • A huge water tank – the water reservoir of this marvelous coffee machine can hold up to 46 ounces of water. This comes in handy during refills, as you will have to do it less frequently;
  • Cutting-edge heating element – the heating element that’s supplied to this espresso machine is the latest stainless steel Thermo Block system;

Potential Flaws:

  • The outward appearance of this coffee machine is plain, at best. It’s not as beautiful as most coffee machines in our review;

Value for the price:

Capresso’s EC100 espresso machine with the grinder is remarkably cheap, and it’s cost-effective. It comes supplied with the state-of-the-art Thermoblock stainless-steel heating element technology, and it features a huge water reservoir that can hold up quite a lot of water (46 ounces, to be precise). All in all, if you’re down on cash, this might be a perfect solution for you.

Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine & Baratza Grinder Combo

espresso machine

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A short overview:

Simonelili’s Oscar II combo is comprised of Oscar II esrepsso machine and Baratza’s coffee grinder. Both of these marvelous contraptions belong to the “high-end” price point category, but the combination costs a bit less when bought at once.

This is a fast coffee machine with the Grinder, and it’s able to brew a massive amount of espressos per hour. The combo features a beautiful outward appearance and a durable stainless steel construction.

Detailed description, features, and design:

First of all, Simonelili’s Oscar II combo is for people who have deep pockets. Now, since we got that clear, if you’re down on cash, you might want to consider some cheaper models (such as Capresso’s coffee machine).

This coffee machine with grinder features one of the largest water reservoirs – it can hold an astonishing amount of 3 liters before you need to refill it. This, however, makes the cleaning process more difficult, but that’s one of the few downfalls of this machine that can easily be compensated for by the manifold of exceptional features.

Oscar II can brew up to 120 espressos per hour, and it’s perfect for any coffee shop. This also means, however, that this coffee machine isn’t so good for home usage. All in all, it’s very valuable and cost-effective if you take into account all of the magnificent features it comes supplied with.


  • An enormous water reservoir – the water tank of this marvelous machine can hold up to 3 liters of water;
  • One of the fastest coffee machines out there – Oscar II combo can brew up to 120 espresso shots per hour;
  • A durable construction – the stainless-steel construction provides a high level of durability to this extraordinary machine;

Potential Flaws:

  • The cost – this machine belongs to the “very expensive” price point category, but it’s quite cost-effective. Definitely not for people who’re short on cash, though;
  • Suitable for coffee shops – most people would refrain from buying a machine that’s this expensive for their home;

Value for the price:

Even though Simonelili’s Oscar II combo costs a fortune, it’s built to last, and it’s definitely a keeper. This combo features one of the largest water tanks on the market, and it’s also one of the fastest coffee brewers that money can afford. Supreme value for the cash.

Saeco X-Small Automatic Espresso Machine with Built-In Grinder

espresso machine

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A short overview:

Saeco’s X-Small espresso machine is a compact high-end coffee maker with grinder. It comes supplied with a set of basic features, and it’s quite durable. Let’s see what it comes equipped with.

Detailed description, features, and design:

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Saeco is one of the prominent leaders in the coffee brewer industry, and their X-Small espresso machine might be one of their finest work in the budget branch. Simple features, a compact design, and an affordable price are all there is to it.


  • Compactness – this coffee brewer won’t take too much of your counter space;
  • Affordable – as affordable as a high-end product can be;
  • Easy to clean and maintain;

Potential Flaws:

  • When it comes to performance, there are better coffee machines with grinder;

Value for the price:

This coffee machine is neither expensive nor cheap – it’s somewhere in between. It comes with simple features and a simple method of operation, and it’s safe to say that it’s quite valuable for the cash.

KRUPS EA8808 2-in-1 Touch Cappuccino Super Automatic Espresso Machine, 57-Ounce Black

coffee beans

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A short overview:

KRUPS EA88088 coffee machine with grinder is large, it’s expensive, and it’s the best coffee machine with grinder you’ll ever have (at least in the price range). It features the 2-in-1 function which lets you brew two drinks at once, and it comes supplied with a massive water tank. Overall, it’s great for the cash.

Detailed description, features, and design:

KRUPS EA88088 is supplied with a beautiful, black design, a massive water tank that can hold up to 57 ounces of water, and the renowned 2-in-1 feature that allows you to brew 2 drinks at once. It also features the 9.5-ounce coffee container and the auto-rinse feature.


  • The auto-rinse and auto-cleaning system – easy cleaning process and maintenance;
  • The 2-in-1 feature – you can brew up to 2 drinks at once;
  • A massive water tank – the water reservoir of Krups EA8808 can hold up to 57 ounces of water;

Potential Flaws:

  • Moderately expensive – this coffee machine belongs to the bottom border of the “very expensive” price point range;

Value for the price:

Surely enough, KRUPS EA88088 costs quite a lot, but it also comes supplied with a massive water reservoir and a set of premium-quality features. High value for the price.

Cheap Espresso Machine Reviews

Introduction – a foreword about budget espresso systems

It’s hard to imagine a coffee enthusiast without a good coffee machine, but it’s more than clear that not everyone has the opporunity to save up enough cash for high-end coffee systems. Now, that’s where we come in. We’ve made this list so that you don’t have to pay a fortune for your espresso machine system.

Most people get the wrong idea – cheap espresso machine is just as capable as a high-end one, but the “devil is in the details”, or so they say. More expensive models are usually either faster or better-looking, so you really shouldn’t pay too much if you don’t need to. Let’s see what we have for you:

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Steam Espresso System with Milk Frother ECM160

system espresso

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A short summary:

Mr. Coffee is famous for their premium-quality products, their reliability, and their superior versatility. They have a wide range of coffee machines across the price point categories, and ECM160 is one of their best budget models.

When compared to a regular cheap espresso machine, Mr. Coffee’s Steam Espresso ECM160 System looks and performs better in every aspect. It’s remarkably cheap, the features it comes supplied with are quite basic, but they’re capable and reliable.

Description, details, and features:

Mr. Coffee’s ECM160 is equipped with a decently powerful frothing arm mechanism that can help you make espressos and cappuccinos with great ease. The Steam Heat technology lets the steam flow through special filters for superior taste and brew.

This coffee system is also outfitted with a removable drip catcher feature, a drip tray that’s easy to wash and maintain, and a Glass Carafe that can serve up to four shots. As for the design, this coffee maker looks pretty average. It’s a standard rectangular coffee system with standard-looking features. All in all, Mr. Coffee’s ECM160 is a great coffee system, and it’s definitely worth the buck.

  • Steam Heat technology – this feature forces the steam through special filters. The result is superior espresso brew;
  • A powerful frothing arm – this feature provides creamy froth for your cappuccinos, lattes, and other beverages;
  • A Glass Carafe – the carafe on Mr. Coffee’s ECM160 can serve up to four shots;
  • Removable features – the drip catcher and drip tray are removable, and they are easy to wash and maintain;
Potential Flaws:
  • An average-looking coffee system – the design is really outdated;
Value for the price:

Mr. Coffee’s ECM160 is one of the best cheap espresso maker models on the market. Now, it features a design that leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s very easy to use it, to clean it, and you won’t have to waste too much time and effort on the maintenance process.

This coffee system is outfitted with great features (for the price, of course), it’s decently durable, and we’d say it’s worth taking into consideration if you’re looking for a budget coffee maker system.

Brentwood Electric 6 Cup Moka Espresso Maker Silver

Moke espresso system

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A short summary:

Brentwood’s electric 6-Cup Moka espresso machine is beautiful, cheap, and easy to use. As a matter of fact, there’s only one button on the entire system. It’s pretty small and lightweight – you may benefit from this machine’s compactness in a way that it won’t take up too much of your working/counter space.

Description, details, and features:

Brentwood’s electric 6-Cup Moka espresso machine can brew up to 6 cups of beverages in a single serving, it includes a cool-touch handle, a removable power base (along with 360-degree swivel), the on/off switch with indicator lights, the boil-dry protection, and the keep warm option.

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s extremely easy to use, mainly because it doesn’t have too many functions and features. Its specific dimensions are 6.5” by 9” by 6”, and it weighs only 2.6 pounds. It’s one of the most compact budget coffee systems on the market.

However, there are some downfalls. Brentwood’s electric 6-Cup Moka espresso machine is best for people who travel a lot and need their coffee on the go, but you should know that it’s quite slow for a coffee system. The lack of any outstanding features would be its second flaw, but it’s pretty good overall. Great for the cash, but it can’t compare to high-end coffee systems.

  • Ideal for people who need their coffee on the go – small, light, and compact. This coffee system is great for people who travel a lot;
  • A spacious storage – Brentwood’s electric 6-Cup Moka espresso machine can brew up to 6 cups of beverages in a single serve;
  • Great features – Brentwood’s electric 6-Cup Moka espresso machine comes supplied with a cool-touch handle, a removable power base, the on/off switch with indicator lights, the boil-dry protection, and the keep-warm function;
Potential Flaws:
  • It’s quite slow for a coffee machine system;
Value for the price:

Brentwood’s electric 6-Cup Moka espresso machine is definitely valuable for the cash. It might be a bit slow, but it makes excellent coffee. It’s able to brew up to 6 cups of beverages, it comes outfitted with great features, but it doesn’t come with any outstanding options whatsoever. It’s lightweight and compact, so people who like to travel might benefit the most from it.

Oem Mini Steam Espresso Office Coffee Maker 4-Cup 800W 3.5-bar

coffee maker

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A short summary:

Oem’s 800W espresso and cappuccino maker definitely deserve more attention. This brand is not as famous as Mr. Coffee, but we can see a lot of similar features, especially in the design. It’s not too fast, and it consumes quite a lot of energy, but it comes supplied with great features and it’s pretty good for the price.

Now, this coffee machine is considered cheap, but it’s one of the more expensive products in our review. You might be thinking – “I never heard of this brand, how can I trust it with my cash?”. It was approved for ETL and FDA, and it features a warranty for one year, if that would persuade you to think otherwise.

Description, details, and features:

Oem’s 800W espresso and cappuccino maker features a 240ml carafe capacity, and it can brew up to 4 cups of beverages at a time. It comes supplied with a 3.5-bar pressure pump that might not be the fastest, but it’s able to deliver rich-tasting coffee.

You could easily use the frothing function to make fine-quality cappuccinos and lattes, and you don’t have to worry about the slight humming and buzzing – the machine is outfitted with a safety cap with a built-in valve. This system releases the pressure automatically, and it features an aluminum alloy filter with a protective thumbguard. Plainly speaking, this coffee system is amazing.

  • A large carafe – the 4-cup carafe of Oem’s cappuccino coffee system can brew up to 4 cups of beverages at a time. It can hold up to 240ml of water;
  • Very safe to use – the manufacturers went an extra male when it comes to safety. The Safety Cap with a built-in valve ensure your safety during the brewing process;
  • Very durable – this coffee machine is made of high-quality stainless steel;
  • Reliable – Oem’s Espresso Office Stainless-Steel machine was approved for ETL and FDA, and it features a warranty of one year;
Potential Flaws:
  • Quite slow – Oem’s Espresso Office Stainless-Steel coffee machine features a 3.5-bar pump. It’s not terrible, but it’s very slow;
  • Great power consumption – this coffee unit consumes quite a lot of power while operational;
Value for the price:

This is a splendid coffee machine, without a doubt. It might not be the fastest one on the market, but it comes outfitted with some of the finest features, it’s lightweight, and, most importantly, it’s cheap. An exquisite value for the cash.

Bialetti 9-cup Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker Pot Latte 18-Ounce

moka express stovetop system

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A short summary:

Bialetti is an Italian brand that manufactures unique espresso machines and coffee systems. Now, Bialetti 9-cup Moka Express Stovetop coffee maker is one of their best products (along with Bialetti’s 6-cup and 4-cup coffee systems).

Description, details, and features:

This coffee machine is mostly made of aluminum and plastic, and it features an exquisite 8-sided design. It’s safe to say that it’s one of the best-looking budget coffee systems that money can buy. It doesn’t come with any special features, and it’s moderately fast – it brews coffee in 4-5 minutes. This aluminum pot can hold quite a lot of liquid, and it can brew up to 9 cups of beverages in a single serve.

  • Quite spacious – brew up to 9 cups of coffee at a time;
  • An exquisite design – this is one of the best-looking coffee systems on the market;
  • Durable – Bialetti’s Moka Express is made of aluminum;
Potential Flaws:
  • Moderately fast – it brews coffee in 4-5 minutes;
  • No outstanding features whatsoever;
Value for the price:

Bialetti 9-cup Moka Express Stovetop coffee maker is premium-quality Italian coffee brewer – this fact is enough to make this coffee brewer valuable on its own. However, it’s not that fast, but it can brew up to 9 cups of beverages in a single serve. Great for the cash.

Maphisseus Espresso Stove Top Coffee Maker – Continental Moka Percolator Pot

maphissus espresso stovetop

A short summary:

Maphisseus Espresso Stove Top Continental Moka isn’t exactly a coffee machine. It’s a stove top pot that’s very affordable, and it features aluminum and stainless steel construction. It’s lightweight, beautiful, and very easy to maintain and clean.

Description, details, and features:

This coffee machine is designed in a very simple way, and it features a beautiful 8-sided design. It’s completely nickle-free, it’s very durable (made of aluminum and stainless steel), and it’s lightweight, weighing only 1.5 pounds. Ideal for people who like to travel, but it’s also a great coffee maker to have for your home.

  • Lightweight – This coffee pot weighs only 1.5 pounds;
  • A durable coffee pot – Maphissus Espresso stove pot features aluminum and stainless steel construction;
  • Easy to clean and maintain – the lack of complex features makes this pot very easy to clean and maintain;
Potential Flaws:
  • No outstanding features;
  • Not a coffee machine – it’s a pot;
Value for the price:

Maphissus Espresso Coffee maker pot is one of the best budget coffee pots we’ve come across. It’s lightweight (1.5 pounds), it features aluminum and stainless-steel construction, and it is absolutely Nickle free. Definitely one of the best budget coffee makers.

Best Espresso Machine Under 500

Introduction – The “Medium” price point category

The price range that comes before “Medium” is the “Affordable” price point category which often includes coffee systems that cost up to 200$. This price range, however, can hardly compare to “Medium”, because the latter features coffee systems that are superior in all fields.

You can expect quite a lot from an espresso system if you pay top dollar – these products are not perfect, and they may not be the best of the best, but they’re definitely built to last, and they will provide you with unique-tasting coffee and espressos. We hope this list can help you pick the best espresso machine under 500.

The review of best espresso machine models under 500

Breville BES840XL the Infuser Espresso Machine

coffee maker

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A short overview:

Breville’s Infuser Espresso machine is a small and plain espresso maker that will easily deceive you with its looks. It might appear weak, but, trust me, it’s not. The infuser is one of the best coffee makers in the price range, and it’s one of the strongest ones Breville has to offer.

Details, description, and features:

The Infuser got its name after the Pre-Infusion function that applies low pressure when the extraction starts – this function provides even grinding and optimal coffee extraction. It’s supplied with Thermocoil heating element (1600w) with integrated water coil – these features control the flow and the temperature of the water.

One of the best features it comes supplied with is the Auto-Purge option – you can adjust the temperature of water after the steaming process with this function easily. Breville’s Infuser features a 15-Bar pressure pump that is able to provide volumetric control – preset, reprogrammable volumes, and manual override functions. You can get the Infuser in three different colors – the Black Sesame, Cranberry Red, and Stainless Steel.

  • Small and compact design – Breville’s Infuser features a compact design (by coffee maker standards);
  • Comes in three different colors – This coffee machine comes in Black (Black Sesame), Red (Cranberry Red), and White (Stainless Steel) colors;
  • Powerful – The Infuser features a Thermocoil heating element of 1600w and a 15-bar pressure pump with volumetric controls (preset, reprogrammable volumes, and manual override);
  • Various accessories – Single and dual wall filters, stainless-steel jug, the coffee scoop, cleaning disc, cleaning tool, and more;
Potential flaws:
  • The Infuser lacks the durability of a standard-priced espresso machine. It’s not built to last, but it may serve you quite long if you’re careful when you use it;
Value for the price:

Overall, Breville’s Infuser is a wonderful espresso machine. It’s compact, it’s very powerful, but it’s not exactly durable. It comes outfitted with a powerful 15-bar pressure pump and a majestic heating element, so it’s safe to say that its valuable for the cash.

De’Longhi America EC680B Dedica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine


Delonghi Dedica Pump Espresso
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A short overview:

If you want a beautiful espresso machine at an affordable price, De’Longhi America EC680B Dedica might be the one you’re looking for. It’s incredibly attractive, it’s powerful, and it comes  with loads of handy features. Sure, it has its own set of flaws, but they’re not deal breakers. This is one of De’Longhi’s finest models.

Details, description, and features:

Dedica features a beautiful design that’s very compact – it takes away only 6” of your counter space. The water reservoir can hold up to 35 ounces of water which is neither too much or too little – it’s just enough for several servings before refilling.

The Cappuccino Frothing mechanism will give you premium-quality foam for your espressos and cappuccinos, and you can get your beverages extremely fast (heat up in 40 seconds) with the Thermoblock technology. De’Longhi America Dedica comes in three color variants – Black, Red, and White.

  • A beautiful, compact design – De’Longhi America Dedica features a beautiful design that takes away only 6” of your counter space;
  • A decently large water tank – the water reservoir of this espresso machine can hold up to 35 ounces of water;
  • Short warmup time – The powerful Thermoblock technology is capable of warming the engines of this magnificent espresso machine in under 40 seconds;
  • A borderline price – this may be the best espresso maker under 500. Actually, it belongs to the top border of the “affordable” price point category;
Potential flaws:
  • The programmable features are “smart” – manual pulls are virtually impossible without reprogramming the functions;
Value for the price:

It’s inexpensive, it’s incredibly powerful, and you will have a hard time finding an espresso machine that’s more beautiful. Exceptional value for the cash.

Breville ESP8XL Café Roma Stainless Espresso Maker

stainless coffee maker

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A short overview:

We’re looking at one of the finest Breville products – the ESP8XL Café Roma espresso maker. It’s a compact coffee system that measures 9” by 9” by 12”, it has a huge removable water reservoir, and it comes with a lot of handy accessories.

The thing you may like the most about this coffee system is the price – it’s definitely one of the best coffee maker under 500, and it earned its place in the top bracket of the affordable price point category. It’s very reliable, but the functions and options are quite limited. Overall, an excellent coffee machine.

Details, description, and features:

Breville’s ESP8XL Café Roma is a stainless-steel coffee maker that features a powerful 15-bar pressure thermoblock pump. This pump is able to deliver premium-quality coffee in no time. It also comes outfitted with a Dual-Wall filter mechanism that provides delicious cream. It enhances the quality of froth in a substantial way.

The accessories include 2 stainless-steel espresso cups and stainless-steel saucers, a frothing pitcher, and a set of premium-quality tamping, measuring, and cleaning tools.

  • Very durable – nearly all parts of this excellent coffee machine are made of stainless steel;
  • State-of-the-art technology – stainless-steel espresso cups, saucers, tamping, measuring, and cleaning tools;
  • Dual-wall filter technology – this feature is able to deliver superior cream and froth;
  • A huge water reservoir – the water reservoir of this coffee machine is enormous, and it can hold up to 40.6 ounces of water;
Potential flaws:
  • The functions and options on this coffee machine are limited;
Value for the price:

Breville’s ESP8XL Café Roma may just be the best espresso maker under 500 dollars. It’s extremely durable, the water tank’s capabilities are vast, and it features top-notch technologies. An excellent value for the cash.

De’Longhi America BCO430 Combi Coffee and Espresso Machine, Silver

best espresso machine under 500

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A short overview:

De’Longhi America series is famous for a manifold of high-end coffee systems, and BCO430 might be its representative. It’s a wonderful, yet plain coffee machine that comes supplied with a basic set of features that are able to make you coffee nice and smooth.

Details, description, and features:

De’Longhi America BCO430 Combi Coffee & Espresso maker is an affordable coffee machine system that’s outfitted with a 15-bar pressure pump with the front-loading mechanism. It features a big 40-ounce water tank that’s removable and easy to fill, a set of programmable features, and a gold tone filter.

  • A powerful pump – De’Longhi’s America BCO430 Combi Coffee & espresso maker comes supplied with a powerful 15-bar pressure pump;
  • A big water tank – the water tank of this coffee system can hold up to 40 ounces of water, it’s very easy to refill, and it is removable;
  • A Programable timer – the programable timer can be set up to 24 hours before activating;
Potential flaws:
  • The display screen is very small;
Value for the price:

As it’s common with “near-budget” products, they’re not perfect, but they’re pretty good and versatile. De’Longhi America BCO430 Combi Coffee and espresso machine is just like that – it’s only flaw is that it features a small display screen, but all of the other features are exceptional and valuable.

Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel

coffee machine

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A short overview:

The last coffee machine system in our review is Breville’s Duo Temp Pro espresso machine. One thing is certain – this coffee machine is exceptional in all aspects of performance. It features a premium-quality Italian pressure pump, PID technology (temperature control), a staggering amount of power, and one of the largest water tanks on the market.

Details, description, and features:

Breville’s Duo Temp Ro Espresso maker comes with a 15-bar Italian pressure pump that’s able to deliver the finest coffee in seconds. The PID technology is a form of temperature control that will allow for even brewing and boiling of your beverages. All while producing  1600 watts of pure power (thermocoil).

  • Premium-quality pump – Breville’s Duo Temp Ro Espresso maker comes supplied with a 15-bar Italian pressure pump;
  • PID technology – this feature is a form of temperature control. Easy and even boiling and brewing;
  • One of the largest water tanks on the market of espresso machines – Breville’s Duo Temp Ro Espresso maker comes supplied with a water reservoir that can hold up to 60 ounces of water;
Potential flaws:
  • Slightly more expensive than most products in our review;
Value for the price:

Don’t let the price dissuade you – this is one of those coffee machines you’ll have for a lifetime. The power of this thing is immense, it’s super-fast, and it features  a set of high-end features. An amazing value for the cash.

Best Espresso Machine Under 200

Introduction – The “Affordable” Price Point Category

The “Affordable” price point category is just above the “budget” category on the list – espresso makers that are within this range are not entirely cheap, but they’re not expensive either. Coffee machines that are below $200 are usually pretty good, and they’re ideal for home usage or small coffee shops.

Now, you can expect quite a lot from these beautiful contraptions, but they often have a flaw or two in their design – some products are slow, some are difficult to clean, but they’re all very cost-effective. Let’s see which espresso machines under 200 bucks are the best:

The Best Espresso Machine under 200 Reviews

De’Longhi EC702 15-Bar Pump Espresso Maker

delonghi ec702 15 bar


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A short summary:

De’Longhi EC702 Espresso maker is one of the best espresso machines under 200. It’s not only cheap, it’s also extremely capable and reliable – it comes outfitted with a 15-bar pump, it has a self-priming mechanism, and it has a massive water tank.

People who want an espresso machine for their home will be very satisfied with this model, but it could be a great addition to any coffee shop as well.

Detailed description, design, and features:

De’Longhi EC702 Espresso maker comes with a simple De’Longhi ™ frother which you can use to brew cappuccinos, lattes, and similar beverages, it uses pods and ground coffee, and, most importantly, it automatically primes itself.

The large water reservoir can hold up to 44 ounces of water and it’s easily removable. This makes the cleaning and the maintenance process easy and simple. The 15-bar pump is one of the strongest espresso machine pumps on the market, so it’s safe to say that this espresso machine does a good bang for the buck.


  • A massive water reservoir – the water tank of De’Longhi EC702 Espresso maker can hold up to 44 ounces of water and it is easily removable;
  • De’Longhi™ Frother – the patented frother can quickly brew your espressos, coffee, or lattes;
  • The 15-bar pump – extremely capable and fast, the 15-bar pump is one of the strongest espresso machine pumps;


  • The steam wand ejects too much liquid – cappuccino lovers might find this as a downfall;
  • Great single shots, mediocre double shots;

Value for the price:

De’Longhi EC702 Espresso maker comes at a borderline price, it’s very reliable, but it’s not so good for double shot beverages. The steam wand lets out too much liquid too, but these are the only flaws that are apparent.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker, Electric titan

nespresso c60 pixie auto


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A short summary:

Pixie Espresso Maker is one of the finest Nespresso’s products. It’s supplied with some of the latest features and technologies, including the CBU Technology (Compact Brewing Unit), a Thermoblock heat-up element, the backlit LED detection indicators, and a removable water tank.

Detailed description, design, and features:

Nespresso Pixie espresso maker comes in three color and design variants – Black & Yellow, Chrome, and Electric Titan. Each model has its own set of features, and this one (Electric Titan) is the cheapest of the three. Inserting and ejecting capsules is easy with the CBU technology, the fast heating time was made possible by the Thermoblock technology (approximately 30 seconds), and the LED water detection indicators always let you know when you need to refill.

This espresso maker holds up to 10 capsules, and the removable water reservoir is able to hold up to 24 ounces of water. The programmable features include espresso & Lungo beverages.


  • A decently large water reservoir – the water reservoir of Nespresso’s Pixie can hold up to 24 ounces of water;
  • Programmable features – The backlight indicators, the water level detection, automatic shut-down feature, and more;
  • Incredibly fast warm-up time – the Thermoblock technology allows fast warm-up time which ranges between 25 and 30 seconds;
  • Insert and eject capsules with ease – the CBU technology makes insertion of capsules easy;


  • Requires frequent refills;
  • Coffee sometimes sprays around during the brewing process;

Value for the price:

Nespresso’s Pixie (Electric Titan) is a great budget espresso maker. It’s very fast, and it’s supplied with a manifold of programmable features. Great value for the cash.

Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

nespresso inissia espresso maker


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A short summary:

Nespresso’s Inissia resembles Pixie in terms of design and performance. It’s also supplied with somewhat similar features, but there are a lot of differences between these two products. First of all, Inissia is less expensive, and it comes outfitted with a more powerful pump (19-bar pump is stronger when compared to Pixie’s 15-Bar pump).

If you think Nespresso’s Pixie is fast, wait until you try out Inissia – it has a warm-up time of 25 seconds. It belongs to the budget price point category, and it’s definitely worth the cash.

Detailed description, design, and features:

Nespresso’s Inissia accepts only Nespresso’s patented coffee capsules, and it can store up to eleven used capsules at a time. It comes supplied with CBU technology (Compact Brewing Unit), same as Nespresso’s Pixie, and it boasts a majestic warm-up time of 25 seconds. It’s one of the fastest espresso machines, mainly because of the 19-Bar pressure pump feature.

This espresso machine comes in 5 color/design variants – Black, Red, White, Silver, and Titan. It’s one of the lightest espresso machines with only 5.3 pounds of weight.


  • Programmable features – Automatic shutoff feature shuts the machine off if it has been idle for 9 minutes;
  • Extremely light – This espresso machine weighs only 5.3 pounds;
  • Fast warm-up time – Nespresso’s Inissia Espresso maker warms up in just about 25 seconds;
  • Extremely beautiful design – Inissia comes in five vivid color variants;


  • Most Nespresso products come with a larger water tank;

Value for the price:

Inissia is great, and it’s very valuable for the cash. It’s fast, it’s beautiful, but there are Nespresso products that can hold more water and that are better overall (Nespresso’s Essenza, for example).

De’Longhi BC0330T Combination Drip Coffee and Espresso Machine

delonghi bc0330t combo drop


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A short summary:

BC0330T Espresso machine is one of the best budget coffee makers by De’Longhi. The patented “Flavor Savor™” system makes sure that you get the best taste, the machine itself features a manifold of programmable features, it’s durable, and it’s extremely valuable.

Detailed description, design, and features:

De’Longhi BC0330T features a programmable timer (up to 24 hours), a “pause & serve” function which allows the user to enjoy their coffee before the machine is finished, and the Swivel Frother is able to mix steam and milk in order to produce a rich froth for the best cappuccinos.

The gold-tone filter was designed to keep grounds out of your coffee. This is an incredible filter-feature that purifies your coffee beans before they get into the brewer.


  • High-end features – De’Longhi BC0330T is packed with premium-quality features;
  • Programmable features – this espresso maker has a programmable 24 hour timer, pause & serve function, and keep-warm feature;
  • Swivel Frother – Mixing steam and milk yields rich flavored coffee;


  • The water tank is not exactly durable – you should pay attention on how you handle it;

Value for the price:

This is one of the best De’Longhi espresso makers, but it’s not one of the most durable ones. It comes supplied with a set of high-end features and a dozen of programmable functions, and it holds a great value for the price.

Conair Cuisinart EM-100 Stainless Steel Espresso Maker

cuisinart 15 bar espresso maker


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A short summary:

Conair Cuisinart EM-100 espresso maker is, perhaps, one of the simplest budget coffee makers. It features a plain method of operation, a set of straightforward features, and a huge water reservoir. This is a great espresso brewer for people who want their coffee fast and simple.

Detailed description, design, and features:

This espresso brewer comes supplied with a 15-Bar pressure pump that’s ideal for those situations when you don’t have the time to wait for your coffee – use it to brew up to 2 beverages at a single time. The water reservoir of Conair EM-100 espresso brewer is huge – it can hold up to 53 ounces of water, and it’s easily removable. Other features include a steam nozzle, a frothing cup, and the detachable drip tray.


  • Fast and powerful – Conair Cuisinart EM-100 comes supplied with a powerful 15-Bar pressure pump;
  • Durable and built to last – this espresso machine is made of stainless steel;
  • A huge water reservoir – the water tank of Conair EM-100 is removable and can hold up to 53 ounces of water;


  • The nozzle is incredibly long – sometimes you need to tilt it to get it out;
  • You need to be extra careful to avoid overtamping the coffee grounds;

Value for the price:

All in all, this is an incredible coffee maker. There are a couple of small flaws, but they’re not exactly deal-breakers. Conair Cuisinart EM-100 is fast, powerful, durable, and really easy to use. High value for the cash.