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French Press vs. Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Coffee fanatics out there would agree with the fact that French Press machines and Pour-over devices are best manual brewing methods today. Both these brewing processes are somewhat similar, yet deliver very different taste and texture. Not just baristas, but even novices can use these coffee makers to enjoy instant coffee at homes.

French Press vs. Pour-Over Coffee Maker

So, you might be wondering,

What is a Pour-over coffee maker? What differentiates it from French Press machine? Both manual procedures give you the advantage of customizing the strength of brew. Let’s have a look at their comprehensive differences and what each end result has got in store for us.

Everything you need to know about French Press Coffee Maker:

What is French Press Coffee Maker?

Popularly known as a Coffee Press or Press pot, a French Press Coffee Maker is a cylindrically shaped glass pot whose lid is integrated with a plunger. The plunger is further attached to a mesh filter screen usually made from stainless steel. An Italian designer first patented this design in the year 1929.

french press coffee maker

How to make French Press Coffee?

  • You need to fill the pot with any of your preferred coffee grounds and soak them with boiled water for about 30 to 40 seconds.
  • Once the grounds are slightly bubbled up, add remaining boiled water (that’s just off boiling point) into it.
  • Close the lid by inserting plunger at a level that’s right above coffee and water. Let it steep for about 3 to 4 minutes
  • Press the plunger down to separate the coffee grounds from the brewed coffee
  • Grounds will remain at the bottom and brewed coffee will be lifted up

Tip: The beans used here must be coarsely ground. That’s because filtering process in French Press is not so precise. If you grind coffee beans too fine, it will be transferred into your brewed coffee easily.

coarse grind for french press coffee

Flavors of French Press Coffee:

Coffee taste and texture created with French Press is much bolder and gritty as compared to Pour-over method. Also, brew from French Press machine is heavy and full-bodied.

Want to know the best part?

Throughout the process of brewing, the coffee grounds stay in contact with the water. So, all of the essential oils and flavors from the coffee grounds are profoundly extracted. Thus, delivering a classic rich and aromatic coffee taste with just the right amount of thickness. And this is the reason why French Press coffee is so popular amongst coffee aficionados today.

Pros of using French Press Coffee maker:

  • Easy to use; You just need to know the proper water-to-coffee ratio for mastering it
  • You don’t need to arrange a filter whatsoever; Plunger has inbuilt mesh filter
  • You can customize the strength and ground size of the coffee

Everything you need to know Pour-Over Coffee Maker:

What is a Pour-Over Coffee Maker?

Pour-over coffee maker uses a glass carafe featuring an open end that holds a thick paper or mesh filter. These pour-over devices are more recent as compared to French press machines. You can use Chemex or Drippers, whichever feels most suitable to you.

pour over coffee make

How to make Pour-Over Coffee? (Using Chemex)

  • Place a cone filter at the open-end of the glass carafe. Insert thick paper filter into this cone so as to hold coffee grounds.
  • Boil water (just off boiling point) and pour it over these grounds in a particular pattern (circular) and with gradual timing. Pour till all of the coffee grounds are soaked.
  • Stir this mixture briefly
  • Let the coffee grounds steep for up to 30 seconds
  • Once the coffee grounds saturate, the coffee will start to drip into the carafe
  • Pour remaining water in the same manner. Repeat the whole process till you have your desired amount of coffee.
  • Whole brewing process takes about 4 to 5 minutes

Tip: You can use mesh filters, paper filters or even golden-tone screen filters. While working with paper filters, the coffee grounds must be fine in texture. This will allow better flavor extraction and slow down the dripping process. Remember, if you pour water too fast, the coffee might end up being too lightly flavored.

Flavors of Pour-Over Coffee:

Due to a profound filtering process, the coffee produced with Pour-over devices is much cleaner, bright and residue-free. If you use screen filters, the coffee will be aromatic and rich with essential oils.

paper filter or metal filter

As for paper filters, they filter out most of the natural oils and fine grounds. You will be getting a very clean, smooth and light cup of coffee here. Metal mesh filters offer a much enhanced taste of coffee as compared to paper filters.

Pros of using Pour-Over Coffee Maker:

  • Clean and pure way of brewing; No residues are left in the coffee
  • Efficient way of making Single-serve coffee
  • Cleanup process is very easy

French Press vs. Pour-Over Coffee Maker:


As a final point, let’s have a look at some key comparative features that differentiates both brewing methods.

  • French Press is an immersion type of brewing, whereas Pour-over is a drip brewing procedure.
  • As for French Press, coffee grounds are likely to escape from the bottom into the brewed coffee. That’s because the mesh filter screen is not too constricted. It is deliberately designed that way, otherwise, you won’t be able to press the plunger down so easily. Pour-over coffee is free from residues.
  • French Press coffee maker needs thorough cleanup, given all the small parts and heaps of coffee grounds at the bottom
  • If you keep coffee into the French Press pot for too long, it will continue to extract flavors from the grounds. Result being, too bitter and grittier coffee.

French Press vs. Pour-Over

  • As for convenience, pour-over device is much easier to use. You just need to dispose the paper filter and the cleanup process takes just a few seconds. However, you will also need to buy paper filters frequently.
  • For a strong brew, the pour-over device needs to use a lot of coffee grounds, which is undesirable. That’s not the case with French Press, as it can produce a strong brew even with regular quantity.
  • Pour-over method can be a little complex. For better coffee making, you might need to invest in extra equipment like digital Scale, high-quality filters, timer, etc. French Press coffee making is very easy to learn.
  • Pour-over coffee making needs hot water for better extraction of flavors. The french press can do its job with a slightly lower temperature of water as well.


Final Words:

To be honest, both of these brewing methods deliver exceptionally delicious and rich coffee. Who is the winner you would ask? It completely depends on your own taste and the amount of efforts you are willing to put into brewing.

Let’s say for experimentation sake you can just try out both these brewing methods and decide for yourself.

French Press brewing method does not demand too much of your involvement. On the contrary, pour-over coffee maker needs you to be more participated and pour water little by little.

In terms of flavor, if you like a bold, full-bodied and rich cup of coffee – go for French Press Coffee Maker. On the other hand, if you prefer a smooth, low-acid, non-gritty and crisp cup of coffee then Pour-over coffee maker is your terminus.

French Press vs. Drip Coffee Maker: Which one is better?

Now, making coffee isn’t really a big hassle. With several products now being available in the market, you know that coffee making has become extremely convenient and fast, along with being hassle free and clean. People prefer making coffees all by themselves, at home, because it is far more convenient and comfortable than going out early in the morning, just to get a cup of coffee. It’s perfect for waking you up and get you going.


However, amongst the several different ways of making coffee, French Press and Drip Coffee are two different kinds of coffee makers. Both are different, and different people might prioritize one method over the other for several different reasons. At the end, it all comes down to preferences. Here, we’ll help you find your preference!

What is a French Press?

So basically, a French press might just be the simplest coffee making machine out there. Apart from being very convenient, it is extremely easy to use. You just have to repeat the same steps over and over. And there is no complicated stuff you’ll need to go over. It’s perfect for the lazy mornings when none of us is willing to do much, but all would love a nice cup of coffee.

French Press 2

What a French Press includes is a container, which can be either made of glass or stainless steel, a mess cylindrical piece around the top, and a top lip which includes a plunger as well. To anyone, the French Press might look like a fancy teapot, but it is actually a very compact machine you can use to get your perfect cup of coffee in the morning.

Why people really love the French Press, apart from its convenience and simplicity, is because it lets you vary the concentration of everything present in the coffee. You can get the exact taste of the coffee you like, just by varying the amount of the ingredients, which can be easily controlled when a French Press is concerned.


How does it work?

Well, talking about the way it works it pretty simple. You have to place the coffee ground at the bottom of the container. As said before, the amount can totally vary according to your taste. Then hot water is poured in, and after closing the lid, the plunger is used to brew the coffee.

The plunger really goes down slowly and eventually, and it makes sure that no ground reaches the final cup. All of it gets processed, and you get your perfect little cup of coffee without any hassle!

Drip Coffee:

This is just the simple manual way of getting a regular cup of coffee ready. It is one of the ways many people stick to because they love the flavor they get from brewing the coffee like this. For those who aren’t sure, in the drip coffee method, you drip hot water onto the coffee grounds, so that it soaks into the beans and goes further down, slowly brewing the coffee.

Drip Coffee 2

Many people still stick to this traditional method of making coffee, but some have changed to the French Press. There are certain reasons. For it, as it was said that everyone has different preferences.

Advantages of a French Press:


  • The biggest advantage the French Press provides is that it lets you vary the amount of almost everything included in the coffee. From the amount of the coffee added, to the temperature of water while brewing along with the time taken for brewing, you can change all of that according to your particular taste. That is why French Press might just be your best bet of finding your favorite cup of coffee!
  • French Press might just make your coffee taste better too because it is efficient to retain all the oils which are present in the body. These oils are mostly known to be the things which provide the flavor to the coffee. By not eliminating these oils, the French press helps you get the purest coffee experience, with everything included in the pack.
  • There are no electrical connections required to get the French press to work. This means that it really doesn’t matter, wherever you are. Even if the place you are at has no electrical supply, you won’t have to sacrifice your coffee at all.
  • It is also extremely portable because of the very small size of the French press. So it wouldn’t be a hassle at all if you want to take it with you on a long journey to get your favorite cup of coffee anytime you want. You won’t have to sacrifice your coffee, then, all because of this small coffee making machine!


Disadvantages of French Press when compared to Drip Coffee:

  • Even though French Press is a very revolutionary machine it still lacks at some places. For starters, brewing a coffee in a French Press would take a lot more time than normal Drip Coffee. So French Press might really end up not being the thing for people who are extremely lazy in the morning.
  •  To get that perfect cup of coffee with a French Press you need to follow some specific ways. In short, you might have to change those ways in which you’ve been making your coffee before. Then again, putting that extra effort in might not be your most favorite thing to do in the morning. This might tip of many of the lazy people out there.
  • Lastly, a French Press would seem to work perfectly when it comes to single serving. However, if you want a larger amount of coffee, the French Press might just end up being useless. In this case, the Drip Coffee would be the ideal thing to choose.

Drip Coffee 1

The Bottom Line:

Both French Press and Drip Coffee are two different methods of making coffee, and both stand at their own places with their own pros and cons. When it comes to deciding the best, it would be different for every individual, as different people might choose different ways to make coffee according to what suits them the best!


How To Use a Coffee Press?

Coffee Press, also known as French Press and Plunger Pot, is the most famous method of brewing coffee among coffee enthusiasts all around the globe. It is considered to be an exceptionally pure method of brewing. As it allows all the proteins and the natural oils in your coffee grounds to be present in your final cup of coffee. Also, since there is no use of filter paper in this method, there wouldn’t be any contamination whatsoever in the final taste of your coffee, and you are going to love it.

coffee press complete

Want to know the best part?

It is extremely easy to make coffee using a coffee press. And we are going to help you do just that. Follow these simple steps and make yourself some pretty amazing coffee!

Here is what you will need to get started:

  • Coffee beans
  • Water
  • Coffee press

And some patience

If you are preparing coffee for 3 to 4 servings, which is approximately 32 ounces of coffee, take half cup (51g) of coffee beans and four cups of water.
Likewise, if you are preparing coffee for two serving, fill the cup one-fourth with the coffee beans and take two cups of water.
In general, take 6 ounces of water for every two tablespoons of coffee.


1. First step, Grinding the beans

Use the coffee grinder to grind the beans. If you like your coffee strong, grind it in coarsest setting and if you like your coffee weak, grind it in the finer setting. If you don’t like the taste of your coffee, try grinding your coffee in a different setting next time. As a rule of hand, remember, the coarser the beans, the stronger the taste.

grinding coffee


Try to grind your coffee beans just before a couple of minutes of brewing, it will ensure coffee doesn’t get oxidized and stale. Grinding coffee beans beforehand and storing it in the container will make coffee ground go stale and oxidized, ultimately making your coffee taste excessively bitter. We are sure that’s not the type of coffee you want to prepare.

2. Step two, let the water boil

Take one cup of water for one serving of coffee and let it boil for sometime just slightly below the boiling temperature of the water using a kettle. 91 degrees Celsius is the best temperature for boiling the water. After the water has been boiled, let it cool down for a minute before making coffee.
Also be sure to ensure the water you are using doesn’t taste bad. If the tap water doesn’t taste well, use bottled or filtered water instead.

boiling water

3. Step three, Mixing coffee and water

Instead of pouring all the water into the press at once, try pouring half of the water in the press and add coffee grounds to it.
Let the mixture of coffee ground and water sit for a minute. The grounds will start floating on the top of mixture and form a thick layer. At this stage use a spoon to thoroughly mix the water and grounds.

pouring water into press

Grounds and water will mix more properly if you use the spoon in up and down motion while stirring instead of general circular motion.

After ground and water have been mixed, pour remaining boiled water in the press and let it settle completely.

Also, you can pour all of the water at once along with coffee grounds but it will be difficult to stir the mixture in a proper manner.

Side note:

Coffee presses come with different types of pots. And yes, we are not kidding but the pot too has an impact on the final taste of coffee. Generally, glass pot coffee has a better and refined taste than plastic press coffee. Though if you travel around with your coffee press, it is better to use plastic pot as it won’t get broken easily.

4. Step 4, letting the coffee brew

Close the lid of the press and let the coffee sit. You need to have little patience here. Let the coffee sit ideally for a couple of minutes. This allows the coffee to get steep. Also, you will realize as you start experimenting, certain types of coffee grounds need more brewing time and certain types of coffee grounds need less brewing time.

coffee brew

Ideally, you should let your coffee brew for around 5 minutes before pressing down the press. But if you feel your coffee is not steep as you want it to be, next time let the coffee brew for even longer.

5. Pushing down the press

Once the coffee has been brewed, it’s time to push down the press. But wait, you don’t want to push it down too harshly and spoil the taste of coffee. When the press is pushed too hard, coffee gets agitated and its taste becomes bitter.

coffee press

The press needs to be pushed down gently all the way to the end. If you feel there is certain resistance while you are trying to push the press down, pull the press all the way over to the top and start again.

6. Final step, Enjoy your coffee

After the press has been plunged to the bottom, the coffee is ready to serve. But don’t wait much before pouring the coffee into the cup. Pour the coffee immediately into the cup to enjoy the coffee at its best.

coffee press pour

End of the line:

Coffee is more like a natural product and just like any other fresh and natural product, it doesn’t make any sense to buy it in bulk. Instead, try buying coffee beans frequently in small amount as per use. You will enjoy the taste of your coffee lot better at its peak of freshness.

Once you get familiar with the amount of coffee ground required, time for which it has to be brewed and all those other little details which generally gets ignored, you are going to make everyone around fall in love with your coffee. And by the way, you can also your coffee press to make cold brew coffee.

How to Use an AeroPress?

To actually wake us up in the morning, most of us are crucially dependent on a cup of coffee. It just makes us much more active and helps us to stay that way throughout the day, but the fact that making a good cup of coffee is so time-consuming really stresses us out. If you hurry it up, your coffee won’t taste nice. And you might end up getting late for work if you’re determined to have a nice, tasty cup. Not only that, but the hassle and the fuss come along with it too. At the end, we just end up making a whole mess out of everything.

AeroPress 5

However, there is a way that is far more convenient, quick and simple than anything you’ve ever tried. Sounds like a dream, right?

AeroPress might be nothing less than a dream come through. It is a strange, plastic gadget which is not expensive at all and can make you coffee in the simplest way ever possible, and also the quickest. Not just that, but the coffee you’ll get would be one of the best you’ve ever tested in your life. Here, you’ll know how to properly use an AeroPress to make a delicious cup of coffee.

What you’ll need?

You don’t really need anything else, except for whatever the complete AeroPress set already has. It basically just has everything you’d need to make a cup of coffee for yourself. However, it won’t really include a cup, so that’s everything you’d want to include by yourself. Following are the things that are included in a complete AeroPress set, and you’d need every time you make a cup of coffee.

AeroPress 1

  • The AeroPress gadget itself, which is much like a plastic plunger.
  • A cap which goes at the end of the plunger.
  • Filters, which are supposed to go into the cap. The coffee will come through these filters.
  • A coffee scoop measure, to measure the amount of coffee you’re putting in exactly, according to the amount of coffee you want to get.
  • A funnel, which will help you get all of the grounded coffee neatly into the chamber, without spilling out everything and making a complete mess you, would’ve had to clean up later.
  • A paddle, which will help you stir the coffee while it’s being made.

How to use it to make the coffee; Original Method:

AeroPress 3


    1. Water
    2. Whole Coffee Beans.


  1. You’ll need a Kettle; either stove top or electric, it’s completely your choice.
  2. AeroPress, basically including the whole set (Mostly the scoop, funnel, and stirrer)
  3. A coffee grinder if your coffee isn’t already grounded.
  4. A mug or a small pitcher to contain the coffee you’ll make.
  5. A timer, though it isn’t a necessary requirement, so you can skip this if you wish to.


Step 1:

First of all, heat the water and bring it to boil. After it’s boiled, let it cool for about a minute, so that you reach the temperature approximately between 175 Degrees F and 195 Degrees F. The temperature of the water should really be taken care of, as this is a very crucial step in the whole procedure, and will have a great role in getting the coffee to be perfect.

Step 2:

Now, ground your whole coffee beans. You would need two AeroPress measurement scoops of coffee beans for one cup, which is the equivalent of about 4 tablespoons. Ground this exact amount until you get fine, grounded coffee. A well -ground coffee will just help your coffee to become even better, so take care of this too. Use a high-quality grinder if you can for best results.

Step 3:

You can now assemble the AeroPress together, and all you’ll need to do is place the paper filter inside the cap, and then place the whole stricter over a cup or mug, where your prepared coffee will be going. Drizzle a little warm water over the paper filter to wet it just a bit.

Step 4:

Afterwards, you can place the funnel on top of the cup and let the ground coffee pass through it. This will help in a very neat procedure, and once you’re done with pouring the coffee, you can remove the funnel from the cup.

Step 5:

Then, add the water that you had heated into it until it reached the top line of the AeroPress. That’s when you know it’s enough for you to make a nice mug of coffee.

Step 6:

Use the stirrer that comes along with AeroPress, and give all the contents inside a brief stir. Don’t stir too much, but just a single round movement would be enough to get it all to start working its magic.

Step 7:

Then, insert the plunger inside the cup, and press it down. This wouldn’t really require a lot of force, it can be done pretty easily, but you have to push down very firmly until you hear a sharp hiss come from the AeroPress cup.

Step 8:

And voila, your coffee is ready! Mostly, with AeroPress, you’ll get quite a strong and concentrated cup of coffee. However, you can always dilute it to your desired taste and preference by adding more water to it, until you’re satisfied with it.

It seemed like it was nothing, right? The steps are just as simple as this, and there is no fuss. You’ll be left with a clean kitchen counter even after you’re done with everything. This light weight, compact little gadget can help wake you up every single day by getting you your favorite cup of coffee. We bet you wouldn’t even wish to go to a café anymore, because of how tasty this would seem!

AeroPress 4


With AeroPress, a task as hard as coffee making has been made ten times easier, simpler and faster. And all of this, in a price which is completely affordable and reasonable. We cannot wish for anything more because AeroPress gives us everything we’d ever wished for. Your morning routine can now be much more peaceful and simple, all thanks to this beautiful little gadget!


Plunger and French Press Brewing Guide

French press is the most Classic and modest way of brewing coffee manually. The design approach for such machine is quite basic; it consists of a pitcher, top lid, a plunger and a screen filter.

French press is available in different types of design; either they are made from stainless steel, glass or even plastic. However, no matter what the design, the French Press is to be operated in the same way.



Let’s get into a comprehensive brewing guide for French Press:


Check if the plunger, beaker or lid has any stuck coffee grounds from the previous brewing session. Place a Water kettle for boiling which will be used for brewing coffee as well as preheating your French Press machine.

You might be wondering: Can you use freshly ground coffee or pre-ground coffee for French Press?

plunger assembly

French press is integrated with a screen filter whose job is to hold back the coffee grounds and separate the brewed coffee from it. Even though it does prevent coarsely ground coffee from getting into your coffee, smallest particles called “fines” still manage to escape into your coffee.

Much to your surprise,

These fines actually give a punch of richness and heaviness to the coffee, a taste that coffee aficionados swear by. Even so, it is recommended to grind coffee beans very coarsely, keep the setting on the grinder to its coarsest level. The texture of the grounds must feel like coarse salt.

coarse ground coffee

Want to know the best part?

If you don’t like how your coffee has turned out, you could always customize it. Next time you can grind it slightly finer if you feel the brewed coffee was weak. Or, if the brew was kind of over-extracted or bitter, you might want to grind it coarser next time.

types of coffee grinds

Now comes the core factor viz. Coffee-to-water ratio. Ideally, a mass ratio of 1: 14 or 1: 16 turns out to deliver a very classic and full-bodied cup of coffee (60 to 70 grams of coffee/liter).


  • Always use a scale for measuring coffee to avoid inconsistent results
  • Lightly roasted coffee actually weighs heavier as compared to dark-roasted coffee, so don’t put coffee grounds inconsiderately.
  • Coarser grind of coffee will also prevent the screen mesh filter from getting clogged up.


Finally, when the water in the kettle boils just of the boiling point (up to 95°C or anywhere from 195°F-200°F) you need to preheat the French press and other decanting components (beaker or coffee mugs) with this water (optional step).

preheating french press

If the French Press has not been used for quite a long time, there might be some dust particles residing in it. Pour this boiled into empty beaker up to ¼ level. Close the lid, press down the plunger and vigorously shake the hot water for a few seconds.

This step will also unclog any old coffee granules stuck in the assembly. Once done, discard off the preheating water. Now, place your French press on the scale and tare it to 0.

French Press Brewing:

Add the ground coffee into the French press and check that its weight has not changed. Again, tare it to 0. Now pour the boiled water into the beaker until the grounds are completely saturated. Make sure you pour it slowly, so you can keep a check on the imprinted scale precisely. This will give an accurate coffee-to-water ratio.

add coffee grounds to french press

You can pour the boiled water right off the flame but if the French press is insulated or has double-walled construction, you want to wait for about 30 seconds off the boil before pouring.

add water into French PRess

Once you completely add the water, wait for 40-45 seconds and then give it a thorough deep stir up to 6 times. This is done because the CO2 gas released will cause the coffee grounds to rise and float on the surface of the water. This stirring will mix everything well and prevent the coffee from being under-extracted. When you see there are no grounds floating, close the lid.

stirrring process

Brewing Time:

Brewing time for the French press completely depends on your personal preference of flavor and taste. You can let it steep anywhere from 4 to 8 minutes.

If you have ground the coffee too fine, let it steep for about 3 to 4 minutes. Whereas, for coarsely ground coffee, opt for 8 minutes to get all the richness of great flavors and aromas into your coffee.

Plunging it up:

Once you are satisfied, stop the brewing process. Press the plunger down gently and if you feel like it’s getting too tight then push it back upwards 1 to 2 inch and then start pressing down again. Once the plunger is completely down, you are all set to go!

press down the plunger

It is better to immediately pour off all the brewed coffee into a separate carafe to prevent the coffee grounds from escaping into your coffee.


If you press the plunger too quickly, the hot coffee may spurt out.

Note: If the plunger is too hard to press down that means you have ground your coffee too fine. And, if it gets down too quickly with “thud” noise means the ground coffee is too coarse.

Serving it hot:

Now depending on your taste, you can either serve the brewed coffee Black or add some milk or cream to enhance its taste. Serve the coffee immediately, or else it might taste astringent or bitter after some time.

serve French Press

Troubleshooting a bad cup of coffee:

  • If you feel like the coffee has turned out to be too strong, next time try to reduce the brewing time, grind the coffee beans slightly coarser and use less amounts of coffee.
  • Suppose the coffee tastes too weak, you could always grind the coffee much finer, increase the coffee amounts and also increase the brewing time.
  • If the coffee has too many sediments and feels gritty, that means too many grounds have escaped into your coffee. The problem here is either the filter is not being snugly attached across the surface of beaker or it’s damaged.


Final Verdict:

French Press brewing method offers you greater brewing control so that you can attain your most preferred taste and experiment with it to find your ideal cup of coffee.

Here’s the thing:

Best aspect that coffee fanatics like about French presses is that the screen filter will allow essential oils from the grounds to escape into the coffee, which is rather eliminated by paper filters in other Brewing methods.

These essential oils is what gives that heavy, full-bodied and much flavorful taste to your coffee.

Better still, French Press is pretty affordable, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, environment-friendly and compact-sized machine that will adapt itself anywhere on your kitchen counter top. You just need to master the grind size and coffee-to-water ratio here, and you are good to go!

Important Note:

Always clean the Press pot thoroughly after each use, or else old coffee granules will badly spoil your next brew.



French Press vs. Moka Pot: Which One is better?

Nowadays, brewing your own coffee at home is the most economical way you could think of to incorporate coffee into your daily lives. And what would be the best approach to do this other than a Traditional French press or a Moka pot.


Coffee snobs across the globe each differ in their opinions regarding French press vs. Moka pot:  Which one is better? And the answer to that would be, it really lands down to your own subjective preference- How you like your coffee, how much efforts are you willing to put in and how much cleaning you need to do later.


French Press or a Press pot use Full Immersion Method to brew coffee. Whereas, a Moka pot imitates the mechanism of a pressure cooker to deliver an espresso-like coffee.

Bottom line is, both of these Brewing methods are totally different from each other, each producing unique taste of coffee. Let’s compare different aspects involved in both of these Brewing methods and try to find a winner.

What is a Moka pot?

moka pot

A Moka pot, also known as a Stovetop espresso-maker, uses a brewing method that functions just as that of a pressure cooker using steam as a driving component. There are three main parts in a Moka pot: Bottom chamber, Filter for grounds and a Top chamber for collecting coffee.

Did you know?

Design of this Moka pot was patented by an Italian inventor for Alfonso Bialetti. And that is why Bialetti Industries are one of the Prominent Manufacturers of Moka pot. They produce them under the label of “Moka Express”.

Most of the Moka Pots are made from aluminum body frame. But there are some models that are crafted from either Stainless-steel or other such alloys. Reason being, Moka pot has to be placed over a stovetop or an induction, so naturally, it has to sustain heat.

Moka pot: Brewing method

When the water starts to boil in the bottom chamber, excess steam generated will cause this water to pass through the nozzle towards the coffee grounds placed in the middle filter. The extracted coffee will then be splashed through the nozzle into the topmost chamber where it will be collected for later pouring.

moka pot brewing

You might be wondering, are there any risks involved?

Since we’re dealing with pressure, you have to be extremely careful while working with the Moka pots. However, most of the models available today are integrated with a safety valve for user’s complete security.

How does Moka pot coffee taste like?

Taste of coffee brewed in a Moka pot completely depends on the type of beans used, roast level, the texture of grind, coffee-to-water ratio and amount of heat used.

However, one might say that coffee produced in a Moka Pot is kind of similar to an espresso. Comparatively speaking, a Moka pot will use far less pressure as compared to espresso-makers, so you don’t really get very similar results.


Caffeine content and other flavors are greatly extracted in a Moka pot, thus creating a strong and concentrated coffee along with some rich crema on top.

What is a French press?

French Press or a Press Pot uses a Full Immersion brewing method, main purpose here being to let the coffee steep for a few minutes. French press is an assembly of a carafe, a top lid attached to a plunger and a filter plate at the bottom of the plunger.

french press

Here’s a fact,

The French press was first patented by an Italian designer named as Attilio Calimani. With growing years, the design of a French press has undergone several design amendments leading to single-chambered pots that we widely witness in the market today.

The brewing pitcher is generally made from glass or stainless steel or even plastic.

French press: Brewing method

french press brewing

The whole procedure is extremely simple, you just need to place coffee grounds into the beaker and add water (just off the boiling point) into it.  Now, close the lid and let it steep for about 3 to 4 minutes. Once done, press the plunger down. Thus, the filter plate will push the coffee grounds down to stay at the bottom and brewed coffee will be lifted up in the carafe.

It might get worse,

If you let the coffee steep for more than 5 minutes. Take heed that the end result will be a bitter cup of coffee.

How does a French press coffee taste like?

Essential oils, flavors, and all the aromas are deeply extracted in a French press. This creates a full-bodied and heavy cup of coffee. However, if the coffee grounds used are too fine, there are high chances that the brewed coffee will contain coffee sediments.

Wrapping up: Moka Pot vs. French Press- Which is better?

Needless to say, there is no such thing as a Best cup of coffee, based on any individual’s opinion. Coffee aficionados would agree that each one of us has different preferred flavors, taste, and strength in coffee.

Below given are few points that will help you narrow down your choices to one ideal brewing method:


Moka Pot

  • If you really master the process of Moka pot coffee-making, you will be able to get that amazing crema on the top.
  • Moka pot can deliver a highly-concentrated, strong and sharp cup of coffee as compared to French press.
  • Moka pot requires you to pay attention during the whole Brewing process. If you leave it unattended, it might create a bitter taste.
  • In Moka pot, the only time-consuming process is the boiling of water. Once the water boils, all the next procedures occur pretty quickly.
  • Moka cup coffee-making takes a little while to master. When you first use it, it might cause Under-extraction leading to a weak coffee cup. With several brews, users will get used to the grind size and tamping technique better.


French Press

  • French press is rather simple to use and delivers a Full-bodied cup of coffee. You could say that it brings out all the essential oils and hidden flavors from the coffee grounds.
  • On the downside, French press might leave sediments into your brewed coffee, which is undesirable by most of the people.
  • Speaking about control, with French press you completely get to customize the Brewing process. On the contrary, a Moka Pot allows a restricted control over its brewing.
  • Comparatively, a Moka pot takes less time in preparations, brewing, and cleaning. That’s because in a Moka pot you can use pre-ground coffee. French Press works best when coffee beans are grinded on-the-spot, hence takes more time.
  • French Press is comparatively much easier and requires no skill set. You just need to get the coffee-to-water ratio and grind size right.


Final Verdict:

Using a Moka pot will require some skills and several trial-and-error methods for you to master the brewing process. Once you get to that point, you will then be able to create several styles of coffees with a Moka pot.

Here’s the kicker,

Espresso machines use high-pressure pumps for brewing, unlike these small Moka pots that use very little pressure for brewing. Even so, it creates somewhat similar texture as that of an espresso. So, if you want an espresso-like coffee at home with a pizzazz of that rich crema, go for a Moka pot.

If you are like several other coffee snobs that need to have more control over their coffee brew and prefer a heavier coffee cup, then go for a French Press. Plus, there is no hassle of using any stovetop or electricity as well.


Best French Press Coffee Makers- Our Top 9 digs

French press coffee maker, also popularly known as a Press pot or Coffee press is the most simplified approach of brewing traditional coffee. Ditching messy and expensive paper filters, a French press coffee maker uses full immersion method and allows ground coffee to steep for few minutes, just like tea. The result after is an aromatic and full-bodied cup of coffee that coffee fanatics swear by.

best french press coffee maker


Amongst all the other brewing methods like Pour-over, Espresso, Cold Brew- French press has gained tremendous popularity due to its better extraction of coffee flavors and essential oils. It uses a simple working principle of placing coarsely-ground coffee in the beaker, adding boiled water (just off boiling point) and letting it steep for few minutes.

Later, you need to press the plunger down which has a mesh filter attached at its bottom. This mesh filter will push down the coffee grounds to the bottom and brewed coffee will be lifted up in the beaker.

But here’s the kicker:

Not just in terms of rich taste, but Best French press is also constructive towards our environment. That’s because it does not create any type of waste as that of K-pods. Meaning, no capsules, no paper filters to throw out and so on. Screen filters in French Press units are generally made from stainless-steel. Hence, they are reusable.

There are loads of good French press coffee makers available in the market today, each featuring different design aspects. Below we have tried our best to elucidate in-depth reviews of Top 9 Best French presses and how they work.


Different Types of French Press Coffee Makers:

French press is a petite equipment and its design nature is highly portable as compared to other coffee makers. Following are some of the design variations seen in French Presses:

1. Glass Coffee makers:

Glass models are made from Borosilicate glass that’s capable of withstanding high brewing temperature. Such French presses are classic-looking yet very attractive. Some high-end models feature double-walled glass construction, making them even more expensive. Bodum, SterlingPro and Bonjour are renowned manufacturers of glass type of French presses. Best thing about glass beaker is that you can enjoy watching your coffee getting brewed. Most Coffee aficionados claim that there’s nothing than can beat a cup of rich French- pressed coffee that’s made in glass beakers.

 2. Ceramic Coffee makers:

Ceramic French Presses have an opaque design, meaning you cannot really see the brewing process as you would get to see in glass carafes. They are quite durable and do not easily crack like glass. Bonjour and La Cafetiere offer some good French press models in ceramic body frame. Ceramic models are quite rare in the market.

 3. Stainless-steel French press:

Stainless Steel Press pots are most popular nowadays. Its construction looks classy, elegant and highly durable. Not just that, such carafes can even keep your coffee hot for a long period of time as compared to glass French presses. For those users who want their Press pots to last longer, must opt for Stainless-steel models.

4. Travel mugs:

A unique 2-in-1 design of Travel French presses allows you to use coffee press as a mug which you can directly drink from. Different brands offer them in either insulated stainless-steel or plastic models. Such design comes very handy and suitable during travels. And, they work impeccably for hikers, campers or other such adventure fanatics.

5. Plastic coffee makers:

Plastic French Press units look very similar to glass ones, the only difference being that it uses heat-resistant plastic for its carafe. Such equipment is much cheaper and also fairly shatterproof. However, most people find it undesirable for their coffee to come in contact with a plastic beaker.

 6. Electric French press:

Unlike all the other French presses, with Electric units, you don’t have to boil water separately. Everything, right from boiling water to brewing coffee is done in one single equipment. Given its high-end capabilities and design features, such units carry a hefty price tag.


Different Brands of French Presses:

Some of the most prevalent and Legendary brands that have mastered the art of making French Presses are as follows:

  • Bodum
  • SterlingPro
  • Nissan
  • KONA
  • Hario
  • Frieling
  • Grosche
  • Aerobie

Apart from these, you will find tons of other French press models offered by various brands. Factors that you need to keep in mind while making the decision of purchase is: Cost, brewing capacity, durability, maintenance, quality of materials used and quality of coffee produced.


The origin of French Press Coffee Maker:

In the year 1929, French Press Brewing equipment was first patented by an Italian designer named Attilio Calimani. As years passed by, French press has gone through many design modifications leading to single-chambered Press pots- like the ones we use nowadays. The very first French press was made from metal/woven cloth screen which was attached to a rod. Another designer named Faliero Bondanini patented his own version of modified French Press machine in the year 1958.


Finally, the design of French press was then promoted all across the Europe by Household Articles Ltd. and Bodum Company. The very latest design of French Press has two-chambered press pot, deliberately designed for microwaves.

As for standard design, you will find several French Presses in the same versions of a glass or stainless-steel beaker which has a metal or plastic lid. The pot lid is attached to a plunger, which is further attached to a mesh filter. Mesh filter is either made from Nylon or Stainless steel wire.

You might be wondering: What is the type of grind that works best for the French presses?

French press machines work excellent with coarsely-ground coffee; granules that imitate kosher salt. If you grind your coffee too fine, it is more likely to escape through mesh filter into your brewed coffee. Moreover, finer grounds will also lead to over-extraction and your coffee will taste much bitter. Optimum brewing time for French press is about 4 minutes and the coffee is considered to be spoiled after it is kept for more than 20 minutes.


Top 9 Best French Presses for 2017:

1. Cafe Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker:

Key Features:

  • 34 ounces of capacity
  • Removable Carafe made from thick Borosilicate glass
  • Base, lid and handle made from 304-grade Stainless steel
  • Superior filtration system includes two Stainless-steel screen filters
  • Spring-loaded base plate to seal edges
  • Top lid strainer for separating coffee grounds
  • Portable design
  • Affordable price
  • Lifetime replacement warranty

With holding capacity of 34 ounces, Cafe Du Chateau French press is constructed from heat-resistant thick Borosilicate glass, made to withstand the high temperature of water. The glass carafe can be detached from the assembly for quick cleaning. Whatever metal parts you can see, are all made up of 304-Grade Stainless-steel for protection against rust. These stainless steel parts enhance the look of Coffee Press by making it look sleek and shiny.

best small french press

Exclusive 4-level filtration system uses Double Stainless-steel Screen Filters which are incorporated with a plunger and a spring-loaded base plate. This spring-loaded bottom plate seals the edges while you are pressing down the plunger so that no coffee grounds will escape into your coffee. Moreover, a top lid strainer will deliver extremely pure brewed coffee by straining out all the residue grounds.

best french presses

Petite design of the press pot makes it extremely portable to fit in any backpacks. The best part about this French press coffee maker is that it has been backed with Lifetime Replacement Warranty. If you are worried about plastic lid strainer, rest assured as it has been made from BPA-free materials. Cafe Du Chateau features a rugged design, yet is priced within your means.

Here’s the kicker,

As the Carafe is made from delicate glass, there are high chances of breakage or cracks. To minimize this possibility, the glass carafe is wrapped with a durable Stainless-steel shield that prevents it from breakage.

2. SterlingPro French Press Coffee & Tea Makers:

Key Features:

  • 8 mm thick borosilicate glass carafe
  • Double filtration system
  • 34 ounces of capacity (8 cups- 1 liter)
  • Sleek and stylish accents
  • Lid, plunger and exterior shield is made from Chrome
  • Black Handle is made from Plastic
  • Top lid has plastic lining
  • 2 Bonus Stainless-steel screen filters included with the product
  • Removable glass carafe

SterlingPro is one of the leading manufacturers of French press machines. This model, in particular, has durable and heat-resistant carafe made from Borosilicate glass. SterlingPro was the first brand to embrace Double Screen filtration system so that no coffee grounds seeps into your coffee. Due to the added pressure of the second screen, the first screen will touch the glass wall more snugly and evenly. Whereas, the second screen will make sure to filter-out even finer coffee grounds that manage to escape from the first screen.

good french press

The 34 ounces of Press pot is capable of brewing about 8 cups of coffee which is nearly 1 liter. All of the brewed coffee is smooth and free from sediments. To protect the glass carafe from breakage or cracks, it has been enveloped with a protective stainless-steel supports.

Double Filtration System

The top lid is surrounded with a plastic lining which does not come in contact with your coffee. Rather, this lining works as an insulation so that the lid won’t get too hot. This makes pouring or pressing tasks much easier. Rubber and plastic parts that come in contact with coffee might tend to degrade its taste. So, this feature in SterlingPro is of major benefit.

Want to know the best part?

With this SterlingPro French Press, you also get 2 Free Stainless-steel screens for easy replacement, whenever needed. The contemporary and lustrous design of SterlingPro is ideal to be gifted at any special occasions like weddings, anniversaries and so on. For the convenience of cleaning, the detachable glass carafe is made dishwasher-safe.

Given all of these amazing features and its inexpensive pricing, SterlingPro is one of the Best French Press for the year 2017.


3. Secura Stainless-Steel French Press Coffee Maker:

Key Features:

  • Interior and Exterior made from 18/10 Stainless-steel (304-Grade)
  • 3-layered Filtration system made from Stainless-steel
  • 34 ounces of capacity
  • All parts are dishwasher-safe
  • One extra 18/10 Stainless-steel screen provided
  • Cool-touch handle and lid for easy pouring
  • Slightly Expensive

Interiors and exteriors both crafted with high-quality 18/10 Stainless-steel, the Secura French Press Coffee maker flaunts its durability and sleek looks. Exclusive 3-layered Stainless-steel filter system is made to trap even smallest particles of coffee grounds to deliver rich and full-bodied coffee flavor.


Both the interior and exterior 18/10 Stainless-steel tends to create a double wall construction, enhancing its heat retention capabilities. Hence, it can keep your coffee hot for a longer period of time.

good french presses

For easy and safe pouring, this equipment comes with a cool-touch handle and knob. Secura Press pot has holding capacity of 34 ounces/1000 ml. Exteriors of this Press pot feature a polished finishing to give it that touch of pizzazz. And so, this good French press will certainly enhance the decor of any kitchen countertop.

Secura Filtration system

French press machines can be really hard to clean. But, that is not the case with this particular model. All of the parts of this coffee maker are Dishwasher-safe for a convenient cleaning experience. Secura also provides you with an extra stainless-steel screen as a bonus.

Stainless-steel French Press

Under same design aspects and features, Secura also offers another model with a capacity of 50 ounces. As per your brewing requirements, you can select your most suitable capacity of French Press machine.

4. Bodum CHAMBORD French Press Coffee Maker:

Key Features:

  • Frame and lid made from steel and is chrome-plated
  • Beaker is made from Borosilicate glass
  • Black polypropylene handle has matte finishing
  • 3-part stainless-steel filtration system
  • 34 ounces of brewing capacity (8 cups)
  • Black knob on top of the lid is made from hard plastic
  • Glass beaker slips out of metal frame for easy cleaning
  • Slightly expensive

Bodum CHAMBORD has a truly iconic design which is produced with same artisan craftsmanship years after years by Bodum. Complete manufacturing takes place in Portugal at a Bodum-owned factory, but now the environmental factors are also taken into consideration. The classic design of CHAMBORD includes frame and lid that are made from steel and further go through many Chrome-plating procedures to get that sleek, shiny and durable surface.

The glass beaker is crafted with heat-resistant Borosilicate glass. Whereas, the black polypropylene handle has been given matte finishing to provide you with a comfortable grip. CHAMBORD’s 3-part Stainless Steel Filtration system includes a Spiral plate, a Filter plate and a Cross plate.

3-part filter systemfilter plate

The spiral plate does the job of keeping the filter mesh in its place so that no coffee grounds seep into the water. The flexibility of this spiral plate will provide a universal fit to most of the glass jugs. Filter plate is the most significant component of CHAMBORD coffee maker. It separates the brewed coffee from the coffee grounds and extracts all the essential flavors and aromas from them. The cross plate is what holds the mesh screen in its place along with the spiral plate.

cross plate

Materials used in the CHAMBORD coffee maker are completely taste-free, so rest assured that nothing is going to hinder the taste of your coffee. And, this is the exact reason why Chambord’s design has not changed at all.

best small french press

With its 34 ounces (8 cups) of capacity, CHAMBORD French press brews a classic cup of coffee within just 4 minutes. Bodum’s Patented safety lid prevents the inside contents from spilling out and it is completely dishwasher-safe as well.

It gets even better,

Due to all of these amazing features, in 2004 Bodum’s CHAMBORD was awarded as “Best French press coffee maker” by American Culinary Institute. It was judged on the basis of safety, quality of coffee produced and ease-of-use. Bodum is one of the leading coffee maker brands that originally popularized French Presses all across Europe. Since 1974, Bodum has manufactured over 50 million French presses. Bodum-Group was and till today is a 100% family-owned business. This brand now operates in 14 different countries successfully.

5. KONA French Press:

Key Features:

  • Complete plunger and filtration system is made from stainless steel
  • Beaker is made from Borosilicate glass
  • Plunger is attached to a Rubber-made knob
  • 3-stage filtration system- A spiral plate, a filter plate and a cross plate
  • Protective black shield is wrapped around glass carafe
  • Aesthetically pleasing and very stylish looks
  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in Black and Red color options

Flaunting a very stylish and funky look, the KONA French press is capable of making espressos, rich classic coffee as well as tea. Premium-quality of pitcher is made from extra-thick Borosilicate glass, which is further wrapped in a protective durable black shell for prevention against breakage. This glass is thermal shock-resistant, an impeccable choice to carry outdoors.

KONA French press

It’s funky yet elegant design is appealing and will indeed add a touch of zing to any kitchen decor. This petite coffee maker is great for traveling, hiking, camping and other such adventures. It is certainly one of the best small French press incorporated with eco-friendly design aspects. The sturdy handle is cleverly designed for ease of pouring, whereas the lid is made from BPA-free plastic. No plastic parts come in contact with your brewed liquid whatsoever, which is a major pro.

KONA glass carafe

The 3-stage stainless-steel filtration system can be completely detached for quick cleaning. Plus, this complete French press is dishwasher-safe as well. The thorough filtration system is what delivers highly pure coffee with no coffee ground residues in it.

KONA 3-stage filtration system

KONA French press can brew about 34 ounces of delicious coffee, just like Professional Baristas.  You can effortlessly brew Ice tea, Ice coffee, Espressos and so many more versatile drinks with this Press pot during summers. If durability and affordability is what you seek in a coffee maker then, KONA French press is undoubtedly one of the best French press available in the market today.

6. SterlingPro Double-Wall French Coffee Press Maker:

Key Features:

  • Double-wall Stainless steel construction
  • Mirror finishing on the outside
  • All parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Double screen filtration system
  • 34 ounces of brewing capacity
  • 2 Extra Stainless-steel filter screens included

Yet another masterpiece from SterlingPro is this double-wall Stainless steel French Coffee Press. Boasting a very stylish mirror finishing, this Press pot looks excessively sleek and appealing.  SterlingPro being the first company to use double screen filtration systems provides you with a smooth and residue-free cup of coffee.

SterlingPro Stainless steel French Press

Interior and exterior are both made from 18/10 Stainless-steel which won’t rust and is also dishwasher-safe. This Press pot can brew about 34 ounces of coffee, that’s about 8 cups. Exclusive double-wall construction keeps your coffee/tea warmer for a long period of time, yet the exteriors are cool to touch.

best affordable french press

Here’s the best part,

Along with the product, you also get 2 Bonus Stainless-steel filter screens. Just like SterlingPro’s glass version mentioned above, this stainless steel model also guarantees that there will be no coffee grounds in your coffee at all. This model is available in 1.5L and 2L capacities as well. Unlike several other stainless steel coffee makers in the market, this one from SterlingPro is quite affordable and won’t cost you a fortune.

SterlingPro filter screens

7. Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee & Tea Maker:

Key Features:

  • Lid, plunger and frame are all made from heavy-duty stainless-steel
  • Double encapsulated lid (no plastic)
  • 1 liter capacity
  • Includes 1 spoon, 1 scoop, 4 filter screens and a Recipe + Instruction book
  • German borosilicate glass carafe
  • 4-stage deep filtration system
  • 5 years of warranty
  • Detachable glass carafe

Extremely modern design of Kitchen Supreme French Press allows you to make coffee, Espressos, lemonades, hot chocolate, tea and so many more drinks. With high capacity of about 1 liter, Kitchen Supreme also offers 1 thick spoon made from stainless-steel, 4 filter screens, 1 scoop for Coffee/Tea and a booklet of instructions and Barista-style recipes.

Kitchen Supreme French Press

Double Stainless-steel encapsulated lid is completely free from plastic and is made to endure high brewing temperature. The carafe has been constructed with German borosilicate glass which is fairly thermal shock resistant. Premium quality of stainless-steel shield is wrapped around the glass pitcher to protect it from unexpected breakage or cracks.

What is so unique about this particular model?

Unique filtration system features 4 filter screens, which is not found in any other above mentioned models. This delicate filter system is aimed to deliver 100% pure and rich coffee cup, that’s free from sediments. The enhanced design of plunger plate is reliable enough to snugly fit across the glass.

Kitchen Supreme backs its French Press unit with an impressive 5 years of Warranty period. If you want to detach the glass carafe from the metal frame, all you need to do is turn the coffee maker upside down and firmly push it out from the frame.

8. LINKYO French Press Coffee Maker:

Key Features:

  • Double-wall construction of Stainless steel
  • Food-grade 18/10  Stainless steel frame is free from corrosion
  • Brushed steel finishing looks lustrous
  • 2 extra filter screens
  • 2 years of warranty period
  • Minimum assembled parts
  • Expensively priced

Another classic Stainless-steel French Press Coffee maker that will deliver “restaurant-style” coffee is this machine from LINKYO. Featuring extremely simple yet stylish design, the LINKYO Press pot has a brushed steel finishing that smartly conceals fingerprint smudges.

LINKYO French Press

LINKYO’s fully sealed Double-wall Stainless steel body will keep your brewed coffee warm for an extended period of time, but the exterior body will be cool to touch. Sadly, that’s not the case with Glass Carafes. Which is why, many users prefer stainless steel French Presses over Glass ones. Additionally, there’s no worry of glass breakage as well. The only con with Stainless steel brewers is that you cannot visually enjoy your coffee being brewed.

Stainless steel filters

LINKYO has incorporated as minimum parts as possible for ease-of-use and convenience of cleaning. Eco-friendly design of this unit comes with reusable stainless steel filtering system with no messy paper filters. And, you also get 2 Extra filter screens as a replacement. Not just that, the product comes included with 2 years of Warranty period.

9. Bodum BRAZIL French Press Coffee Maker:

Key Features:

  • Handle, Base and lid made from plastic (BPA-free)
  • Beaker made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Stainless steel filter screens and plunger
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Very easy to clean
  • Extremely low-priced

Bodum Brazil has to be the cheapest and simplistic coffee maker amongst all the others in this list. It brews a smooth cup of coffee in just 4 minutes. Made in Portugal, the Bodum-Group believes in the saying “Make taste, not waste”. That is why it uses simple reusable filtration system that has no wasteful items like paper filters or capsules whatsoever.

Bodum Brazil’s carafe has the capacity of brewing about 34 ounces (8 cups) of coffee. This carafe is made from heat-resistant and durable borosilicate glass, further attached to a plastic-made handle and base. Both of these plastic parts are free from BPA content, hence are completely safe to use.

Bodum’s exclusive 3-part plunger system will deeply extract all the coffee flavors, essential oils, and aromas from the coffee, without letting grounds to escape into your coffee. All parts of this coffee maker are dishwasher-safe, so no fuss of cleaning. Patented safety lid will prevent the liquid contents inside the carafe from spilling out while you press the plunger.


What is the bottom line?

For those of you, who do not want to spend too much on a French Press, must definitely go for this petite and stylish unit. Even though it is inexpensive, yet it features good-quality of craftsmanship and design.

French Press vs Aeropress: Which one is better?

French Press and Aeropress are two of the most famous methods for making coffee manually. When coffee connoisseurs love to control each and every aspect of the brewing process, they normally turn towards one of these two methods for preparing a fine cup of Joe.

Even though both of these devices employ a somewhat similar brewing technique, you will be amazed to know the resulting product is extremely different from one method to the other.


Which one of these two methods is best for you? If you’re looking for the answer of this question, have a look at the below-mentioned guide. Incorporating Pros and Cons of French Press vs Aeropress, it will make it easy for you to purchase any one of these two units as per your convenience.

French Press

French Press

A tried and tested method amongst the coffee lovers, which has been around for centuries, French Press has gained immense popularity – amongst the coffee enthusiasts – ever since its inception. A simple French Press unit consists of no more than 3 different parts: Carafe, Plunger with a built in filter and finally a lid.

For brewing a cup of coffee via this method, you just have to put coffee + hot water inside the carafe of this unit. Allow these elements to brew for a couple of elements before pushing the plunger down in a gentle manner. Once you do that, you will have a fresh cup of Coffee in a matter of few minutes.

Pros of French Press

Once basic advantage of brewing coffee, with the French Press, is that the user can modify almost every feature of the brewing procedure. If you want to use coarse ground coffee, no problem. If you’re a fan of roasted beans, no problem as well. And even if you have nothing but regular ground coffee, this coffee maker can be used without any hindrance.

As compared to Aeropress, coffee brewed by French is richer in taste. This is due to the reason that when the former method can prepare coffee in less than a minute, the former will do it in no less than 3 minutes at least.

French Press

The French Press is a stylish device and when it comes with a built-in filter, you don’t have to spend an additional amount of money on this purchase.

Another famous feature of this device is that when you can make coffee for a group of people with the help of French Press, this isn’t possible with the Aeropress. This type of coffee machine is ideal for all those customers who prefer to live within a budget.


French Press offers you a wide range of design options as you can purchase it in ceramic, stainless steel, glass as well as in a portable design.



A relatively new method in the coffee marketplace, Aeropress presents a very modern way of brewing coffee manually. Making coffee via this particular method is quite easy as you just have to add hot water + coffee inside the brewing chamber of this device. Make sure that the paper filter is put in place before waiting for a few minutes. Afterward, press it down and BOOM. Your cup of coffee is ready.

Pros of Aeropress

If you’re a travel loving person who is looking for a portable coffee maker, there aren’t much better options to travel with than an Aeropress. A simple unit with a straightforward construction, this particular device is extremely easy to carry from one place to the other. As compared to a Glass French Press, the Aeropress is the one which you can carry in your bag or use in your hotel room without any hesitation.

As compared to a French Press, Aeropress allows you to brew a cup of coffee in a much lesser time. You can get a cup of coffee in just under 1 minute which is ideal for all those people who’re always in a bit of hurry.


The Aeropress relies on paper filter by default. It means that it will extract more of the coffee oils, more of the sediments while producing a more even cup of coffee than that of French Press. You can also use a variety of filter options including a paper filter and different types of metal filter.


On to the Beverage Variety. You can make a wide variety of beverages with an Aeropress including Lattes, Americanos, Espressos, and Teas in addition to coffee. This, once again, is not possible with French Press as it is content with making coffee and Tea.

The Aeropress is extremely easy to clean as once you have done brewing a cup of Java, just pop out the spent filter along with used coffee before washing this machine. That’s all that it takes to clean up this device which makes it a viable option even for the newbies.


When it comes to French Press vs Aeropress, both of these devices have their own set of advantages as well as disadvantages. Both of these units are super affordable which eventually makes it quite hard to choose any one of these coffee makers.

However, if you’re looking for a portable unit which can brew coffee at no time, have a look at the Aeropress. On the contrary, if you can wait for a bit more time for brewing a more flavorful cup of coffee, consider getting a French Press Coffee Maker.

Bodum Travel French Press Coffee Maker – Top 5 Picks

Are you looking for a premium Travel French Press Coffee Maker? Do you want the best coffee machine from a series of products which are available in today’s market? If yes, have a look at the Bodum Travel French Press Coffee Maker.

A famous brand in the field of French presses, Bodum has been in this business for more than 3 decades. This is basically a family owned company which knows what it takes to brew a flawless cup of coffee. As the basic purpose of purchasing a travel French Press is to prepare delicious coffee in a hurry, the Bodum coffee makers are quite capable when it comes to brewing a Cup of Joe in a matter of few minutes.


Here are top 5 Best Bodum Travel French Press Coffee Makers which will help the coffee-aficionados on the go.

Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee Press

French Press Coffee Maker

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Incorporating stainless steel in its construction, the Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee Press is a durable coffee machine. With thicker walls and a vacuum sealed technology, this equipment is designed to keep your coffee hot for a consistent duration of time.

This Bodum travels French press mug is quite easy to handle as the manufacturer has designed it with a non-slip, silicone grip. The overall capacity of this unit is no less than 15oz and when it is crafted for travel purposes, it also has a spill-resistant lid.


The Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee Press is extremely easy to use even for the newbies. It is also quite easy to clean this unit as you just have to put it in a dishwasher.


  • Silicone Grip
  • Spill-resistant Lid
  • Decent 15oz size
  • Vacuum Sealed
  • Easy to use


Bodum Travel Press 12-Ounce French Press Coffeemaker

French Press Coffee Maker

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The Bodum Travel French Press Coffee Maker has the ability to make coffee or tea from the same container. Just pour in coffee grounds + hot water inside this coffee maker before snapping the lid in place. Afterward, wait for 4 minutes, press down the plunger and you will have your delicious cup of coffee.

This travel French press Bodum is capable of producing the 12oz beverage. The Bodum Travel Press is made of BPA Free plastic and when it is a travel mug, the overall weight of this unit is just under 9 ounces. As compared to other French presses, it consists of compact dimensions as users can even place it in their car cup holders.


Onto the Grip. The Bodum Travel Press grips nicely into your hands and it won’t slip away on any kind of surface as well thanks to the non-slip silicon base.


  • BPA-free plastic
  • 12oz capacity
  • Silicone Base
  • Compact construction
  • Portable unit


Bodum Stainless Steel Travel Press 16-ounce Travel Press Coffeemaker

Stainless Steel Travel Press

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The Stainless Steel Travel Press Coffeemaker is a yet another high-quality product from Bodum. Featuring a stylish gray grip, this unit looks pleasing to the eyes from the first time of usage. In addition, the 16oz brewing capacity makes it a popular travel press amongst the coffee-enthusiasts.

Coming towards this Bodum travel French Press review, it features a double wall stainless steel construction that keeps your coffee hot for a regular duration of time. Unlike its plastic counterparts, the Bodum Stainless Steel unit won’t fall apart or crack after regular usage. And when it is dishwasher safe, you can easily clean this unit after brewing a cup of coffee.


  • Stylish Gray Design
  • Stainless Steel
  • 16oz capacity
  • Vacuum Sealed construction
  • Dishwasher Safe


Bodum Bistro Mug Press Personal Coffee and Tea Maker

Stainless Steel Travel Press

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The Bodum Bistro Mug Press Personal Coffee and Tea Maker has made it very simple to brew a cup of coffee. Incorporating a Bodum Coffee press system, you just have to place it inside any mug and it will brew a single cup of coffee in a matter of 4 minutes. You just have to add coarsely ground coffee + hot water inside this press and when it is compatible with a wide variety of mugs, customers can use it at home, offices or on travel for a single serving.

As per its line of defense against coffee grounds, the Bodum Bistro Mug Press comes with a built in filter system. There is no need to spend an additional amount of money on making this purchase as this unit is competent enough to serve all your coffee needs without any restriction.


On making this purchase, you will be getting an additional beaker. This beaker is microwave proof so you can also use it for warming milk in the microwave. Customers can also use this product for making tea so if you’re looking for a single, portable coffee maker, this one is worth a shot.


  • Coffee, Tea
  • Built in Filter System
  • Stainless Steel
  • Perfect for Single Servings
  • Additional Beaker


Bodum K11102-913 Travel Press Set Coffee Maker with Extra Lid

Stainless Steel Travel Press

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The Bodum K111092-913 has an attractive, stylish design and for the sake of coffee connoisseurs, it is available on a reasonable price tag. It consists of double wall construction to ensure that your coffee stays hot as you travel from one place to the other along with this unit.

Making coffee in the Bodum K111102-813 is quite easy. Remove the lid, pour in hot water after adding coarsely ground coffee inside this Travel Press. Now close down the lid and get on with your daily routine. After 4 minutes, press down the plunger and your delicious beverage are ready for drinking. This machine is perfect for single serving as it comes with a capacity of holding in 12oz of coffee.

As per the additional accessories.

The manufacturer is providing an extra lid with this purchase so even if anything happens to the original one, you don’t have to worry one bit.


  • 12oz holding capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Extra Lid
  • Double Wall Construction


All of these Bodum Travel French Press mug and Coffee makers are of the highest-quality. So depending on your choice, and the budget which you’re willing to spend, select any one of them and enjoy this delicious beverage.

Best coffee grinder for French press

Are you looking for the perfect coffee grinder for your French press? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This is because here, we are going to share the best coffee grinder for French press. By choosing one of these grinders, you will be able to prepare the best coffee for yourself and for your guests. These grinders are available online. You can easily compare their specifications with other grinders. If you want to prepare a coffee with excellent aroma and rich in flavors, then you must continue reading this.

Best coffee grinder for French press

1. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder | Conical Burr Mill for Precision Brewing | Brushed Stainless Steel

If you want to prepare a coffee which will keep your mind fresh throughout the day, then you must consider this coffee grinder. This is the best French press grinder available in the market. It has unique features which will force you to buy it for your kitchen. Here are some offerings of JavaPresse coffee grinder:

  • Travel freely:

The best thing about this coffee grinder is that you can take it anywhere with you. It is designed in such a way that you are not bound to batteries, power or wires. It is a manual grinder which allows you to take it with you on trips as well. You can use this coffee grinder outdoor. It has a perfect size so that you can store it anywhere.

  • Product features:

This is the best French press grinder. It is very simple and easy to use. In addition to that, you can maintain your JavaPresse manual coffee grinder easily. This is because, it is very easy to clean. As this is a hand grinder, you can grind your beans evenly. Moreover, you don’t have to exert extra pressure to make this thing work. It requires minimal effort to perform its function.

  • Offers uniform consistency:

We believe that you don’t have to compromise on your coffee. That is why, you must choose this grinder. It offers great consistency in grinding process. This coffee grinder will work with all coffee makers of the world.

2. Bodum Bistro Electric Blade Coffee Grinder, Black

Now, we are going to share another amazing coffee grinder with you. This is an electric blade coffee grinder which is known for its efficiency and high performance. You can get this product in a very reasonable price. It can serve you for many years to come. Here are the amazing specifications of Bodum coffee grinder.

  • Sleek design:

First of all, we are going to discuss the most prominent feature of this electric coffee blade. The push button present on the grinder will allow the user to control its activity. You can make it move continuously if you are planning to make a finer coffee. You can ensure that the coffee is prepared according to your choice by checking it through the transparent lid of the grinder.

Manual coffee grinder

  • Great servings:

If you have guests in your house, then this is the right time to take out your coffee grinder. This French press coffee grinder can help you in serving 8 cups of coffee for your guests.

  • Strong structure:

It has a very strong body with sharp and stainless steel blades. The motor of this grinder works with great power. The motor of this grinder is of 150 W power.

3. Top Rated Bellemain Burr Coffee Grinder, French Press and Turkish Coffee Makers

This is the top rated coffee grinder in the market. It has amazing customer reviews. Most of the users of this grinder are satisfied by its offerings and features. It is a powerful machine which works perfectly to grind your coffee. Here are some features of this coffee grinder French press:

Manual coffee grinderfrench press

  • Allows great control to the user:

This grinder will allow you to control it according to your choice. You can make it work on 17 different settings and you can easily prepare espresso and traditional Turkish coffee in this grinder. You can try all numbers to find the one which suits you the most.

  • Removable parts:

For the convenience of user, the manufacturer has designed this grinder in such a way that you can easily disassemble it for cleaning purpose.

  • Servings:

This is the best coffee grinder for French press. You can adjust it to serve 2 – 14 cups at a time.

4. Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder Grinding Mill for Espresso, French Press

The ceramic coffee grinder for French press is there to pick you up anytime and anywhere. It is a manual coffee grinder with excellent features. Here are some benefits of choosing ceramic burr manual coffee grinder.

  • Easy to set up:

There are many grinders which offer great features but it is very difficult to get them in shape. This manual grinder is very easy to assemble. You can set it up within few minutes and get your coffee grind in no time.

Coffee Grinder Grinding Mill

  • Cheap price:

This manual coffee grinder is available in a very cheap price. Here, we would like to add that it is a perfect French press and coffee grinder. This is a must add thing for your kitchen. It is simply worth your money.

5. Bodum Chambord Set, French Press 3 Cup Coffee Maker, Electric Coffee Blade Grinder, 15 oz. Travel Mug, Black

This is the best three cup coffee maker for your family. This best French press coffee grinder has many specialties. Read this out, if you want to know about this coffee make in detail.

Manual coffee grinderManual coffee grinder

  • Great for many types:

You can use this coffee grinder for preparing different types of coffee. It is perfect for making regular coffee, Americanos as well as café con leche. You can use it extensively. This is the highly durable gadget for your kitchen.

  • Made from high quality material:

This coffee grinder is made up of high quality rubber, silicone and plastic. So, you can completely rely on this grinder for a longer period of time. It will add maximum flavor in your coffee. The presence of universal lid makes it easier for you to use it publically.