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Death Wish Coffee Review – The world’s strongest coffee tested

If you are a coffee lover and love to savor your morning cup of strong coffee to give that much-needed kick start to your day, then Death Wish Coffee is surely worth the try.

After all, the makers claim it to be the strongest coffee in the world!

death wish coffee

Now, you might be wondering, whether there is any truth behind such claims.

Well, the makers of Death Wish Coffee state that this coffee contains 200% more caffeine or twice the amount of caffeine when compared to your usual cuppa.

death wish coffee caffeine

A 12 fl oz cup of Death Wish Coffee contains 728 mg of caffeine. That surely is quite high caffeine content. The caffeine content could also vary according to the method of brewing.

The strategic and expert roasting of the selected coffee beans imparts a unique flavor, a nice aroma and a strong taste to this coffee.

However, you should try this coffee only if you have a tolerance for high amounts of caffeine.

So then, what’s the bottom line?

Well, if you are a coffee lover and love the caffeine which really strong coffee gives you, then this one is definitely for you.


Death Wish Coffee does have a strong, nutty taste and gives you that much-needed caffeine kick. However, this coffee also has its own flavor which you will love.

Now, considering it to be the strongest coffee in the world, you will surely think that this one has a really bitter taste.

death wish coffee

However, this is not the case with Death Wish. This coffee is definitely palatable and tastes very much like most other strong coffee varieties.

This coffee is smooth and can easily be enjoyed without sugar or milk.


Death Wish Coffee is very dark roast which gives it a rich and strong flavor. The coffee beans look dark chocolaty and also have a lot of oiliness.

death wish coffee beans

But, want to know the best part?

The beans of this coffee are put through a well-planned roasting process with particular combinations of time and temperature. This unique roasting process has an important role to play in the caffeine content and gives Death Wish Coffee its distinctive flavor.


The makers of this coffee have not revealed the exact blend of coffee beans used to make this coffee.

However, it is said that this coffee uses a blend of both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. The Arabica beans impart a nice flavor; while the Robusta beans give that much-needed caffeine kick.

Now, you might be wondering, what are Arabica and Robusta?

Well, Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta are the two main coffee species which are widely used to make coffee.

While coffee Arabica is of superior quality and has a naturally smooth and caramel like taste, Coffee Robusta has higher caffeine content and a stronger, bitter taste.

coffee arabica and robusta

Well, this is crazy, but the Death Wish Coffee makers consider the coffee blend to be their secret recipe.

Their beans come from different regions of Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Central America. This organic, fair trade coffee does not contain any artificial ingredients and is USDA certified.


This coffee has a really strong aroma. Coffee lovers usually take a liking to it. This coffee combines the aroma of buttered popcorn and rubber.

Brewing Method

For a perfect brew, the Death Wish Coffee makers recommend a liberal two and a half table spoons of coffee in a six-ounce cup for a good caffeine kick.

Since the Death Wish coffee beans a very dark roasted and oily, it will be a good idea to grind the beans coarsely and brew it at a low temperature. It is advisable not to brew it at a temperature higher than 195 ⁰F.

However, you can also give the beans a finer grind if you prefer it that way.

brewing death wish coffee

Any good coffee maker will give you that perfect brewing. The thick paper filters of the coffee makers will filter out most of the bitter compounds present in the coffee beans.

A perfectly brewed steaming hot cup of fresh Death Wish Coffee will surely give you that caffeine kick you have been craving for.


This coffee usually leaves behind a dry aftertaste. However, this tinge of dryness which is felt is nothing much to complain about.


Death Wish Coffee is pretty expensive. So, here’s the deal.

A 16-ounce packet of Death Wish Coffee will cost you around $20.

Pros and Cons

Now, let us sum up the overall pros and cons of this coffee.


  • As the makers themselves have claimed, this coffee is definitely very strong. It surely is the one for those who love really strong coffee and have high caffeine tolerance.
  • The coffee is smooth and has a rich and strong taste.
  • The special roasting technique imparts it a unique flavor.
  • The aroma too is liked by many drinkers.
  • It gets even better; the coffee is USDA certified and completely organic.

USDA certified death wish


  • This coffee does not offer a great variety in terms of flavor. It has a single nutty flavor.
  • It is quite neutral in terms of taste, neither too sweet nor too bitter. Overall, the coffee is drinkable, but it doesn’t offer anything extraordinary in terms of taste.
  • High amounts of caffeine could also be harmful for the health of those not used to it.
  • This coffee is expensive.


Overall, Death Wish Coffee is definitely drinkable and is certainly worth the try.

A steaming hot cup of Death Wish Coffee is all the more recommended for all die hard caffeine lovers. However, do ensure that you have very high caffeine tolerance before you try it.

If you are not fully satisfied with the caffeine kick you get from your regular cup of coffee, then Death Wish Coffee is the one for you.

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