French Press vs. Drip Coffee Maker: Which one is better?

Now, making coffee isn’t really a big hassle. With several products now being available in the market, you know that coffee making has become extremely convenient and fast, along with being hassle free and clean. People prefer making coffees all by themselves, at home, because it is far more convenient and comfortable than going out early in the morning, just to get a cup of coffee. It’s perfect for waking you up and get you going.


However, amongst the several different ways of making coffee, French Press and Drip Coffee are two different kinds of coffee makers. Both are different, and different people might prioritize one method over the other for several different reasons. At the end, it all comes down to preferences. Here, we’ll help you find your preference!

What is a French Press?

So basically, a French press might just be the simplest coffee making machine out there. Apart from being very convenient, it is extremely easy to use. You just have to repeat the same steps over and over. And there is no complicated stuff you’ll need to go over. It’s perfect for the lazy mornings when none of us is willing to do much, but all would love a nice cup of coffee.

French Press 2

What a French Press includes is a container, which can be either made of glass or stainless steel, a mess cylindrical piece around the top, and a top lip which includes a plunger as well. To anyone, the French Press might look like a fancy teapot, but it is actually a very compact machine you can use to get your perfect cup of coffee in the morning.

Why people really love the French Press, apart from its convenience and simplicity, is because it lets you vary the concentration of everything present in the coffee. You can get the exact taste of the coffee you like, just by varying the amount of the ingredients, which can be easily controlled when a French Press is concerned.


How does it work?

Well, talking about the way it works it pretty simple. You have to place the coffee ground at the bottom of the container. As said before, the amount can totally vary according to your taste. Then hot water is poured in, and after closing the lid, the plunger is used to brew the coffee.

The plunger really goes down slowly and eventually, and it makes sure that no ground reaches the final cup. All of it gets processed, and you get your perfect little cup of coffee without any hassle!

Drip Coffee:

This is just the simple manual way of getting a regular cup of coffee ready. It is one of the ways many people stick to because they love the flavor they get from brewing the coffee like this. For those who aren’t sure, in the drip coffee method, you drip hot water onto the coffee grounds, so that it soaks into the beans and goes further down, slowly brewing the coffee.

Drip Coffee 2

Many people still stick to this traditional method of making coffee, but some have changed to the French Press. There are certain reasons. For it, as it was said that everyone has different preferences.

Advantages of a French Press:


  • The biggest advantage the French Press provides is that it lets you vary the amount of almost everything included in the coffee. From the amount of the coffee added, to the temperature of water while brewing along with the time taken for brewing, you can change all of that according to your particular taste. That is why French Press might just be your best bet of finding your favorite cup of coffee!
  • French Press might just make your coffee taste better too because it is efficient to retain all the oils which are present in the body. These oils are mostly known to be the things which provide the flavor to the coffee. By not eliminating these oils, the French press helps you get the purest coffee experience, with everything included in the pack.
  • There are no electrical connections required to get the French press to work. This means that it really doesn’t matter, wherever you are. Even if the place you are at has no electrical supply, you won’t have to sacrifice your coffee at all.
  • It is also extremely portable because of the very small size of the French press. So it wouldn’t be a hassle at all if you want to take it with you on a long journey to get your favorite cup of coffee anytime you want. You won’t have to sacrifice your coffee, then, all because of this small coffee making machine!


Disadvantages of French Press when compared to Drip Coffee:

  • Even though French Press is a very revolutionary machine it still lacks at some places. For starters, brewing a coffee in a French Press would take a lot more time than normal Drip Coffee. So French Press might really end up not being the thing for people who are extremely lazy in the morning.
  •  To get that perfect cup of coffee with a French Press you need to follow some specific ways. In short, you might have to change those ways in which you’ve been making your coffee before. Then again, putting that extra effort in might not be your most favorite thing to do in the morning. This might tip of many of the lazy people out there.
  • Lastly, a French Press would seem to work perfectly when it comes to single serving. However, if you want a larger amount of coffee, the French Press might just end up being useless. In this case, the Drip Coffee would be the ideal thing to choose.

Drip Coffee 1

The Bottom Line:

Both French Press and Drip Coffee are two different methods of making coffee, and both stand at their own places with their own pros and cons. When it comes to deciding the best, it would be different for every individual, as different people might choose different ways to make coffee according to what suits them the best!


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