French Press vs. Moka Pot Which One is better

French Press vs. Moka Pot: Which One is better?

Nowadays, brewing your own coffee at home is the most economical way you could think of to incorporate coffee into your daily lives. And what would be the best approach to do this other than a Traditional French press or a Moka pot.


Coffee snobs across the globe each differ in their opinions regarding French press vs. Moka pot:  Which one is better? And the answer to that would be, it really lands down to your own subjective preference- How you like your coffee, how much efforts are you willing to put in and how much cleaning you need to do later.


French Press or a Press pot use Full Immersion Method to brew coffee. Whereas, a Moka pot imitates the mechanism of a pressure cooker to deliver an espresso-like coffee.

Bottom line is, both of these Brewing methods are totally different from each other, each producing unique taste of coffee. Let’s compare different aspects involved in both of these Brewing methods and try to find a winner.

What is a Moka pot?

moka pot

A Moka pot, also known as a Stovetop espresso-maker, uses a brewing method that functions just as that of a pressure cooker using steam as a driving component. There are three main parts in a Moka pot: Bottom chamber, Filter for grounds and a Top chamber for collecting coffee.

Did you know?

Design of this Moka pot was patented by an Italian inventor for Alfonso Bialetti. And that is why Bialetti Industries are one of the Prominent Manufacturers of Moka pot. They produce them under the label of “Moka Express”.

Most of the Moka Pots are made from aluminum body frame. But there are some models that are crafted from either Stainless-steel or other such alloys. Reason being, Moka pot has to be placed over a stovetop or an induction, so naturally, it has to sustain heat.

Moka pot: Brewing method

When the water starts to boil in the bottom chamber, excess steam generated will cause this water to pass through the nozzle towards the coffee grounds placed in the middle filter. The extracted coffee will then be splashed through the nozzle into the topmost chamber where it will be collected for later pouring.

moka pot brewing

You might be wondering, are there any risks involved?

Since we’re dealing with pressure, you have to be extremely careful while working with the Moka pots. However, most of the models available today are integrated with a safety valve for user’s complete security.

How does Moka pot coffee taste like?

Taste of coffee brewed in a Moka pot completely depends on the type of beans used, roast level, the texture of grind, coffee-to-water ratio and amount of heat used.

However, one might say that coffee produced in a Moka Pot is kind of similar to an espresso. Comparatively speaking, a Moka pot will use far less pressure as compared to espresso-makers, so you don’t really get very similar results.


Caffeine content and other flavors are greatly extracted in a Moka pot, thus creating a strong and concentrated coffee along with some rich crema on top.

What is a French press?

French Press or a Press Pot uses a Full Immersion brewing method, main purpose here being to let the coffee steep for a few minutes. French press is an assembly of a carafe, a top lid attached to a plunger and a filter plate at the bottom of the plunger.

french press

Here’s a fact,

The French press was first patented by an Italian designer named as Attilio Calimani. With growing years, the design of a French press has undergone several design amendments leading to single-chambered pots that we widely witness in the market today.

The brewing pitcher is generally made from glass or stainless steel or even plastic.

French press: Brewing method

french press brewing

The whole procedure is extremely simple, you just need to place coffee grounds into the beaker and add water (just off the boiling point) into it.  Now, close the lid and let it steep for about 3 to 4 minutes. Once done, press the plunger down. Thus, the filter plate will push the coffee grounds down to stay at the bottom and brewed coffee will be lifted up in the carafe.

It might get worse,

If you let the coffee steep for more than 5 minutes. Take heed that the end result will be a bitter cup of coffee.

How does a French press coffee taste like?

Essential oils, flavors, and all the aromas are deeply extracted in a French press. This creates a full-bodied and heavy cup of coffee. However, if the coffee grounds used are too fine, there are high chances that the brewed coffee will contain coffee sediments.

Wrapping up: Moka Pot vs. French Press- Which is better?

Needless to say, there is no such thing as a Best cup of coffee, based on any individual’s opinion. Coffee aficionados would agree that each one of us has different preferred flavors, taste, and strength in coffee.

Below given are few points that will help you narrow down your choices to one ideal brewing method:


Moka Pot

  • If you really master the process of Moka pot coffee-making, you will be able to get that amazing crema on the top.
  • Moka pot can deliver a highly-concentrated, strong and sharp cup of coffee as compared to French press.
  • Moka pot requires you to pay attention during the whole Brewing process. If you leave it unattended, it might create a bitter taste.
  • In Moka pot, the only time-consuming process is the boiling of water. Once the water boils, all the next procedures occur pretty quickly.
  • Moka cup coffee-making takes a little while to master. When you first use it, it might cause Under-extraction leading to a weak coffee cup. With several brews, users will get used to the grind size and tamping technique better.


French Press

  • French press is rather simple to use and delivers a Full-bodied cup of coffee. You could say that it brings out all the essential oils and hidden flavors from the coffee grounds.
  • On the downside, French press might leave sediments into your brewed coffee, which is undesirable by most of the people.
  • Speaking about control, with French press you completely get to customize the Brewing process. On the contrary, a Moka Pot allows a restricted control over its brewing.
  • Comparatively, a Moka pot takes less time in preparations, brewing, and cleaning. That’s because in a Moka pot you can use pre-ground coffee. French Press works best when coffee beans are grinded on-the-spot, hence takes more time.
  • French Press is comparatively much easier and requires no skill set. You just need to get the coffee-to-water ratio and grind size right.


Final Verdict:

Using a Moka pot will require some skills and several trial-and-error methods for you to master the brewing process. Once you get to that point, you will then be able to create several styles of coffees with a Moka pot.

Here’s the kicker,

Espresso machines use high-pressure pumps for brewing, unlike these small Moka pots that use very little pressure for brewing. Even so, it creates somewhat similar texture as that of an espresso. So, if you want an espresso-like coffee at home with a pizzazz of that rich crema, go for a Moka pot.

If you are like several other coffee snobs that need to have more control over their coffee brew and prefer a heavier coffee cup, then go for a French Press. Plus, there is no hassle of using any stovetop or electricity as well.


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