How to be a Successful Barista?

‘’Love your work and you will never have to work again’’

Gone are the days when becoming a barista was considered a part-time job. Back in the day, college students used to work in this profession to acquire a useful amount of money. But as the passion for the Cup of Joe increased, more and more people started to take this profession seriously.

According to a rough estimate, almost 60% adults in the United States consume a cup of coffee everyday. When it works considerably well for the different coffee producing countries, that isn’t the case when it comes to an aspiring barista.


One has to have an optimal combination of skill, training, and passion for coffee to be a successful barista. Moreover, thanks to the day to day increase in demand for this particular drink, you should be familiar with time-management for serving your customers in an imperious manner.

So here’s the deal. If you’re looking to become a professional barista, but aren’t quite sure about where to start from, you’ve just landed at the perfect place. We, the CoffeeAficionados, have prepared this guide for all our valuable readers who want to make their name as a successful Barista.


How to Be a Barista

Step 1: Love Coffee

If you want to be a barista, but doesn’t like the smell of coffee, there is a grim chance that you can adapt this professional on a consistent basis. Just like any other job, one has to have a considerable passion for the brown stuff to excel in this job.

For a Barista, it is highly imperative to be able to distinguish between a cup of bad coffee vs that of a good coffee. In addition, you should show your passion towards coffee in front of the customers and this passion will replicate in your coffee-brewing.

Step 2: Learn Coffee’ History

When you’re working as a barista, you’ve to deal with a large number of customers. When some of them would want to know about techniques, there will be other who would expect you to know about the origin of this drink.

At the moment, a number of famous companies educate their new employees about the history of coffee. So along with acquiring useful knowledge about different techniques of brewing, you should make yourself familiar with the past of coffee.

Step 3: Applying for a Job

When you’re applying at a certain place, most of the coffee-shop owners would ask you to submit C.V. along with a cover letter.

Every manager wants a number of qualities in a new barista. So here are a few things, which you should include in your resume for impressing your employers. Furthermore, you should also keep these points in mind when appearing for an interview.

  1. Pay attention to the DetailsIn addition to making a great looking coffee, one thing which employers crave for in the cup of coffee is that it should taste great as well. For doing you, you’ve to consider even the minutest of details which are involved in the process of brewing.
  2. Friendly ApproachAs a barista, you’ve to serve a wide-range of customers every day. When some of them can be of a friendly nature, there will be others who will be not so friendly. Hence, it is important in this job to maintain a cheerful approach. While dealing with the customers, give them a nice smile and it will enhance the chances of a client’s return.
  3. Learn to work with othersIn simple words, you’ve to be a team player for becoming a successful barista. Apart from dealing with the customers, you should respect your co-workers.
  4. Trustworthy Keep this thing in mind that becoming a barista is not an easy task, not for the newbies especially. Depending on the environment, you might have to put in longer shifts so one should be familiar with this work routine.

Step 4: Learn the Basics of Coffee

For becoming a successful barista in a very short span of time, here are a few useful tips.

  1. Barista LingoMany baristas use a specific language in their job place which is common amongst themselves only. For becoming a successful team player, you should know these terms which will help you in the future. For example, you should be able to differentiate between Caffe Coretto and Caffe Latte.
  2. Enhance your knowledgeEven if you know so much about the art of coffee-brewing, there will always be some person with a greater amount of knowledge as compared to yourself. So, for meeting the demands of today’s coffee lovers, you should teach yourself.

    For doing so, there is no need to take admission in an expensive course. On the contrary, you can learn a lot from the online videos in which professional baristas share valuable tips.

  3. PracticeThere is no better place to practice new tricks involving coffee-brewing than your own home. Over there, you can practice without any hindrance and can also do it over and over again.

Step 4: Land a Job

Now you’re familiar with the baristas lingo as well as different recipes, it’s time to become a barista. When most of the coffeeshops would require prior experience from baristas, it can become a bit difficult for a newbie. You can solve this problem by starting working for free and as you gain experience, you will soon be making a good amount of money.

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