Coffee and Water

How to measure Coffee and Water Perfectly?

When it comes to making a perfect cup of coffee every single time, it is imperative to add coffee and water in accurate proportions. A slight error in measurement and you just cannot brew a consistent cup of Joe.

When different manufacturers have come up with different instructional manuals, it causes a bit of confusion regarding the most viable proportion. The basic reason behind this confusion is when some of them prefer table spoons of coffee, others would instruct to use scoops of coffee.

For almost any coffee-lover, whether he/she is a veteran in the field of coffee brewing or just starting their love with this particular beverage, it gets a bit too much. When many people have devised different techniques to measure these items, it isn’t an easy task by any means. When some of these methods are too complex for the newbies, others would require you to spend a valuable amount of money.

So here’s the deal.

If you’re looking for a reliable, yet an inexpensive method for measuring coffee and water, you’ve just arrived at the perfect place. After thorough research, we’ve come up with 2 different methods for determining the perfect quantity of water + coffee as per your taste buds.

How to Measure Coffee and Water Perfectly

1st Method:

For this method, you need a list of accessories which are,

  • 1 Kitchen scale,
  • 1 Kettle,
  • Cup, (Glass or Plastic)
  • Coffee,
  • Water

You can buy any type of scale which you want but as far as we’re concerned, we would prefer a digital kitchen scale. When it reduces the margin of error, it is quite easy to comprehend the readings from its digital display. Furthermore, make sure that any such equipment should measure in grams as it will assist you while measuring coffee and water.

Step 1: Determine the Quantity of Water

First of all, place your kettle (without water) on top of the scale and adjust the reading to zero. There will be a button provided on the scale which will change the readings to zero. Once you do that, start pouring water in the kettle as long as it reaches 500 grams value on the scale.

One common problem, which arises at this point, is that many people fill the kettle so that it surpasses 500 grams. However, there is absolutely no problem in doing any such thing as when you will boil the water, later on, some of it will evaporate into the air. As a result, it will reduce the amount of water present in the kettle so it’s absolutely ok if you overfill the kettle by a little margin.

Step 2: Determine Quantity of Coffee Beans

Take out a glass cup or a plastic cup as per your convenience and place it on top of the scale. As described in the previous step, adjust the scale’s reading to zero before adding the coffee beans. In this stage, you should add 30 grams coffee beans in the cup. And yes, it’s ok if you go up a little bit while adding the coffee beans.

Step 3: Brew a Cup of Coffee

After measuring the variables (coffee + beans) in the aforesaid quantity now is the time to brew coffee with your regular process. This method will allow you to prepare almost 20oz of coffee which is perfect for a single cup of coffee. But if you’re making coffee for a larger group of people, just double the value. For example, measure 100 grams of water for 60 grams of coffee beans if you’re preparing coffee for your entire family.

Through this method, you will get the perfect amount of water and the perfect amount of coffee to brew a consistent cup of Joe every single time.

2nd Method:

Involving metric system of units, this is quite a straightforward approach for measuring coffee with respect to water.

In this method, you just need a kitchen scale, coffee beans, and water. It has a simple working mechanism as that of the 1st method but when the first method which is only suitable to deal with a small group of people, you can use this method to brew coffee for the whole family.


This is basically a ratio method in which for every 15 parts of water, you just have to add 1 part of coffee. For example, if you’re dealing with 1000grams of water, just divide the term with 15. The resulting answer is 66 grams of coffee and that’s exactly what will serve you with a consistent cup of coffee.

You can use this method for one person or for the entire family and it will always come up with the perfect result.


When it comes to determining the amount of coffee and water, any of the above two methods will produce flawless results. You just have to be careful with your measurements and make sure that the kitchen scale is giving precise readings.


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