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How to Pair Coffee with Food?

When it comes to pairing coffee with food, this is still an unchartered territory for most of the coffee connoisseurs. Unlike food-wine pairing or even beer-food pairing, which has already become a famous combination in a wide range of restaurants, not many people are aware of the fact that coffee serves incredibly well with a series of food items.

With the passage of time, Coffee has become much more than an early morning beverage. People drink it all the time: from breakfast to lunch, as a cocktail to even as a late night drink. Because we love the cup of Joe so much, there is no harm in trying it out with some particular food accessories.


Here are some food items which taste incredibly well, when consumed, in the company of coffee.

Learn the Basics

Try to pair coffee with such food items which share a similar taste as that of cup of Java. Depending on the type of coffee beans which you purchase, there are some food items which, as compared to others, will bring the most out of this drink.

For example, when Columbian Coffee is slightly acidic in nature, you would want to try it out with a tangy blueberry cheesecake. But if you’re looking for a suitable pair for a dessert, a fruity Kenyan coffee should serve your need.

In addition,

If you’re going to consume coffee just before a decent meal, try to select lighter roasts originating preferably from South America. And for the fans of white fish, they should try lighter roasts from Latin American countries such as Brazil.

Contrasting Flavors

Even though some people might disagree, we believe that that there is much more to food-coffee pairing than just to go with matching flavors. For example, you wouldn’t want to eat tomatoes with a particular type of coffee having tinges of tomatoes. In this case, try to select a deep Ethiopian coffee or any other such strong drink.

Fruit Pairing

coffee beans

Pairing fresh fruits with coffee can be a healthier option provided you’re aware about the perfect combination.

Berries: For ordinary berries, there aren’t much better options available in the market than either Kenyan or Haitian coffee beans. Both these coffees accentuate the taste as well as aroma of this particular fruit. But if you’re dealing with blueberries, go one step forward to select Yemeni Coffees.

Peaches: According to veteran coffee-enthusiasts, Tanzanian coffee makes a delicious pairing with peaches as well as apricots. Furthermore, Haitian Coffee is also a decent choice with this particular fruit.

Chocolate Pairing

Chocolate with coffee

Chocolate-coffee pairing is a match made by foodies a long time ago. This is due to the reason that chocolate comes naturally with Espressos, Mochas, Lattes along with other coffee types.

Brownies: If you like to eat dark chocolate brownies, a coffee originating from Indonesia pairs exquisitely well with this food item.

Chocolate Cake: When it comes to chocolate cake, you can try it out with medium or even dark roasted coffees. But if you’re looking for the real taste, go for the Guatemalans Coffee beans.

Chocolate Mousse Cake: Thanks to the particular texture of this item, it’s none other than Arabica Coffee beans which make an excellent match with the Chocolate Mousse cake.

Dark Chocolate: As evident from its name, dark chocolate holds a strong flavor in its armory. Ideally, there is a series of dark roasted coffees, including Indonesian, Brazilian and Ethiopian, which can be consumed along with this food item.

Chocolate Milk: Here comes a food item which can be paired with almost every single types of coffee which you can purchase from the coffee-marketplace.

White Chocolate: Unlike Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate incorporates a relatively milder taste. Hence, it is recommended to pair it up with either Colombian or even Costa Rican coffees.

Breakfast Pairings

coffee cups

As per the basics, there isn’t anything better than a Central American coffee to consume with a series of breakfast foods. However, there are notable exceptions which are listed as under.

Eggs: A famous breakfast around the globe, Costa Rican coffee accentuates the taste of this early morning food item.

Oatmeal: Nicaraguan coffee, subjected to light roast, is ideal along with the oatmeal.

Maple Syrup with Pancakes: Like oatmeal, Nicaraguan coffee is an ideal complement for Maple Syrup with Pancakes.

Baked Pairing

coffee cups

One of the most famous food combination of Italians lies in the Italian coffee-Biscotti pairing. Similarly, the combination of coffee with doughnuts has become an integral part of almost every American’s daily regime.

Cake: A classic combo, the options are infinite when it comes to pair cake with coffee. For instance, Colombian coffee combines beautifully with carrot cake. Moreover, Hawaiian Coffees (light or medium roast) combines beautifully with the coffee cake.

Doughnuts: Depending on the type of doughnut which you like to eat, different coffees can be selected to pair with this food item. However, a real doughnut lover will tell you that he/she can consume any coffee with any kind of doughnut.

Muffin: Similar to that of doughnuts, a wide variety of muffins bodes well with a wide range of coffees.

Shortbread: If you’re not familiar with the shortbread, it has a typical buttery taste which combines excellently with a Brazilian Coffee.

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