Drip Coffee Maker

How to Use a Drip Coffee Maker

Drip Coffee Maker is one of the simplest machines when it comes to brewing a pot of coffee. Devoid of any complex working mechanism, this equipment can be used by starters as well as veterans in the field of coffee making. As a result, even after the arrival of a series of fancy coffee makers, this unit is still a popular choice amongst a wide range of customers.

In the below-mentioned guide, we will discuss how to make coffee with a drip coffee maker. From brewing a cup of coffee with the help of this machine to providing it with regular maintenance, it incorporates very useful information about this coffee machine.

How to Use a Drip Coffee Maker

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Coffee Brewing

Required Items

For making coffee via a drip coffee maker, you ought to have the following items:

  • Coffee Filter
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Water and
  • A Drip Coffee Maker (obviously)

When you can choose almost any type of better, it is better to use either filtered water or bottled water. Remember, water makes up almost 98% of coffee. So if you want a delicious cup of Joe, it is imperative to use high-quality water.

Step 1: Pour Water into the Water Reservoir

First of all, pour filtered water into the reservoir. In order to determine the water level, have a look at the measurement linings which are designed on the side of the reservoir. Depending on the quantity of coffee which you’re going to make, it is recommended to use 6oz of water for a single cup of coffee

Step 2: Place Filter into the Basket

In many drip coffee makers, the manufacturers have designed a filter basket at the top of this unit. Depending on your model, remove the filter basket out of this machine before inserting a new filter into it. Afterward, place the filter basket back into its original position.

There are two types of filters which are generally used in coffee makers. One of them is the paper filter and the other one is the permanent filter. If you’re a budget shopper, using permanent filter can help you save money on a longer run.

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Step 3: Fill Filter Basket with Ground Coffee

Always use freshly ground coffee in the drip coffee maker. As compared to pre-ground coffee, the fresh grounds are richer in flavor. When you grind coffee beans just before brewing, they will have the optimal flavor which will eventually help you in making a livelier cup of Joe. For grinding, you can also use either a burr grinder or a blade grinder.

Add 1-2 TSP of coffee in the coffee filter with respect to 6ounces of reservoir’s water. If you aren’t quite sure about the quantity, it is better to make a stronger cup of coffee at first before diluting it at the end of this process.

Step 4: Start Brewing

Once you’ve added water + ground coffee, make sure that everything is in place including the filters as well as the filter basket. Press the Brew Button and wait for several minutes. Allow the drip coffee maker to run until all the water is removed from the reservoir.

Afterward, take out the carafe from the warming plate and pour coffee into your cup, mug or travel mug.

Regular Maintenance

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After using the drip coffee maker, turn off the machine. Allow the leftover coffee to cool before removing the carafe from the warming plate. Once you make sure that the coffee is cool enough to handle, pour out the unused coffee before placing the Carafe back into its intended position.

You can clean the carafe warm, soapy water and when some manufacturers’ term their equipment as dishwasher safe, users can also place those machines in the dishwasher.

Filter Basket

If you’re using a filter paper, it is recommended to replace it at regular intervals. For this purpose, take out the filter basket, remove the used filters before replacing them with newer filters.

Water Reservoir

Prepare a solution of Vinegar in water by mixing 1 cup of Vinegar with 2 cups of warm water. In the absence of Vinegar, you can also use a de-calcium product, such as CLR for cleaning the water reservoir.

Pour this mixture into the reservoir before pressing the brewing button. Allow the machine to run for several minutes until the reservoir is emptied. Then turn off the drip coffee maker, allow the mixture to cool down and dispose of the mixture.


Take out clear warm water and pour it into the reservoir. Press the Brew Button and keep it running for 10-15 minutes. Once you cannot hear any sounds of water dripping into the carafe, turn off the machine before letting the warm water to cool. Empty the carafe and repeat this process for 3-4 times until the reservoir is thoroughly cleaned.

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Additional Tips

  • If you want a stronger cup of coffee, use 4 ounces of water with respect to 1 TSP of Coffee.
  • If you want a weaker cup of coffee, use 8oz of water with respect to 1TSP of Coffee.
  • Use Burr Grinder for Efficient Grinding.
  • Always dispose of the coffee filters after using.
  • Consume coffee within 10-15 minutes of brewing for an optimal taste.
  • Clean the Water Reservoir once in every 2 weeks.


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