how to use an aeropress

How to Use an AeroPress?

To actually wake us up in the morning, most of us are crucially dependent on a cup of coffee. It just makes us much more active and helps us to stay that way throughout the day, but the fact that making a good cup of coffee is so time-consuming really stresses us out. If you hurry it up, your coffee won’t taste nice. And you might end up getting late for work if you’re determined to have a nice, tasty cup. Not only that, but the hassle and the fuss come along with it too. At the end, we just end up making a whole mess out of everything.

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However, there is a way that is far more convenient, quick and simple than anything you’ve ever tried. Sounds like a dream, right?

AeroPress might be nothing less than a dream come through. It is a strange, plastic gadget which is not expensive at all and can make you coffee in the simplest way ever possible, and also the quickest. Not just that, but the coffee you’ll get would be one of the best you’ve ever tested in your life. Here, you’ll know how to properly use an AeroPress to make a delicious cup of coffee.

What you’ll need?

You don’t really need anything else, except for whatever the complete AeroPress set already has. It basically just has everything you’d need to make a cup of coffee for yourself. However, it won’t really include a cup, so that’s everything you’d want to include by yourself. Following are the things that are included in a complete AeroPress set, and you’d need every time you make a cup of coffee.

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  • The AeroPress gadget itself, which is much like a plastic plunger.
  • A cap which goes at the end of the plunger.
  • Filters, which are supposed to go into the cap. The coffee will come through these filters.
  • A coffee scoop measure, to measure the amount of coffee you’re putting in exactly, according to the amount of coffee you want to get.
  • A funnel, which will help you get all of the grounded coffee neatly into the chamber, without spilling out everything and making a complete mess you, would’ve had to clean up later.
  • A paddle, which will help you stir the coffee while it’s being made.

How to use it to make the coffee; Original Method:

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    1. Water
    2. Whole Coffee Beans.


  1. You’ll need a Kettle; either stove top or electric, it’s completely your choice.
  2. AeroPress, basically including the whole set (Mostly the scoop, funnel, and stirrer)
  3. A coffee grinder if your coffee isn’t already grounded.
  4. A mug or a small pitcher to contain the coffee you’ll make.
  5. A timer, though it isn’t a necessary requirement, so you can skip this if you wish to.


Step 1:

First of all, heat the water and bring it to boil. After it’s boiled, let it cool for about a minute, so that you reach the temperature approximately between 175 Degrees F and 195 Degrees F. The temperature of the water should really be taken care of, as this is a very crucial step in the whole procedure, and will have a great role in getting the coffee to be perfect.

Step 2:

Now, ground your whole coffee beans. You would need two AeroPress measurement scoops of coffee beans for one cup, which is the equivalent of about 4 tablespoons. Ground this exact amount until you get fine, grounded coffee. A well -ground coffee will just help your coffee to become even better, so take care of this too. Use a high-quality grinder if you can for best results.

Step 3:

You can now assemble the AeroPress together, and all you’ll need to do is place the paper filter inside the cap, and then place the whole stricter over a cup or mug, where your prepared coffee will be going. Drizzle a little warm water over the paper filter to wet it just a bit.

Step 4:

Afterwards, you can place the funnel on top of the cup and let the ground coffee pass through it. This will help in a very neat procedure, and once you’re done with pouring the coffee, you can remove the funnel from the cup.

Step 5:

Then, add the water that you had heated into it until it reached the top line of the AeroPress. That’s when you know it’s enough for you to make a nice mug of coffee.

Step 6:

Use the stirrer that comes along with AeroPress, and give all the contents inside a brief stir. Don’t stir too much, but just a single round movement would be enough to get it all to start working its magic.

Step 7:

Then, insert the plunger inside the cup, and press it down. This wouldn’t really require a lot of force, it can be done pretty easily, but you have to push down very firmly until you hear a sharp hiss come from the AeroPress cup.

Step 8:

And voila, your coffee is ready! Mostly, with AeroPress, you’ll get quite a strong and concentrated cup of coffee. However, you can always dilute it to your desired taste and preference by adding more water to it, until you’re satisfied with it.

It seemed like it was nothing, right? The steps are just as simple as this, and there is no fuss. You’ll be left with a clean kitchen counter even after you’re done with everything. This light weight, compact little gadget can help wake you up every single day by getting you your favorite cup of coffee. We bet you wouldn’t even wish to go to a café anymore, because of how tasty this would seem!

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With AeroPress, a task as hard as coffee making has been made ten times easier, simpler and faster. And all of this, in a price which is completely affordable and reasonable. We cannot wish for anything more because AeroPress gives us everything we’d ever wished for. Your morning routine can now be much more peaceful and simple, all thanks to this beautiful little gadget!


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