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It’s Healthy to Eat Coffee Beans? All You Need to Know

Did you know? Before the amazing art of brewing was invented, people actually used to eat coffee beans in its raw state to get that boost of oomph and enthusiasm. When you get a fresh pack of roasted Coffee Beans from the market, do you feel like tasting them?

You must be wondering,

Whether it is healthy to eat coffee beans? To answer that, this article elucidates all the necessary information about coffee beans. You will get to know the insights of all the positive health benefits and negative effects that coffee beans pose on your body.

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Can you eat Coffee Beans raw?

The answer is- Yes. But, you need to understand that when you are drinking brewed coffee, most of the chemicals and ingredients are filtered out by the filters. On the contrary, when you eat raw coffee beans, you will be consuming concentrated Caffeine content and all the other chemicals directly.

Not just that,

The active ingredients present in the coffee beans will be absorbed quickly in your mouth through the mucous membranes. And so, you need to be careful about the quantity of coffee beans you eat. Take heed that coffee beans are actually quite strong and bitter in taste.

How are coffee beans produced?

Coffee beans are nothing but dried seeds of cherry (looks like Cranberries), also called as Coffee fruit or Coffea fruit. During initial stages of processing, the outer fruit part is unpeeled, and the inside seed is then dried naturally or artificially.

coffee fruit plant

After drying, these raw green coffee beans are then roasted to give you the most adored coffee beans that you find in the market today. The roasting process can be anywhere from light, medium, dark, very dark. You can select any roast type as per your preferred taste of coffee.

Health benefits of eating raw coffee beans:

Brewed coffee is often diluted with milk, water or ice. Additionally, it might also contain many other add-ons like sweeteners, cream, added flavors, etc. But when you eat raw coffee beans, you have to be careful regarding the aids as well as harmful effects it might pose on your health. That’s because coffee beans are not diluted with anything whatsoever.

It gets better though,

Positive health benefits of coffee beans overpower the negative effects. So, you can eat them liberally but with some precautions. Below are some of the key health benefits of coffee beans:

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1. High levels of Antioxidants:

Coffee beans contain high levels of antioxidants. When you brew coffee, most of the antioxidants are gutted out. Liver is the most significant organ in your body that benefits from the coffee beans. Antioxidants in them help to clear out the free radicals in your blood. Hence, lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, immune dysfunction, cancer and other cognitive problems.

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Moreover, the risk of getting diagnosed with cirrhosis disease is reduced by up to 80%. Regular intake of coffee also highly reduces your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. But, you ought to know that roasting process can decrease the levels of antioxidants in the coffee beans. Given this, you can say that dark roasted coffee beans contain little to no amounts of antioxidants.

2. Caffeine content:

Caffeine ingredient is known to boost the adrenaline, which is why you feel that enrichment of energy and stamina levels in your body. It also helps to improve the metabolism process, hence improving digestion to some extent.

It gets even better,

Caffeine has the capability of blocking adenosine. It is a compound that naturally occurs in your body due to the inflammation of muscles. If you consume coffee beans before your workout session, you are less likely to feel the soreness in the muscles. That does not mean that your muscles won’t be sore. They will be inflamed, but you just won’t sense it that much.

caffeine content

Caffeine also helps to fight drowsiness. Again, take note that roasting process can reduce the caffeine content in the coffee beans down by 10 to 15%.

3. Enzymes in the coffee beans:

Naturally occurring enzymes in the coffee beans incite the bowel contractions. It further provides stimulates laxative effect, which is good for people with constipation issues.

4. Alertness

Coffee beans will not only keep you awake but will also enhance your concentration power and grasping abilities.

5. The fiber content in coffee beans:

Coffee Beans contain abundant amounts of fiber. We all know, consuming fiber is very effective, especially if you are on a diet. Not only does fiber aids constipation problem, but it also absorbs water that is present in your digestive tract. And so, your stomach feels full even when you have not eaten too much. Coffee beans have a low-calorie count, so it is beneficial to eat them for overall healthy lifestyle and controlling weight.

Negative Effects of eating raw coffee beans:

  • Green raw coffee beans are highly acidic in nature and taste very bitter. Roasted beans are softer than the raw green coffee beans. The more you roast them, softer will be their texture. So, chewing the raw green coffee beans can be a little annoying.

coffee beans

  • Coffee Bean contains catechol. It is a naturally occurring compound that is known to increase the acid levels in your stomach. Further, it can instigate heartburn and other health issues. If you consume more than few spoons of coffee beans, you might get headaches or feel anxious.
  • Too much Caffeine consumption can cause sleep disturbances. You might find it difficult to sleep or may have a light sleep which is easily disturbed.

green raw vs roasted coffee beans

Final Verdict:

Conclusively, I would say that coffee beans are completely safe to eat, but in limitation. You don’t want to overdo it, due to the concentrated amount of caffeine and other chemicals in it.

Over consumption of coffee beans can also cause high laxative effect leading to high cholesterol levels (in extreme cases). Moreover, pregnant women, breastfeeding moms and people with gastritis issues who are warned to limit their intake of acid-containing foods, must certainly avoid eating coffee beans.

If in doubt, make sure you consult your health professionals before eating them raw.


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