How To Make Italian Coffee!

Coffee is an integral part of Italian culture and espresso is the first word that comes to one’s mind when thinking of Italian coffee. ‘Espresso’ is an Italian term that actually means to be made on the spot. The main idea of making espresso in Italy was to reduce the time that is required for preparing coffee in cafés and restaurants. Now let’s zoom in on how to make Italian coffee.

Italian coffee comes in many variations

There are various types of Italian coffee served in Italy, which highly depends on how strong or mild you want your cup of coffee. People usually wonder how to make Italian coffee in the traditionally manner and the differences between various beverages served in Italy. For solving your queries, keep reading this article till the end. In this post, you will find the recipe to make perfect Italian coffee, information on the Italian percolator, details on numerous types of beverages, and much more.

To begin with, let’s know more about the utensil used for making coffee. The Italian coffee is made in moka pots at home whereas in cafés and restaurants, it is dispensed from electric espresso coffee makers. Also known as the Italian percolator, the moka coffee pot was invented in the year 1933. Since then it has not changed its design at all.

The only difference in the moka pots found now is that they are made up of steel or other alloys and hardly made up of aluminum. However, they still work exactly in the same manner. The moka pot helps in making rich and authentic espresso in few minutes. It diffuses heat perfectly to enhance the aroma of your coffee.

There are several types of Italian coffee that you can make from your moka pot like cappuccino, latte, macchiato, etc. The main difference in each of them is the amount of milk you add and whether you are adding hot milk or foamed milk. Discussed below are seven different kinds of Italian coffee and the way in which you could distinguish them:

Discussed below are seven different kinds of Italian coffee and the way in which you could distinguish them:


  • Espresso: It is a strong coffee that is made up of creamy and thick milk. Espresso is the base for making other beverages like cappuccino, latte, and macchiato. Espressos are served in tiny cups and can be relished throughout the day.
  • Cappuccino: Cappuccino is formed by layers; the top layer is foamed milk, middle one is hot milk, and the bottom layer has espresso coffee. All three layers are divided in equal proportion. The milk added in cappuccino is steamed and is topped with frothy milk. As there is lot of milk and foam in cappuccino, Italians prefer drinking it at the time of breakfast and avoid it later than that.
  • Latte: Caffé latte literally means coffee with milk. It is an espresso that is made up of steamed hot milk. However, the content of foam in it is quite less in comparison to cappuccino.
  • Macchiato: Caffé Macchiato is an espresso that has a spot of hot milk in it. It is served in tiny espresso cups. The quantity of milk and foam is very less in it as compared to cappuccino. So, Italians relish it throughout the day.
  • Caffé Doppio: If you place an order for caffé Doppio in Italy then you will be served with two espressos in one cup. A condensed version of it is known as caffé Ristretto.
  • Caffé Americano: It is a lighter version of espresso as hot water is added to it, but is yet stronger than the traditional American styled coffee. It is usually served in a large cup or a glass.
  • Caffé Shakerato: Caffé Shakerato is chilled espresso that can be enjoyed on a hot summer day. The espresso is poured over cold milk and shaken to make froth.

After reading about the different kinds of brews served in Italy, do you want to know how to make perfect Italian coffee in the moka pots? Believe me; it is very simple to use the Italian percolator!

Here is the step-by-step process to make Italian coffee in the Italian percolator, which is even known as the Italian stovetop espresso maker:

italian stovetop espresso maker

  • Start by unscrewing the top section of the stovetop percolator from the bottom section.
  • Remove the coffee holder from the bottom section.
  • Fill fresh and filtered cold water in the bottom section. The level of release valve has been marked in the percolator, so fill the water up to the mark.
  • Replace the coffee holder into the bottom section.
  • Add powdered coffee into the holder. Depending on how strong or mild you require your cup of coffee, you should add the coffee powder.

Italian stovetop maker

  • Screw the top section to the bottom section of the percolator. Ensure that you screw them tightly otherwise the coffee may spill out.
  • The next step is to put the percolator on the stove and let the water boil. When you hear gurgling sounds, this means that your coffee is ready.
  • Voila! Switch off the flame and pour the black coffee in a cup. If you prefer having your coffee with milk then pour the black coffee in hot milk.

italian percolator

Easy, isn’t it? If you are still facing some problems while making a perfect brew, then here are some amazing tips for you to follow.

Tips to make the perfect beverage in the Italian stovetop espresso maker:

  • Ensure that you buy good-quality coffee beans, which are roasted and grounded well. Freshly roasted and finely powdered coffee will give you the right flavor.
  • Generally, espresso coffee is made of dark roast. However, depending on your preference you can select any coffee.
  • In the percolator, the heated water briefly passes through the coffee. So, it is important to use finely powdered coffee than coarsely grounded.
  • Purchase a percolator that fits on your gas stove otherwise you will have to buy a gas reducer ring to bridge the gap between the gas stove and percolator.
  • Do not overfill or compress the coffee in the coffee holder, as the water won’t be able to penetrate easily.
  • If you want your espresso to be thick and strong then add little less water.
  • Is your coffee having a burnt taste? Then, it means that you had kept the Italian percolator on high flame. Always make coffee on low or medium heat.
  • If you prefer having sweetened coffee then add sugar in the bottom section of the percolator at the time of adding water.
  • Remember to rinse the percolator immediately after cooling it, under running water. Make sure that you empty the coffee grounds and rinse the seal too.

how to make Italian coffee

How to make Italian Coffee, wrap up

With these tips you will certainly be able to make a flavorful cup of coffee every single day. Moreover, using the Italian percolator and making espresso is extremely easy. Cleaning the pot is simple too; you just need to follow the instructions mentioned in the booklet that arrives at the time of purchase. The moka pots are available in various sizes based on the number of coffee cups they produce, so buy accordingly.

If you are using the percolator for the first time then ensure that you clean it well. Make a weak brew of coffee and discard it. This will clean the percolator well and make it ready for use. Also, if your coffee does not taste the way it should at the first try, then it only means that you need more practice! Eventually, you will learn the exact amount of coffee, water, and sugar that you need to add as well as the right time to switch off the flame of the moka pot. Keep practicing and you will learn how to make Italian coffee that tastes the best!

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