Are You Serving Coffee at the Ideal Temperature?

All of us struggle every day of the week to get our coffee to be that ‘perfect’ coffee. We want it to taste the best, and we want the most of the pleasure from it. However, there might be something off in your coffee, and you might not be able to put a finger on it. One of the key things which can really affect the way your cup of coffee turns up is the temperature. Is there an ideal temperature on which coffee should be served? The answer is, it depends on your preference. Down here, you’ll be able to find that preference perfectly!

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The ideal temperature for brewing:

This is quite a general rule and doesn’t have to depend on preferences. The temperature of the water at the time of brewing is extremely important and determines how the coffee would turn out to be. The ideal temperature which is found to be perfect for brewing would be between 195 °F and 205 °F.

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If the temperature of the water is any higher than this, the coffee will taste burnt and bitter, and you really don’t want that. However, if you go any lower than this temperature, everything won’t dissolve together nicely. As a result, you’ll be left with a flavorless cup of coffee to drink, which none of us wants!

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But, if you’re using other methods to brew your coffee, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered for that, too. Different brewing methods can work well with different temperatures, and this is a complete guideline for you to follow:

  • French Press:

If you’re using a French Press for brewing your coffee, then the ideal temperature to do that would be 200 °F. Remaining in the middle of the ideal temperature range will get you the best cup of coffee when a French Press is being used. In short, you can let your water to boil. Then take it off the stove and let it cool for about 30 seconds before pouring.

  • Pour Over Coffee:

Staying on the upper end of the range, from 195 °F and 205 °F, will really get you the best cup of coffee if you’re going for lighter roasts. However, when darker roasts are concerned, you should keep the water temperature a bit lower than that. In both cases, you must not forget to heat your cone and container, so that you wouldn’t be losing a lot of your heat to that.

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  • Aeropress:

As far as Aeropress is concerned, the only thing the temperature depends on is the time you prefer to brew your coffee in. If you typically want to brew your coffee in the normal time range, you should definitely stay at the upper end of the range. However, if you wish to brew your coffee slowly, over a long time, you should keep the temperature to 170 °F to get the best of the results.

  • Espresso:

Normally, Espresso machines are efficient to provide the water at just the right temperature. Mostly, a temperature between 190 °F and 200 °F is the ideal for the perfect cup of Espresso, but if your machine has the option of modifying the temperature, you can always mess around with it and experiment to find what you personally seem to find better for yourself.

  • Cold Brew:

Now there is no specific temperature for a cold brew. Mostly, the people who prefer a cold brew only want it to not be hot. This is why, you can have it either room temperature, or refrigerated. The time taken for brewing both these kinds, room temperature and refrigerated will vary, but your coffee will taste perfect with either!

The ideal temperature for serving:

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Now that you have brewed your coffee, you’ll have a very wide range of temperatures at which you can choose your coffee to be while it’s served. These temperatures can largely depend on what you personally prefer. Every single temperature range will have a great impact on the amount of flavor and pleasure you get out of your cup of coffee. Thus following are some of the temperature ranges at which coffees are served.

  • 175°F – 185°F:

Mostly, the coffees served at temperatures above 175 degrees F and above are very hot to be pleasant for anyone. You might just end up burning your tongue and that too, for nothing. This is because the liquid would be too hot, and you won’t be able to taste any flavor from the coffee. This is why; it is highly preferable that you keep the temperature below 175 degrees F at all costs.

However, if you’re ordering a coffee and you know you’re going to drink it after a while, then you can definitely have a coffee at this temperature so that by the time you drink it, the temperature is much lower.

Ideal temperature of brewing

  • 155°F – 175°F:

According to experts, a cup of coffee even in this range is too hot for you to perfectly taste the flavor. However, this temperature is the best for the people who like their coffee, hot, and don’t really care about the flavor. It would be the perfect cup to warm you up on a cold morning. But make sure the beans you’re using are high quality, or else the coffee might end up feeling tasteless.

·         140°F – 155°F:

This is the perfectly moderate temperature at which, you won’t only be getting a cup of coffee which is hot, but you will also be getting great flavor in the coffee. This is ideal for those who need a little of both in their coffee, flavor, and heat.

·         120°F – 140°F:

A coffee at this temperature won’t really give you the most of the heat element. But a coffee at this temperature will be full of flavor, and you’ll be able to taste it fully. If you’re into the flavor and can survive with it being warm, then this would be the temperature for you.

·         Below 120°F:

Below this, the coffee is too cold and won’t really give you the satisfaction the heat from a coffee does. However, this will be the best in the flavor department!

Ideal serving temperature

The bottom line:

At the end, there is nothing known as a general rule for the ideal coffee temperature. It all comes down to how a person likes their coffee to be. And they can have it that way by easily carrying the temperatures until they get their desired amount of flavor and heat in the coffee!


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