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Starbucks – Should You Hate It Or Love It?

There are some people who hate Starbucks while there are others who love it. What is your opinion? Starbucks – Should you hate it or love it is a debatable question! As there are mixed perceptions, let’s find out why people across the globe love or hate Starbucks.

To begin with its history, Starbucks was founded in the year 1971 as a local coffee shop in the city of Seattle, Washington DC. After a decade of local business, Howard Schultz became its CEO and bought new concepts to the coffee shop. He envisioned a place where people from all walks of life could come together, connect, and enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee. Starbucks implemented the idea of premium coffee as its mainstream and renovated the local shop into the most happening place in the city.

Gradually, Starbucks achieved a lot of success and started getting popular across the world. It spread over several countries and became famous for serving flavorful coffees, frappes, espresso, quick snacks and other beverages. The café served various varieties of coffees that were blended with numerous flavors.

So, here are some amazing reasons for you to visit your nearby Starbucks café right away:

Starbucks coffee

  • Warm and cozy ambience: Once you step into a Starbucks café, you will certainly like its warm and cozy atmosphere. It’s the best place to hang out with friends or family members. Moreover, you can even have short or long meetings at these cafés. The sofas and chairs are comfortable and you can spend several hours out there without any interruptions.
  • Endless options and combinations: Want to have hot or cold coffee? Or, planning to munch on some cookies? Whatever is your preference, you will get something or the other on Starbucks that will make you happy. Moreover, Starbucks is the best place to bring a change in your old favorite drink by adding a new flavor to it. With over 87,000 drink combinations to try, you are surely going to get spoilt for choice.
  • New drinks: Starbucks are always adding new drinks to their menu on a regular basis. They have food items that can fit everyone’s taste. Whether you like full cream coffee or are a vegan, there is something to pick for all. You can even place an order for a customized drink by adding all your favorite things in the cup. Just name it and you will get it! Furthermore, no matter what you try, it’s bound to be good.
  • A place to interact: Starbucks is a great place to hang out with friends, have a business meeting, do some last minute studying or just relax while chatting with family. You can almost do anything while sipping coffee at Starbucks. The attractive and comfortable atmosphere will induce you to stay in the café for long.
  • Free music and Wi-Fi: The music at Starbucks is apt for studying and there cannot be anything better than having free Wi-Fi too. So, the next time you are tired of studying at home or library, just visit the nearby Starbucks café immediately. Or, if you want to check some important mails while sipping your favorite coffee then you certainly know where to head.
  • Consistent quality: Every Starbucks across the world maintains its quality and your favored drink will always taste the same. For instance, your favorite cappuccino is going to taste the same across the world. So, no matter where you go, you can be assured to get good quality food and drinks.

After reading the interesting aspects of Starbucks, listed below are some facts that make coffee drinkers stay away from Starbucks café:

starbucks coffee

  • High-priced menu: The various cappuccinos, frappes, espressos, etc. served at Starbucks is highly priced. There are several other independent coffee shops that serve flavorful coffee that is significantly low in price as compared to Starbucks. It does not make sense in paying more dollars just for a single cup of coffee when you can get the same quality coffee for a lower price.
  • Coffee beans with longer shelf life: All of us are aware of the fact that the quality of coffee beans after roast keeps deteriorating with time. Starbucks keeps its coffee beans on the shelf for months, which makes it lose its original flavor. Thus, the end result is a less flavorful cup of coffee.
  • Low quality coffee: Starbucks is hardly bothered about the quality of coffee it serves. The only thing they are concerned about is making more and more money. So, they keep expanding their business as much as they can. There are some places where you will find Starbucks at every nook and corner. No doubt about the fact that they have excellent business strategies, but due to this the quality is decreasing at an alarming rate.
  • Killing the small businesses: New jobs are started by small businesses; but, Starbucks is killing all of that. The local coffee cafés are having a hard time competing with big giants like Starbucks. In spite of the local coffee shops serving better coffee, yet people prefer spending double the price at a Starbucks café. The credit for all this goes to the powerful advertising and marketing tactics followed by Starbucks.
  • Single-use cups: Their disposable cups cannot be easily recycled, which leaves tons of landfill fodder. At some cafés you may find reusable containers, but for that they are charging a dollar extra to their customers. Also, the reusable ones are built to last for about a month, which ends up to a lot of garbage.

coffee cans


After looking at the various pros and cons, I would conclude that Starbucks cafés should be loved by one and all. Starbucks is doing a great job and is one of the biggest buyers of Fair Trade coffee in the world. They currently have around 22,000 stores across the globe and are still growing. They are one of the largest coffee house franchises in the world. Their baristas are well-trained to pull the perfect espresso. In the near future, Starbucks café will be in every part of the country and is going to dominate the coffee shop market. With the innumerable Starbucks cafés around that serves excellent food and drinks; one thing is for sure that Starbucks is certainly going to stay here for long!

So, Don’t Lose the Chance and go to Starbucks it Right Away…

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