Top 6 Healthy Alternatives to Coffee

Some people just don’t want to start their day with anything other than a hot cup of Coffee. When it helps them feel great at the beginning of a new day, they feel mentally prepared for the upcoming work schedule. As a result, a drink which started its journey from the Irish society has become an integral part of the lives of millions of people around the globe.

However, as the day progresses, you might not want to consume this drink for the 2nd or 3rd time thanks to its caffeine content. As regular intake of caffeine can harm the human body, including disrupting your sleep cycle and promoting anxiety, many people have started to look for a healthier alternative to the cup of Joe.


If you’re looking for a better substitute to Coffee, have a look at the below-mentioned guide.

6 Healthy Alternatives to Coffee

Green Tea

With lesser caffeine content as compared to coffee, Green Tea can help you boost up early in the morning without casting any negative side effects on your body. A beverage which is filled with antioxidants, it helps you tackle the aging process in an imperious manner.

The Amino Acids present in Green Tea can increase the level of functionality of your brain. And you want to lose weight, this particular drink burns fat at an enhanced rate. So if you’re looking for one of the healthiest drinks to replace coffee, consider Green Tea.


Wheatgrass Juice

Even though it contains a specific taste, which isn’t acceptable for everyone, the Wheatgrass Juice does contain a large variety of essential nutrients. Starting with vitamins, this particular beverage is filled up with minerals, Vitamins A, C along with a handful of other helpful elements.

Nowadays, a wide range of manufacturers has started to offer this drink in either freeze form or in the shape of supplements. But if you want to make the most out of it, there is no better way than to make a fresh juice of Wheatgrass and consume it with an empty stomach. It will intensify the rate of digestion and you will feel alerted.



One of the most famous drinks in South Asia, Chai can serve you with almost the same taste as that of coffee with much lesser contents of caffeine. There are numerous ways to prepare a fine cup of Chai and one of them involves black tea, milk, water, and ginger. In comparison to the modern methods of Chai brewing, the traditional ones are famous for producing a much spicier version of this drink.

Coming towards the beneficial effects of this beverage, it triggers a certain amount of energy in the human body thanks to a number of oxidants present in its ingredients. One can also have it after taking a meal and it will enhance the rate of digestion. And if consumed on a regular basis, it might help you keep the sugar-levels in check.


Pomegranate Juice

When it comes to Pomegranate Juice, you can consume it in more than one way. Apart from drinking this beverage on its own, you can also mix it up with other fruit juices for creating a full of taste smoothie. One such recipe involves the mixture of this drink along with banana, soy milk, berries, yogurt and finally, spirulina.

Pomegranate Juice is filled up with antioxidants which, as already described, helps you stay focused on a consistent basis. It also contains an incredible amount of energizers which stimulates your mood every time you consume this drink.


Peppermint Tea

Boost up your morning routine with a cup full of Peppermint Tea. It is an extremely delicious beverage to intake at the start of the day. When Tea is widely recognized as a soothing drink, the Peppermint Tea does much more than that for the human health.

Firstly, it has an incredible effect when it comes to tackling nausea. Since this is an antispasmodic drink, you can also have it for reducing the chances of vomiting. Secondly, if you’re a weight conscious reader, drinking peppermint tea can reduce your appetite which will have a remarkable effect in your weight loss endeavors.

And finally,

If you suffer from bad breath and are looking for a viable option to get rid of it, there aren’t much better options than Peppermint Tea. Chiefly composed of menthol, it delivers a freshening sensation to your breath. Moreover, the antibacterial qualities of this drink kill all the germs which have led to this condition in the first place.


Licorice Tea

A fully caffeine-free drink, Licorice Tea helps you stay alerted by affecting your adrenal glands. Basically, these are organs of the human body which respond to stress without wasting any time. As you consume Licorice Tea, it affects the aforesaid organs and imparts them a useful amount of energy. Eventually, it allows the human body to tackle unforeseen circumstances in a confident way.

Some coffee lovers develop acid reflux after consuming coffee for a certain duration of time. If that is the case with you, Licorice Tea can solve or reduce this problem to a greater extent.


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